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Ch09 Slides

Ch09 Slides

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Published by Vinod Malla

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Published by: Vinod Malla on Sep 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CICS, C9 © 2001, Mike Murach & Associates, Inc. Slide 1
Chapter 9
How to debuga CICS abend
CICS, C9 © 2001, Mike Murach & Associates, Inc. Slide 2
1.Explain the difference between an exceptional condition abend anda program check abend.2.Given an abend code, identify whether the abend was caused by anexceptional condition, a program check, or another type of error.3.Use EDF to trace the execution of a CICS program and locate thecontents of a working-storage field.
CICS, C9 © 2001, Mike Murach & Associates, Inc. Slide 3
Exceptional condition and program check abends
exceptional condition abend 
occurs when a CICS command
encounters an unusual situation and the RESP option wasn’t
included on the command.
 program check abend 
occurs when a program tries to perform an
operation that isn’t allowed by the hardware. This type of 
abendalways results in an ASRA abend code.
Types of program checks (ASRA abend code)
Operation exceptionSpecification exceptionDecimal-divide exceptionPrivileged operationData exceptionExponent overflowExecute exceptionFixed-point overflowExponent underflowProtection exceptionFixed-point divide exceptionSignificance exceptionAddressing exceptionDecimal overflowFloating-point divide exception

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