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Sept 2011 OEVCA Newsletter

Sept 2011 OEVCA Newsletter

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Published by lgloor1109
Newsletter for the OEVCA
Newsletter for the OEVCA

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Published by: lgloor1109 on Sep 14, 2011
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Splash Pad for Old East! P2Front Yard Parking. P2Presidents Corner. P3Don’t Lead a Dog’s Life. P3Carson Community Book Club P4Thinking Local. P42011 OEV Yard Sale. P5
   O   l   d   E  a  s   t   V   i   l   l  a  g  e   N  e  w  s
  Y  o u  r  A  d  v  e  r  t  i  s  e  m  e  n  t  H  e  r  e . . . .   C  o  n  t  a  c  t  o  e  v  c  a  [  a  t  ]  g  m  a  i  l .  c  o  m   f  o  r  p  r  i  c  i  n  g  !
BAC BBQ Wrap up. P6, P10Dolphins are Precious. P7London Activism. P7Old East Events and Dates. P8-9Quebec Street Bridge. P10Old East Entertainment. P11Block Party Report. P12
Pictures: Top Right, Community Tent at Block Party. Middle: BAC BBQ. Bottom: BlockParty Stage.
OEVCA Newsletter September 2011 [2]
September 2011
There is a new online petition in sup-port of an Old East Splash pad.
A big thank you to Councillor Orserfor volunteering to receive and directletters of support for this idea. Pleasewrite in for your support of a splashpad.
Councillor Stephen OrserCity of London300 Dufferin Avenue, Room 314London
N6B 1Z2
Please include in the letter your con-sent to be placed on the publicagenda, your signature, and full con-tact information.Mr. Orser has put forward this list of possible locations:
Queen’s Park on Dundas Street2.
Boyle Community Centre on CharlotteStreet3.McMahon Park on Ade-laide at the tracksIf you have signed otherpetitions for this already,thanks, but please go ahead and sign thisone.
Front Yard Parking 
by Greg ThompsonPresident, OEVCA 
Once again, By-law Enforcement hasbeen issuing tickets for “illegal” park-ing in our front yards, an issuewhich has always beentricky for theneighbourhood.
How dowe balance the legitimate needs of residents for reasonable parking withour desire to maintain ourheritagestreetscapes and not have front yardsbecome little more than parking lots?
Car parking was not an issue when ourhouses were built 100 years or more
Cont pg 6 
Get Involved - Contributions Welcome
For those that have contributed to the newsletter on a regular basis - a huge thank you is due. The effort is veryappreciated.For those that still have yet to be heard, now is your chance. Going forward all you need to do to subscribe toour mailing list herehttp://eepurl.com/fzlyg Only individuals that have subscribed to our mailing list will receive notifications and reminders of content.But the good news is, we want to hear from you. If the story or the source is local and it matters, we want tohear your stories!Thanks very much!
Guido Mulder, Editor, OEVCA News (oevcanews [at] gmail.com)
 More info at oevca.blogspot.com
OEVCA Newsletter September 2011 [3]
 Presidents Corner 
by Greg ThompsonPresident, OEVCA 
The summer, while hot, has beenrelatively uneventful for me.
Withboth the Association and the UrbanLeague of London, which I haveagreed to chair for the next year, on summer hiatus,I’ve been free to spend time with family and friends.
The Block Party in July was a fantastic opportunity tochat with neighbours that I rarely see.There have been some things that have occurred overthe past few months that may require some thoughtwhen we get back to business in the fall.
The WesternFair has gone through a reorganization process andthe result, the creation of a Western Fair District, mayhave some impacts on our neighbourhood.
To be honest, I don’t really understand the plan andthe effects it may have on us down the road – weweren’t involved in any of the discussions – but we willtake a closer look at it.We shouldn’t forget Lorne Avenue Public Schooleither.
As many of you know, the efforts of local resi-dents to “save the school” a few years ago was success-ful in removing it from the closure list, but the schoolboard was quite clear at the time that the topic mightcome up again in the future.
It was a reprieve, not anoutright victory.
We need to remain vigilant, and thefate of the school remains top-of-mind for the Associa-tion.
We support the work of the Old East Village Community Association, making our neighbourhood an even better place to live. Pleaseenroll our household as a member for the year 2011. Our membership fee of $10 is enclosed. Name ............................................................. E-mail address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .Address ..........................................................London ON .................Telephone (optional ) 519- .................................
I am/we are willing to take on volunteer tasksMail to OEVCA, 817 Lorne Ave., London N5W 3K9
Don’t Lead a Dog’s Life!: A Landlord/Tenant Perspective" 
by Linda Wayne
Dogs are becoming a bigger issue as London grows and therental market tightens. A Landlord cannot evict you for buying a dog after move-in, but they can refuse dogs before then. If  you sign a lease prohibiting dogs then buy one, you can’t tech-nically be evicted, however you will break the good standing  you have with your Landlord which can create other problems. So if you don’t care about your Landlord and sneak a dog inafter signing a lease are you scot-free? Nope. Most evictionsinvolving dogs are for noise that ruins the reasonable enjoy-ment of the premises for other Tenants and for damages.That covers landlord/tenant regulations but the City of Lon-don has additional rules. Large dogs must always be licensedwith a tagged collar. On a rental property, dogs must be on aleash not longer than 2 metres unless the Landlord allows off-leash dogs on the property (this is when you want a good rela-tionship with the Landlord). Regardless of who consents, only3 dogs per dwelling unit are permitted. The City enforces theserules with fees and by charging an Animal Control Officer toseize the dog. More information:http://www.london.ca/By-laws/PDFs/dogs.pdf 

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