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Power of Controlling

Power of Controlling

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Published by HomoCarnula

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Published by: HomoCarnula on Sep 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Power of Control
The future of Leaking: If the safeness of the platforms depends alone on thearbitrariness of their founders the trust in them will vanish.
Julian Assange can make a mistake. Leaking platforms can leak. Do we know something newwith that? No. The work of man is prone to mistakes. After everything we know about theAustralian who rocked the western world by publishing the US embassy cables last year, heseems to be a difficult person. But even if he
d be a
Padre Pio redivivus
the following mustalso apply to him: The controllers too have to be controlled. What about this control? This is aquestion WikiLeaks and all other leaking platforms have to answer.When he makes mistakes the whole worldtrembles: Julian Assange (Picture: the euskadi 11)Two weeks ago after a publication by Freitag it got known that the unredacted original file of the US embassy cables and the associated password are both open in the internet. Till thenonly extracts of this file were published. But a leak at WikiLeaks and the careless handling of the password made the circulating of all files possible.A thunderstorm came over Assange. He was dragged through the streets of media just likeeverybody who had to listen to the accusations ever since the sermon on the Mount:
Why doyou look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your owneye?
Those who were never happy about the leaking found it easy to mete out:
Also in theInternet age megalomaniac do-gooders would stop at nothing
, attacks Jasper vonAltenbockum in the
. Quite the reverse makes sense: Assange and all leaking platforms,also the German alternative Openleaks with which Freitag cooperates, have to further developthe leaking idea and to improve it.The weakness of WikiLeaks is the strength of its boss: the platform focuses on its leader.WikiLeaks doesn
t have enough checks or balances which would be necessary for institutionsto work permanently. WikiLeaks has to reform itself. This means Assange has to deprivehimself from power. That
s not an easy thing to do for a brilliant lone operator. Openleaksand other platforms have to learn: If the security of data depends on the arbitrariness of themakers the trust of the whistleblowers will vanish. Openleaks wants to follow a different paththan WikiLeaks: the data should be passed on from the source to the receiver. The idea isgood. But is it guaranteed that Openleaks doesn
t have access to the data? As long as thisquestion is not answered Openleaks will stay a project in making.

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