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The Bunologist Sept 11

The Bunologist Sept 11

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Published by Karen At Boing
September's issue features: bunny found in shower, giant rabbit in Sweden, litter training problems, living with an older bun, Life at the Do Hop Inn, bunny & deer make friends at rescue centre
September's issue features: bunny found in shower, giant rabbit in Sweden, litter training problems, living with an older bun, Life at the Do Hop Inn, bunny & deer make friends at rescue centre

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Published by: Karen At Boing on Sep 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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September 2011
World Animal Day – 2 October
Litter training problems
Living with an older bun
Life at the Do Hop Inn
Bunny & deer meet at animalrescue centre
Rabbit found inEdinburgh shower
 http://www.digitalspy.com.au- 19 August 2011 (UK)A hotel ownerin Edinburghspilled a jug ofwater overherself in shockwhen she founda rabbit in theshower of oneof the rooms.PatriciaO'Donnellentered the room at the Armadillo guesthouse to waterthe flower boxes when she spotted the rabbit in theshower unit,
The Daily Telegraph 
reports. The bunnyalso had hay, bedding and food.O'Donnell said: "I thought I'd better go and water thewindow boxes, but when I got to their door there was a'do not disturb' notice on the handle."That was odd because they'd only been there a shorttime, so I got the jug of water, went into the bathroomand almost died when I saw this rabbit. I got such a frightthe water went all over me."An SSPCA officer was called and when the familystaying in the room returned, they were told to take theanimal to the local Gorgie City Farm but they refused."The mother said that most guesthouses allow animals.Maybe we'd allow dogs or cats but not for somebody tokeep a rabbit in the bathroom," O'Donnell added."They absolutely stink, and I ended up spending most ofthe next day trying to get rid of the smell. You've got tothink of the other guests. That poor thing had only beenin the shower for an hour and the smell was alreadyreally bad."Maybe Ms O’Donnell shouldn’t blame her own offensiveodour on a clean little bunny!! (BOING)
The Big Yellow Rabbit ofÖrebro
http://www.kuriositas.com- 27 July 2011 (Sweden)A Big Yellow Rabbit has invaded a Swedish city. There heis, above, relaxing in his new home. It may not be asurprise to hear, however, that this piece of installation arthas split the local community down the middle. Yet love itor hate it, the Big Yellow Rabbit of Örebro in Swedendemands attention.The town is in themiddle of its annualopen art festival andamong many othersthis year it attractedDutch artist FlorentijnHofman who alreadyhas something of areputation for thesensation that his artcreates.Made from wood andpainstakinglyconstructed over a number of days, Hofman’s big yellowrabbit has attracted many fans.
World Animal Day2
October 2011
And we’ll be there!! Come & meet us(Karen & Nimal) at our Radical Rabbitanimal friendly merchant stall..Edgar’s Mission is a really great day out!!Come & meet all the lovely animals andcome & say hello to us too!
Litter training problems
by Karenwww.boingonline.com I talk to a lot of people about their bunnies & behaviourproblems. One of the most common behaviour problems Ihear is that a bunny doesn’t use the litter tray as well asthe person would like.I tend to find (once we delve a bit further) is that the littertray is usually filled with the wrong contents.Most of the problems are usually associated with peopleproviding a litter tray to the bunny with the contents thatare more suitable for a cat.When I ask about the contents, the person usuallydescribes a plastic cat litter tray filled with cat litter andthat’s all (or a plastic grill).I realise that most people expect their bunny to hop into alitter tray, do their business and then jump out again.However, rabbits are different to cats and their needs arealso different.When a rabbit uses a litter tray, it’s not only a place to goto the toilet, but it also doubles as a play station. They dohop in & do their business in there, however, they alsoneed something to attract them to staying in the tray andenjoying the experience so they go back there repeatedly.
So, how do you make a litter trayattractive & fun?
Get a nice BIG tray! I love underbed storagecontainers. You can buy them very cheap from $2shops and choose the trays that have tiny wheelsso the inside remains flat.
Next, line the tray with thick, flat newspaper.
Then top with extra thick good quality oaten hay.
Place the tray in a spot against a wall or a cornerof the room.
Introduce the bunny to the litter tray and watchthem enjoy and play.
Now, the last thing to do…. CHANGE the litter trayEVERY DAY so it stays nice & clean & dry. If yourbunny doesn’t have a clean litter tray every day,they will not return and you’ll end up with poo &wee all overthe place!Left: a nice BIGunderbed storagecontainer where twobig bunnies can play
Living with an older bun
by Karenwww.boingonline.com I thought I would share my experiences with some of mybunnies who are now elderly in bunny years.As rabbits age eight years to our one, there are a fewissues that I’m now dealing with my older buns.
Ally (black & white bunny picture on the right) is around 8-9 years of age now. He suffers from bad arthritis so needsan injection every 3 weeks to help with his joints.As he is a big bunny with mobility problems, he has nowdeveloped a problem with sticky poo getting stuck to histail. He can still hop but he can’t clear the floor as well ashe could do as a younger bun which means bits get stuck.To wash off the sticky poo from his tail, I recently made upa very low luke warm bath and let water loosen everythingthat was stuck. It took 3 baths, one rinse and big dry withfluffy towels to get everything off but Ally was really happyafterwards as he loves to be clean.Due to Ally’s problem lifting his feet above the ground tohop, I am concerned about the bottom of his feet scrapingon the ground. We have given him multiple fluffy beds sohe can make his way from his bed to his low tray (his trayis lower so he can get in easier) so his feet stay on ultrasoft material.You can get these fluffy bedsfrom the Melbourne Rabbitclinic. They are also great forbuns who have “accidents” asurine can pass through the matto a towel placed underneathand the fluffy bed stays soft,warm & dry (they are also easyto wash in the washing machine& dry really fast).We have started to reduce his intake of vegies as toomany veggies cause his tummy to gurgle very loudly andit’s uncomfortable for him. Limiting his veggies to a smallamount once per day encourages him to eat more hay (heloves his hay anyway) and to limit the amount of soft poosthat he produces.Ally has also lost a bit of weight for his size so we havenow started to give him more of the Oxbow Bunny Basicspellets to gain weight. The pellets also contain Vitamin Dwhich helps indoor buns who don’t get Vitamin D from thesun.Ally has a friend (Peter) who adores him. I think this alsohelps to keep him young at heart and keeps him company.He loves to snuggle with Peter when he sleeps (which hedoes more often now that he is older).
Rex (darker little guy on the right) is around 8 years of agetoo.He is a healthy little guy but has been left with severelybent front legs from a break he sustained as a baby bunny.He is starting injections for arthritis as, even though hegets around really well, his joints will probably be sufferingand it should help with his mobility.Rex is currently having a problem with one weepy eye. Itwas flushed and quite a bit of snotty stuff came out but itremains weepy. Hopefully a second flush will help fix upthe problem.Due to little Rex’s bent front legs he has a problem washinghis own face so he relies on me to clean the fur around hiseye.Also having a friend like Tessie helps Rex keep his youngspirit and love of life. He adores her and follows heraround everywhere. He loves to snuggle and snooze withher. Without a friend I think Rex would suffer and becomedepressed.

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