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Mentoring Letter 29

Mentoring Letter 29

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Published by pam911

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Published by: pam911 on Sep 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How To Try theSpirits
Part One
There is a command in First John 4:1 to "Try thespirits." Why? Because "many false prophets aregone out into the world." Several things areinvolved in this business of trying the spirits.Certainly, we must know the scriptures to be ableto successfully try the spirits. Then again,ithout a love for the truth, we will mostlikely be deceived. When there is the love forthe truth, spiritual discernment is enhanced.e need to keep in mind that we do not need toknow everything in order to try the spirits. Wedo not even need to know all about the subject athand to try the spirits. If we know enough touproot some of the foundation of a given positione can know that the whole thing is wrong. Forexample, I remember twenty years ago, that Iheard the testimony and read the book of MaryBaxter, "The Revelation of Hell." She wrote and 
 If you feel in any way "out ofcontrol," you may needcounseling. If so, send anemail tocontact@pamsheppard.com 
spoke about how she went to hell and there wereferocious demons there who were kind of the"correction officers" of hell. Well, I wasimpressed with her revelation until I realized that the scriptures report that Jesus has thekeys to hell and death. Therefore, Satan and hisdemons are not in hell. Only those fallen angelsfrom Noah' Day and the Flood have been jailed there. According to the scriptures, demons arenot in control of hell. Jesus is. Therefore, Idon't need to hear anymore about Baxter'srevelation because it contradicts scripture.Those that are familiar with the scriptures areless likely to be deceived,as long as they haverightly divided the word.oreover, the bible should not be used as if itas some sort of mystery book for the purpose ofdivination. When seekers begin their journeyinto the occult arts, they look for a divinationsystem that will allow them to predict futureevents. Tarot cards, crystal balls, bones, ash,tea leaves, coffee grounds---literally ANYTHING---to help the diviner focus and concentrate. Forexample, the I Ching is an ancient Chinese bookthat is used to guide the decision making process. You open it up randomly, and there youill find a proverb or a saying by Confucioushich is used as a means to interpret thediviner's immediate personal situation in orderto make a decision.In like manner, Christians unknowingly use thescriptures as if it were an I Ching. They have a particular problem, and then they open the biblerandomly, look down and fix their eyes on a particular verse. Whatever the verse says isthen interpreted in light of the presentingsituation. This is divination. Sometimes theLord will use a similar method, not in an effortto reveal the future but to teach. For example, moments after I was born again on March 29, 1977on a Monday at 4pm, I opened the bible that I had recently purchased. I looked down at John 3."You must be born again. That which is flesh isflesh. That which is spirit is spirit. The wind  blows, etc. Instantly I understood what had justhappened to me. So the Lord used this method toteach me. He has never used it to reveal thefuture but the enemy does use the scriptures inthat way. So, be careful.So I caution you that even though the bible is a mystery book, it is not mysterious in an occultic
sense. It is not a magical jigsaw puzzle whereall you have to do is open it, and find your missing piece to guide you to make this or thatdecision. The mystery is that in order to reallyunderstand it, you need to have an unction from the Holy Ghost to do so, otherwise, it is a dead  book to the unsaved. The gospel is foolishnessto those who are in darkness, without therevelation of the Holy Ghost to guide theirunderstanding.That said, it is also noteworthy to mention that many who call themselves "bible believing" veryoften do not apply commonsense to their ratherrigid scriptural interpretations of present daycircumstances and conditions that were not a partof the conscious awareness of biblical writers 2or more thousand years ago. I personally believe that "God can do what He wants to dohether it is covered in the bible or not."Certainly, He will not contradict His writtenord, but that doesn't mean that the Lord willnot do something that is not specifically covered  by it.Here is a very basic example. You receive "aord" or warning, either in a dream or in a prophecy that you are going to have a caraccident. Is this from God or is this from thedevil? How is the scriptures going to help youin your effort "to try the spirits"? From ageneral standpoint, we know that the bible pre-dates the invention of automobiles. The overall message in the bible is that God often warns Hisfaithful ones about impending dangers ortroubles."Yet the scriptures also reveal that the enemy cantransform himself as a being of light. Could this "word" about the car accident be from theenemy? Yes, it certainly could be. In fact, Icould take this entire email and lay out to youthis very same incident where I was told by aChristian, "Pam, you will have a car accident intwo weeks." The day of the accident was May 24,1990. It occurred 2 weeks from the day I wasarned about this accident in a prophetic word.To make a long story short, I can look back21 years and know without a doubt that this word as sent by a religious demon through someone whoclaims to be a Christian, but who has blended yoga and every other occult teaching and practice
I will no longer share thementoring letters onfacebook. Instead, I amwriting shorterversions of the subjectmatter on blogs.If you are also readingthe various posts on theblogs, I wouldappreciate it if youwould leave either a fbcomment, a blogcomment or both.Thank you!

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