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The Nature of Information by Radu Pintea

The Nature of Information by Radu Pintea

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Published by Radu Florin Pintea
A personal, eclectic view on the nature of information today, when the 3D digital flood of auricular and visual clips are rampant worldwide ranting, roaring and raging all over the globe taking full control of our mind, body and eventually soul.
A personal, eclectic view on the nature of information today, when the 3D digital flood of auricular and visual clips are rampant worldwide ranting, roaring and raging all over the globe taking full control of our mind, body and eventually soul.

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Published by: Radu Florin Pintea on Sep 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Nature of Information
a personal, eclectic view on the issueby Radu PinteaWhat follows is
a copy-paste memo written to passsome grade exam. All the references herein follow thenatural and unbiased personal memory flow, without anyactual references or erudite bibliographical sequentially andalphabetically ordered at the end of the paper, and nofootnotes to disrupt this flow. It represents my beliefs on theissue – an exercise of understanding, nothing more andnothing less.This is a white paper based on unfading memoriesabout readings from paper based books in my youth,insights and guesswork rather than diligent and carefulresearch. The references and inferences will be always onthe fly not in a neat bibliographical box at the end of thematerial ticking off in a knee-jerk manner the extensiveliterary hits and the grandiose scope of an erudite knowledgein these matters.1) Sandra Bullock wore red bikini as she stepped on thered carpet.2) The square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of thesquares of the two adjacent cathetes.3) USA official claimed at a UN press conferenceyesterday no evidence was found of MDA inBaghdad4) A Richter scale 5 magnitude earthquake hit SumatraThursday at 01:45 a.m.5) The elephant has a dangling trunk at its front and adangling tail at its rear.6) ….
 And so on and on and on – you name it for how long. Feelfree to contribute your own information sample under theentry 6) above – a musical score, a mailing list a groceryfiscal ticket, this is up to you.All these – and others you could easily think of – areperfectly valid sentences containing bits of information.Fact is information is never neutral. It serves its purpose andperhaps its meaning resides in just this very quality:purpose. Deprived of purpose, the information is nullified; itbecomes noise.Therefore the deductions, inductions and conclusions,inferences and references of this paper are based mainly onmemories, readings and personal insight rather than onsystematic comparison against other results relevant to thefield elusive enough as it is.Of course nothing comes out of nothing - one sharesinterests and views on a topic with other people discussingthe same issue or situation over and over until a point isreached when a jump to the next level is mandatory, a levelwhere, of course, the new problems are different from theoriginal ones and they call for other solutions in anotherrange.My feeling is the more we talk about info the morechances we’ll stand to boggle our minds exactly into thesame mire the German philosophers got stuck talking aboutthe Pure Thing eventually just a point where they couldn’tquite tell the difference between the shape and the contents – 
– much as they itched to do so.The point is the information paradigm seems to fall inthe same fuzzy type pattern. It seems to fit just about anydefinition we’d give and take the form and fill up the volumeof just about any container we’d set out minds to name andlabel to corral the concept, encapsulate it and further be ableto talk about it in the classical term of frozen “object”.
However and quite unfortunately the reality is not so.Just to have some idea about how hazy this concept is, let’stry to picket first some sticks as landmarks of the twoextreme approaches when we really mean to etch out someworkable definition and therefore have some idea – 
idea – about what animal we are looking at.The broadest and most farfetched approach when weventure to capture the essence of the Info in a definitionwould be that info in anything that could be said, mirrored,imagined or in any other conceivable way conceptualized orthought of as any reasonably clear representationwhatsoever.Suppose everyone would (and actually and proactively
) uttering various notes of Bach’s Mass. Without Bach’scontrol. The result would be a complete Mess! A global scalenoise driving everybody nuts. What makes somethingrelevant is not the substance but the structure. At this pointwe are far off any moral or aesthetical judgments as of goodor bad, beautiful or ugly. Meaning is a lower level than judging.In literal communication information should beconveyed by a structured well articulated string ofcharacters. In order to be understood, these charactersshould be down stepped structured in a language, agrammatically ordered flow of intelligible words, and anintelligible string of words in a syntactically meaningful way.Sense is secondary to meaning.On the other hand, relevant in an info context paradigmshould be an offset between the actual content of the stringand the expected scope for that same string of characters.Let’s take the first example: maybe a rocket scientistdon’t give a blink for the color of Sandra Bullock’s panties,but for a deep, far going fashion analyst the very same bit ofknowledge could ring a bell for the next year production of

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