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Les Brown - The Pyramid

Les Brown - The Pyramid



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Published by mancub

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Published by: mancub on Oct 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The PYRAMID, by Les Brown
Published in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada 1978 and here for Fair Use byEmily Cragg for abidemiracles and Holyconservancy, 2005A RAY OF HOPE ON OUR PLUNDERED PLANET 
Understand the Truth About Destruction of Earth'sAtmosphere
Here's the deal on this book. The source code or html page can be printedout for the cost of paper and ink, about 80 pages--for the cost of thecopies. If you want all the photographs, you'll need to double-click on eachone, save them to a directory and then correct the calling html to reflectthat directory. I am doing this in the hope you will presss "Donation" or send your money order to POB 1041 Franklin WV 26807 to and help defrayexpenses. SSDI doesn't cover bandwidth charges.
The need to create a living biospace has never been greater. Cities arechoked with bad, stale and rotting air. Grocery produce doesn't have thenutrients, the minerals, that healthy people need to live well. The pace oflife for commuters is frantic and half-baked. Land is very expensive wherework exists; and where land is cheap, there is no paying work for aneducated soul--just drudge work, repetitive work, rule-based work.If you buy this book, it's because you want freedom from the ratrace.Please note, however, what you are gaining here is the freedom to becomeresponsible for yourself. This means, you're going to get busy, learn how to
manage your debt until you get out of debt entirely and get on with livingdebt-free.
Yes, you'll get away from traffic, schedules and daytimers, but you'll have toremember to water your plants every day. Instead of living by the clock, likefarmers back in time and forward to Eternity, you will live by the seasons, bythe rain or lack of it, by tne temperature and air flow and humidity andeffort of your own hands.
If you don't want to do that, just put this book away now. This book is aboutfarming on the roof of your own home--1800 square feet of farming, a 30foot by 60 foot garden plot within the protective covering in which you alsolive, eat, sleep and carry on. ... After all, people take pets into their homesthat dirty things up and make messes on the floor, why not take plants into your home that product oxygen, food and beauty and don't chew on yourslippers?
Now, think about this for a while!Yeah, I suppose someone could build a pyramid home and use it for an artstudio or day care center for older latchkey kids. Or, how about an orchidnursery? It'd be a great bird sanctuary or herpetarium. Yes, you could put aplayroom on the main level, and garden plants only on upper levels so the kidswould be out of your hair on dull, cold days.This pyramid is too pretty to be used as an machine shop or wood shop. My,how to outrage the wife! She'd never forgive that--the guys upstairs whereit's all light and beauty making their messes with welding torches andquenching pots, dropping hardware on the floor. No, I don't think so. But-- you know--give it some thought. Anything's possible. ["But did you ever tryto strike a match on a wet cake of soap?"]
Let's get on with Les Brown's little Book.1.
Chapter 1: Observations2.
Chapter 2: Why a Pyramid?3.
Chapter 3: The Source of Pyramid Energy4.
Chapter 4: How the Energy Affects Living Cells5.
Chapter 5: The use of Pyramids for Production6.
Chapter 6: Food Preservation7.
Chapter 7: How to Build a Pyramid8.
Chapter 8: The Myriad Uses of Pyramids9.

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freesunset liked this
Vladimir Hristov added this note
Could anyone tell me what's the angle at the top of the pyrid? Thanks a lot :-).
Maria Kramer added this note
This is what I have been looking for in building my healing and green house Pyramids. Thought you might enjoy
larrylbanks liked this
janusztpt added this note
What are we, me, waiting for? This week I start to build one
andydcoles added this note
Really good material but his quoted angle isn't quite right. Try 51°49'38"
Maria Kramer liked this
janusztpt liked this
Francesco Pasino liked this
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