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Index Sheet

Index Sheet

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Published by Aashish Goyal

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Published by: Aashish Goyal on Sep 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ayush Agarwal
3 Sem ISE A
SLProblem statementmarks
Using circular representations for a polynomial ,design, develop, and execute a program in C toaccept two polynomials, add them, and print theresulting polynomial.
Design, develop, and execute a program in C toconvert a given valid parenthesized infixarithmetic expression to postfix expression and thento print both the expressions. Theexpression consists of single character operandsand the binary operators + (plus), -(minus), * (multiply) and / (divide).
Design, develop, and execute a program in C toevaluate a valid postfix expression usingstack. Assume that the postfix expression is read asa single line consisting of non-negativesingle digit operands and binary arithmeticoperators. The arithmetic operators are+(add), - (subtract), * (multiply) and / (divide).
Design, develop, and execute a program in C tosimulate the working of a queue of integers using an array. Provide the followingoperations:a. Insert b. Delete c. Display
Design, develop, and execute a program in C++based on the following requirements: AnEMPLOYEE class is to contain the following datamembers and member functions: Datamembers: Employee_Number (an integer),Employee_Name (a string of characters),Basic_Salary (an integer) , All_Allowances (aninteger), IT (an integer), Net_Salary (aninteger). Member functions: to read the data of anemployee, to calculate Net_Salary and toprint the values of all the data members.(All_Allowances = 123% of Basic; Income Tax(IT) = 30% of the gross salary (= basic_Salary _ 
All_Allowance); Net_Salary =Basic_Salary + All_Allowances – IT)
Design, develop, and execute a program in C++ tocreate a class called STRING andimplement the following operations. Display theresults after every operation byoverloading the operator <<.i. STRING s1 = “VTU”ii. STRING s2 = “BELGAUM”iii. STIRNG s3 = s1 + s2; (Use copy constructor)
Design, develop, and execute a program in C++ tocreate a class called STACK using anarray of integers and to implement the followingoperations by overloading the operators+ and - :i. s1=s1 + element; where s1 is an object of theclass STACK and element is an integer tobe pushed on to top of the stack.ii. s1=s1- ; where s1 is an object of the class STACK andoperator pops off the top element.Handle the STACK Empty and STACK Full conditions.Alsodisplay the contents of the stack after eachoperation, by overloadingthe operator <<.
design, develop, and execute a program in C++ tocreate a class called LIST (linked list)with member functions to insert an element at thefront of the list as well as to delete anelement from the front of the list. Demonstrate allthe functions after creating a list object.
Design, develop, and execute a program in C toread a sparse matrix of integer valuesand to search the sparse matrix for an elementspecified by the user. Print the result of thesearch appropriately. Use the triple <row, column,value>to represent an element in the sparse matrix.
Design, develop, and execute a program in C tocreate a max heap of integers byaccepting one element at a time and by inserting itimmediately in to the heap. Use thearray representation for the heap. Display the arrayat the end of insertion phase.
Write a C program to support the followingopearations on a doubly linked list where

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