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Published by TheLivingChurchdocs
The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh's profile, prepared for its search for a new bishop in 2011.
The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh's profile, prepared for its search for a new bishop in 2011.

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Published by: TheLivingChurchdocs on Sep 13, 2011
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Te Episcopal Diocese o Pittsburgh
Te Search for the Eighth Bishop Diocesan
2011 Diocesan Prole
Te Search/Nominating Committee and the people o the Episcopal Diocese o Pittsburgho the Episcopal Church prayerully oer this prole in hope that persons considering acall to be bishop o our diocese, or persons considering submitting the name o a potentialcandidate, will learn about us and our values, experiences, hopes, and what we discern to beGod’s will.Our last decade has been a decade o challenge. Te challenge is not yet over but we arecondent that God has a plan and, even now, has identied a person who is t to lead usin our next chapter o growth and rebuilding. As we spoke with members o the diocesein their parishes, we heard their sense o optimism and hope. As we prayed together as acommittee and studied the responses to our surveys, the way orward has become clearer to us and, we hope, tothose o you who may discern a call to respond.We hope that this prole gives you a snapshot o our Vibrant Episcopal Communities United in Christ and thewonderul region o the country in which we live and work.Te Search/Nominating Committee will receive names rom August 15 to September 30, 2011. Instructions orsubmitting names may be ound at the end o this prole.Our recommendations or a slate o nominees will be submitted to the Standing Committee beore January 15,2012. Following the publication o that slate, there will be a three-week period or nomination by petition beorethe slate is nal.Te Standing Committee and the ransition Committee have set March 19-24, 2012, as dates or the nal slateo candidates or bishop to visit the diocese in the traditional “walk-abouts”. Te Special Convention to elect thenext bishop will be held on Saturday, April 21, 2012, at rinity Cathedral.Te consecration o the new bishop is set or Saturday, October 20, 2012, at Calvary Episcopal Church. A ormalSeating o the Bishop at rinity Cathedral will ollow at a date to be determined.Please reer to theCanons o our dioceseor more about our election process.Te website or our search provides extensive inormation, meditations, timeline, articles, letters, and updates.Please visit us atwww.episcopalpgh.org/bsearch.We also invite you to receive regular updates on the diocese by  subscribing to our e-newsletter, 
Grace Happens
. Past issues may be viewed here.Tank you or your interest in this vibrant Episcopal diocese. May God’s peace be with you.1
 A Message rom the Bishop
O all the eighteen years I have been a bishop, these last ew serving as the Provisional Bishop o Pittsburgh havebeen the most gratiying. It is not because the job has been easy or without its challenges, but it is because o thepeople o this diocese. When their world was turned upside down in 2008, the people here rose to the occasionin a magnicent way. Most o those in leadership positions now had not served thusly prior to that time, but took on responsibilities without hesitation and have grown mightily.I believe it is important that the next bishop understand the importance o shared ministry with the clergy andlaity o the Diocese o Pittsburgh. Over the three years since the split, we have worked hard to develop a sharedministry that has allowed wide ownership o the many ministries o this diocese. I believe the people are ready and eager to work with their new bishop to return this diocese to a position o strength and spiritual integrity.Te diocese may not be as large or as well o nancially as it once was, but I do not believe there is a more posi-tive or uture oriented diocese in all the Episcopal Church.Being the bishop o this diocese is not always easy. We have learned to do much with very ew paid sta people,but with tons o dedicated lay and clergy support rom the rank and le. Te people here are creative, orwardlooking and positive. While wounds o the past still rise on occasion, largely the parishioners here are ready tomove on into the next chapter o their lie.When the next bishop arrives, the diocese will still have to sort out some tricky property issues, but the Pitts-burgh diocese is blessed with an extremely competent chancellor and a crack legal team. Chancellors o theother rebuilding dioceses and rom the Episcopal Church have also been helpul so this work is not being donein isolation. Tus ar, most negotiations have been airly amicable.In many ways I envy the next bishop. He or she will nd waiting here a loving amily who is growing in theirability to trust and love their bishop and accept spiritual and pastoral leadership in a positive way. In my timehere, I have made regular visitations to all parishes, many more than once a year and there has never been asingle time that I have not le that visitation uplied and blessed beyond measure. Whoever is elected as thenext bishop is in or a wonderul adventure.Te Rt. Rev. Kenneth L. Price Jr.2

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