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Sri La Guru Dev Tour Report

Sri La Guru Dev Tour Report

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Published by Chandra Kala

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Published by: Chandra Kala on Sep 13, 2011
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Srila Gurudeva Bangalore Tour Report
The new matha in Heserghatta, Bangalore, South India is called Sri RanganathaGaudiya Matha. The matha is located on an attractive natural setting over 5 acresof land. This land is the
(the holy land) visited by Sri Vyasadeva, SriVyasa Tirtha, Sri Brahmanya Tirtha, Sri Durvasa Muni, Sri Ramanujacarya, SriSrimad Bhakti Prajnana Kesava Gosvami Maharaja, our beloved Srila Gurudeva,Sri Srimad Bhakti Vallabha Tirtha Gosvami Maharaja and other prominentVaisnava acaryas.Srila Gurudeva approved the land and Sripada Bhakti Vedanta Dandi Maharajaacquired the land in April 2005. Srila Gurudeva named the matha appropriatelyas Sri Ranganatha Gaudiya Matha. Sri Ranganathaji (Lord Visnu) has an opulenttemple in South India. The temple is a round structure. Sripada BhaktivedantaTirtha Maharaja performed the installation ceremony of the Deities of Sri SriRadha Krsna and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu at the
in June 2005. He alsoperformed the inauguration of the new
brahmacari asrama.
The farm has more than 100 coconut trees and 50 mango trees. The entire settingreminds one of Hawaii. Plenty of seasonal vegetables and fruits grow on thefarm. The unlimited supply of sweet water is very conducive for the food self-sufficiency of the matha.Srila Gurudeva arrived in Bangalore to visit Sri Ranganatha Gaudiya Matha on July 25 with Sripada Bhaktivedanta Madhava Maharaja and other intimatedevotees. Srila Gurudeva delivered very sweet
from July 29 to July 31in the evening public programs. He also showered the nectar of
in theBangalore city programs. The new and old devotees alike attended all theseprograms in good number. Srila Gurudeva also spoke
to about 200schoolchildren. Many of these young schoolchildren already began chanting the
. Srila Gurudeva gave informal
in the evenings, expertlyanswered questions, and clarified doubt of the devotees. Srila Gurudevaespecially stressed the importance of accepting and serving a bonafied spiritualmaster. Srila Gurudeva mostly spoke in Hindi, followed by the translation in thelocal language Kannada. Sripada Bhaktivedanta Madhava Maharaja gave beautiful classes in the mornings.
About 40 devotees received
. The fire sacrifice was conductedin the morning and Srila Gurudeva announced the names of the new initiates inthe evening.This was the first time Srila Gurudeva came to Bangalore, although our Parama-gurudeva (Srila Gurudeva’s spiritual master Sri Srimad Bhakti Prajnana KesavaGosvami Maharaja) had visited Bangalore. Srila Gurudeva had a long-standingdesire to visit this city for preaching. Moreover, he also has a desire to visit thenearby Udupi, the location of Srila Madhvacarya’s Gopala Deity.Srila Gurudeva predicts that about 1000 devotees will stay in the
in future.He encouraged devotees to cultivate more
distribute his books andpreach strongly.
He requested the devotees to take care of the mango and othertrees in the
surroundings. He surveyed in the entire
surroundingsand gave valuable suggestions for the upkeep of the property. Srila Gurudevaapproved the plan for a small Vedic
for young helpless children, an
for elderly devotees, Sri Caitanya
(medical clinic) for treatingthe ailing devotees, and so on. He also wants the devotees to keep two
cowsin the cowshed for
When all the devotees went for
sabji bhiksa
(collecting vegetables from themarket), Srila Gurudeva jokingly said that devotees can also request one truckfor the
Heserghatta has a great historical significance. This place was known asVyaserghatta (literally Sri Vyasadeva’s place of
). However, over a period,the name has changed to Heserghatta.There many prominent locations nearby the matha and Srila Gurudeva onvisited a few of them on the recent tour.
Cave of Sri Vyasadeva
Srila Vyasadeva’s cave is located about 1 km from our
Two giant bouldersmake this cave. Nearby there is an ancient Sri Siva temple built in stone.
Bhima’s footprints
These footprints are about 2 km from the
. Sri Bhima, the strongest amongall the Pandavas, fought with Kicaka, the maternal uncle of Srimati Uttara-devi,
the mother of Sri Pariksit Maharaja, when the Pandavas were in a
hidden exile. Many of his footprints are present even today. His footprints weremarked on the rocks as he fought with Kicaka.
Sri Sri Laksmi Nrsimhadeva Temple
Sri Durvasa
established the deity of Sri Sri Laksmi Nrsimhadeva in the townof Heserghatta. The deity is carved out of a
Sri Vyasa Tirtha, the
of Sri Laksmipati Tirtha, and the
of Sri Madhavendra Puripadavisited this temple of Sri Sri Laksmi Nrsimhadeva. In addition, SriRamanujacarya, the prominent Sri Vaisnava
sampradaya acarya
visited thistemple. Srila Gurudeva also visited this temple to take the
of the Lord. SriVyasadeva compiled his literary works in front of the temple.
Sri Venu-gopala Temple and Panca-pandava Temple in Aivara-khanda-pura
The Pandavas installed this beautiful deity of Sri Venu-gopala, Sri Krsna playingthe flute. Sri Radhika and Sri Lalita (Sri Rukmini and Sri Satyabhama as per the
) also surround the Lord. This temple is about four kms from the
This temple is located in the village named Aaivara-khanda-pura (in Kannada,the village where the five Pandavas were seen). Even today, there is a temple offive Siva
named as Dharmesvara,
Bhimesvara, Arjunesvara, Nakulesvara,and so on in this village. There are many stone tablets with ancient inscriptionsaround the temple. There is also an old Deity of Sri Hanuman, which wasinstalled by Sri Vyasa Tirtha.
Caturbhuja Krsna Temple at Kakola
This four-armed Deity of Krsna was installed by about 2 kms from the matha bySri Vyasa Tirtha. However due to the flood conditions of the Heserghatta river(which used to supply water to entire Bangalore even 8 years ago), this Deitywas relocated in early part of the last century to the present location in Kakola,about 10 kms from our
The following excerpt of Srila Gurudeva’s lecture stresses the importance ofSri Guru and
strong faith in Sri Guru.
This is
 prema-mayi seva
. Though Krsna is Bhagavan she chastises and correctsHim. She ties Him to the grinding mortar. Do not be wicked anymore. More thanher is the gopis' service. Among them Radhika's service. These are all services.

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