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Chapter 0013 the Celestial Council

Chapter 0013 the Celestial Council



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Published by Tom Averna

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Published by: Tom Averna on Oct 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 13 The Celestial Council
While Zeus, Apollo, Ares, and their sister-wives were busy with war and rulership,Hermes and I and our wives stayed busy with our genetic experimentation. Most of thetime we simply consulted with Gaea to better understand the Natural Laws and how wecould work with them in balance with Universal Laws. I secretly worked with mymammal creatures and became more and more convinced that these had all along beendestined to be the true rulers on this planet. They were far too weak, however to stand upto the Reptilians in a fair fight, so I tried to come up with ways for them to cheat. Theanswer, however was to be provided by The One.The Anunaki, as we were sometimes called, had begun to bring the planet to the brink of extinction with their endless wars and disregard of the natural order of Gaea. Finally the pleas of Gaea were heard by the Star-god Apsu who, with the permission of The One,decided to take action. A council was called with Apsu hosting.The Celestial counsels were always an amazing event. I knew that this would be the lastone I would be able to attend until I was able to return all of us to our former state. It had been written that no man may see God and live and that is the truth of it. For the meeting place was held in the fiery heart of Apsu the sun god and creator of this system. Hereonly beings of pure light and energy may survive. I knew that soon I would lose theability to return to this pure state just as the others had already lost. Even now I had tohave a special energy shield provided for me to enter into this place. How could we have1
 been so blind as to give this splendor up for the lure of the flesh? How can I describe this place of incredible beauty? Light and energy spectrums incomprehensible to the humaneye played and danced all about us and we were part of the dance. No table and chairs we just were. Beings of light surrounded by light, we were all part of one spectacular whole.In attendance were many other star-gods, planet gods, among them Gaea, and the host of heaven. We came to counsel and be counseled by The One. The subject under discussionwas the salvation of the Fallen Ones. All thoughts were known here. There were no secretcounsels, no guile, and only pure expression. The One took in our counsel at one time andmade the decision known to us. Gaea would once again be struck by a large fragment of its previous destruction. In the doing of this there would be worldwide flooding of epic proportions and a time of bitter cold especially in the north and south. Since the Reptilianrace was dependent on Apsu’s energy to survive, this would force them to choose the lessdesirable option of survival in the form of the Adamites. I had only a thousand years tomake this so and to complete my underground city – a task formidable even to a god. Itwas also made clear that I must now prepare and train special hosts who would ensure thework of salvation would be done among the human-gods.This had to be done in secret unknown to Zeus or he would certainly thwart our outcome.This was especially tricky because the Karmic Cycle guaranteed free will and left somany variables open that effectively cancelled any hope of a certain outcome. Eventhough time did not exist and past and future were one to those who were not bound to itsconstraints, Karma shattered the fabric of existence to the point that there were an infinite2
number of futures and pasts to know which one would truly exist. Whether The One alsowas confounded, I cannot say, but I sensed uncertainty even there. It was here that Ideveloped the idea for the Mer-l-anu – the house of god. For this one must somehowcontain my consciousness in secret and continue to work for the salvation of my brethrenand our return to this existence we had long since abandoned. Merlanu must be a mergingof god and human consciousness to defeat both Zeus and Karma and liberate both manand god from the bondage we are in. It was decide that I must begin the task of creatingthis being from among my humans and that with the Merlanu who will be the teacher,there must also be a ruler who will lead our people back and a prophet who will inspireour people. There must also be a support group created who will assist these in doingtheir jobs when the time is right. This was not an easy task and there was no guarantee of success, but I was also given permission to involve the Elven ruling house in our plans.Gaia would be carefully protected in all that was about to happen to not allow things togo past a point of no return with regards to healing her. She would also work closely withme and my creations to enable a successful outcome to these plans.So this was it. Judah felt a great sadness from Poseidon, a feeling of grief beyonddescription at the leaving of this council. He knew there were no guarantees he wouldever attend another one. He knew there was no guarantee he would ever bask in the presence of The One. He knew that he might never again know the great flow of love thatencompassed and enfolded all of creation. His path had no guarantees, but he also knewthat he had no choice. The only chance for him and his fellow gods was the course he wasabout to embark on. There was a part of him that wished that he was as ignorant as the3

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