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2005 Consultative Commission to Propose theRevision of the 1987 ConstitutionTranscript of the ProceedingsSession No. 15
09 December 2005
At 10:45 a.m., the presiding officer, Commissioner Alfredo E. Abueg, Jr., called the session to order.
COMMISSIONER ABUEG.The session is in order. Floor Leader?
COMMISSIONER APOSTOL.Mr. Chair, let’s sing the national anthem.COMMISSIONER ABUEG.May we request everybody to please rise?(
The Commissioners sing the Philippine 
National Anthem.
COMMISSIONER ABUEG.Please remain standing for the invocation.COMMISSIONER APOSTOL.I move that we recognize Sister Soriano to lead the prayer.COMMISIONER ABUEG.Sister Soriano may please lead the prayer.COMMISSIONER SORIANO.Let us pause for a moment and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in all our deliberations anddiscussions today.Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Your love. Sendforth Your Spirit and they shall be created and You shall renew the face of the earth.Let us pray. O, God, please instruct the hearts of Your faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit.Grant that by the gift of the same spirit, we may be always truly wise and rejoice in Hisconsolations, through Christ, our Lord. Amen.
COMMISSIONER ABUEG.Floor Leader.COMMISSIONER APOSTOL.Mr. Chair, I move that we suspend the calling of the roll.COMMISSIONER ABUEG.Any objection? There being none, the roll call is suspended. Floor Leader.COMMISSIONER APOSTOL.Mr. Chair, on the Business of the Day, we take up the Structure of the Republic. I move that werecognize the Chairman, the Honorable Teves, to deliver the sponsorship speech.COMMISSIONER ABUEG.No objection for the…?
COMMISSIONER GARCIA.Mr. Chairman, I rise on a question of personal and collective privilege.COMMISSIONER ABUEG.May the gentleman please state his reason thereof?COMMISSIONER GARCIA.Yes, it involves the dignity and integrity of this person, as well as the collective integrity anddignity of this Commission.COMMISSIONER ABUEG.The gentleman has five minutes.COMMISSIONER GARCIA.Mr. Chairman, last night, I was not able to attend the party because I was visited by the ghost ofHamlet. And so I recall a few lines, “To be or not to be, that is the question. Whether ‘tis noblerin the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or take arms against a sea oftroubles, and in desperation, end them.” Yesterday, Mr. Chairman, I was the victim of anoutrageous fortune. I felt betrayed by the leadership. I felt that I was being used by theleadership in extricating himself from a problematic situation for which he was ill-prepared tohandle.Yesterday morning, we had a breakfast meeting or conference with Secretary Ermita, SecretaryTiglao, Secretary Reyes, Secretary Claudio. You were there, Mr. Chairman. My understandingwas that that meeting was supposed to be confidential. And when Secretary Ermita said thatthis is, we had a free-wheeling discussion so we expressed our views on certain issues. Ibrought out my concern and it was not intended for any purpose than just to bring into attentionof the Secretary because we are here by virtue of an Executive Order and we wanted our effortsto succeed. I did not realize that the Chairman could have felt responsible for the situation. And Idid not also realize that he would handle the situation in his own way. And so yesterdayafternoon, I was rather shocked that the matter had to be brought out in the open and the
Chairman had to call an executive session. This was a problem that should have been handledwith tact, with wisdom and with courage. But I suppose the Chairman did not want to handle ithimself. He wanted some support. So he wanted to throw the problem to the entire Commissionand betrayed the confidence that was supposed to be communicated in that meeting. I wouldnot care what would happen, that was my own view. But probably he felt responsible for itbecause, indeed, he is responsible. From the beginning, we have stressed again and again thatour mandate is only to deal with three provisions in the Constitution. But yet the Chairman…COMMISSIONER ROMUALDO.May I ask that this be an executive session?COMMISSIONER LORENZANACan we ask the…?COMMISSIONER APOSTOLMr. Chair, I move that we call for a two-minute recess.
COMMISSIONER ABUEG.Session is suspended.
It was 10:55 a.m.
The session resumed at 11:34 a.m.
COMMISSIONER APOSTOL.I move that we consider the Business of the Day. We should treat first the report of theCommittee on Structure of the Republic. So I now call, I request now for recognition of theChairman of the Committee on Structure of the Republic, the Honorable Teves, to deliver hissponsorship speech.COMMISSIONER ABUEG.No objection? The Honorable Teves is recognized.
COMMISSIONER TEVES.Before I make my sponsorship, I don’t know if it’s still in form, but I’d like to request someCommissioners of the Committee to join me in panel for the interpellation and other aspects, forthe debate. I’d like to request Commissioner Joji Bian, Commissioner Adamat, of course, ourmain proponent, Commissioner Chairman Abueva, Jarius Bondoc, Oca Rodriguez later on.COMMISSIONER LORENZANATabanda.COMMISSIONER TEVESAnd Betty Tabanda. Mr. Chairman, Honorable Members of the Consultative Commission, mycolleagues in the Committee on the Structure of the Republic, ladies and gentlemen. We are

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