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Guide to Dual Booting

Guide to Dual Booting

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Published by: PinguyOS on Sep 13, 2011
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Guide to Dual Booting
Satyajit Sahoo
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Table of Contents
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Chapter 1: Basics
I often come across people who don't know anything about dualbooting. Of course, I didn't know it at first. But now I'm often havingmore than one OS in my laptop. So here is an effort to describe it,and how it is done.
What is Dual Booting?
Dual-booting means having two operating systems on a computer atthe same time. You can call it multi-booting if you have more thantwo operating systems. For example, I've Windows 7, Kubuntu andFedora installed in 3 different partitions in my laptop. When you dual-boot, you can choose what operating system to choose when youstart your computer.
How it works?
Dual booting requires a program called bootloader. Most operatingsystems include a bootloader. Windows uses its
while many Linux distros use
.There exist many other bootloaders such as Lilo etc. When you startyour PC, bootloader is the first program that runs. It then displays thelist of operating systems installed to choose from. Some bootloadersalso have advanced features like terminal access and recovery tools.
What is the need?
Well, it depends upon your needs. Some like to use Linux, but theremight not be a Linux alternative of their favourite Windows softwareand vice-versa. Some cannot leave Windows due to the fact that hisoffice website or banking websites require Internet Explorer. Somealso do it just for fun. There are many reasons, different for differentpersons.

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