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Action Alert-Stop Funding for “Sustainable Communities” - DeWeese

Action Alert-Stop Funding for “Sustainable Communities” - DeWeese

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Published by PRMurphy
Action Alert: Stop Funding for “Sustainable Communities”
Action Alert: Stop Funding for “Sustainable Communities”

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Published by: PRMurphy on Sep 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Action Alert: Stop Funding for “Sustainable Communities” 
There Is a Real Chance to Stop Fundingfor “Sustainable Communities.” 
 Action Alert:
(This in from Virginia property rights activist Cathy Turner:)Here are the details:The House of Representatives have cut funding from Obama’s
Partnership forSustainable Communities program. The program has been targeted for elimination fromthe House FY 2012 spending bill.Defunding Sustainable Development has also come through a Department of Transportation bill, a draft of which completely eliminates funding for what are calledTIGER grants, which provides funding for the largest grants through the Partnership forSustainable Communities program.This is great news for those of usopposed to Sustainable Development. It means lessmoney and fewer weapons coming out of Washington, DC to enforce this assault onproperty rights and America’s way of life.Now the spending bill is moving to the Senatethe danger zone. Sustainablists areplanning a major push to get the Senate to replace the appropriations for theSustainable Communities budget. The American Planning Association (APA) is leadingthe charge, calling for massive pressure to be put on Senators in what the APA is calling “Planners Day,” set for September 20th.The APA’s message to the Senators is that the cuts “ignores both our nation’s jobs crisisand the drastic need for infrastructure investment.” In fact, the House action is not onlyfiscally responsible in a day when the government is completely broke, but it is a liethat the program will help either jobs or infrastructure. The exact opposite is true.Sustainable Development is a jobs killer and it destroys infrastructurerefusing to build
roads, tearing down dams andthe like.We can strike a huge blow against Sustainable Development.
 Action to take:
On September 20th, call both of your U.S. Senators and demand that they maintain theHouse restrictions on the sustainability planning grants and the caps onplanningexpenses now called for in the Fiscal Year spending bill. Tell them America cannotafford these grants. The cuts will save billions of dollars and keep special interests outof your community’s planning decisions. Tell them you oppose SustainableDevelopment.The Senate switchboard is (202) 224-3121Make the calls and counter the impact of one of the nation’s most powerful forcesbehind Sustainable Development (APA). Win this fight and we will show that we arenow strong enough to turn the tide away from top down control and soviet-stylegovernment-and towards freedom!
2. If you have a chance, call your Representative in the House and thank them for standing firm against this Sustainable Development monster. Andask them to continue to stand firm if the final bill goes to a conferencecommittee. Defund Sustainable Development and strike a blow for fiscalsanity and freedom.
Thank you for reading,
Tom DeWeesePresident American Policy Centertom@americanpolicy.orgamericanpolicy.org
PS: I want to welcome you as part of the American Policy Centerfamily. I hope you areenjoying my periodic updates and Sledgehammer Action Alerts. I want to also introduceto you my newsletter, The DeWeese Report. My monthly newsletter has been on thefront lines for over 17 years. The revolt against the UN's Agenda 21 that is now ragingacross the country started on the pages of The DeWeese Report. This is cutting edgeinformation you will not want to miss.
Normally, the online subscription to The DeWeese Report sells for $30 for 12 monthlyissues. But if you will subscribe right now, today, I will offer the full 12 monthsubscription for just $9. Plus you will get several free reports and access to theDeWeese Report on-line archives where you will find more than three years worth of past issues jammed-packed with vital information. Just use coupon code A8FD whenyou check out.This offer will last only until Noon, tomorrow. Please sign up today.
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