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Q&A - Velkudi Krishnan

Q&A - Velkudi Krishnan



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Published by raj
List of Q&A's related to religion, Philosophy, general practices with focus on SriVaishnavism. THis is from Sri Velkudi Krishnan swamin's Website. http://www.kinchitkaramtrust.org/viewReleasedQuestions.action
List of Q&A's related to religion, Philosophy, general practices with focus on SriVaishnavism. THis is from Sri Velkudi Krishnan swamin's Website. http://www.kinchitkaramtrust.org/viewReleasedQuestions.action

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Published by: raj on Oct 13, 2008
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Questions And Answers
Sri U. Ve Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy answers your questions on spirituality, SriVaishnava Sampradhaya and Sanathana Dharma.If you have questions on these topis, you are welcome to submit those through thiswebsite. Based on the relevence, importance and uniqueness, the questions will beanswered and published in this column. Please click on "Ask a Spiritual Question"for submitting a question.Kindly avoid asking generic questions regarding the Trust, CDs or Upanyasamsunder the "Spiritual Quest" section.
Question ID: 545 - Namaskarams, While explaining about Viswarup in the battlefield. You said that Lord Krisha gave a special set of eyes to Arjuna and Sanjaya forthe Viswarupa Seva. But on 09/10/08 program, while worshipping "Karagathan" yousaid that all of them in the battle field including Gowravas had a chance toViswarupa Seva...Please Explain whether all of them in the battle field of Mahabharatha got Viswaroopa seva. Seeking the blessings of Ramanuja..... Vinodh -Question By - Vinodh, vinod53vinodh54@yahoo.co.in
 The complete visvarupa was visualised only by Arjuna and sanjaya. Krishna wanted tomake Bhishma Drona and the like awe struck and Duryodana and his alliesfreightened. For that He made them see a part of visvarupa enough to make them feelso or gave them that feeling alone which one might get by seeing the visvarupa. If Arjuna alone had seen, without anybody expressing any feeling, then Arjuna maydoubt that the whole visvarupa is an illussion. Now seeing the reaction of others hewas assured about the truth in visvarupa and supremacy of Sri Krishna.
Question ID: 544 - Swamin, Nanmugan Thiruvandhadhi pasuram 63 ends as'vaNangi vazhipattum pooosiththum pokinen podhu'. Adiyen is the leader of a groupthat is more like .... 'suNangi' vazhipattum 'pusiththum' pokinen podhu. But, of late,this leadership role of mine is ever so slightly but progressively being shaken asadiyen continue listening to devareer's upanyasams. Thank you so much forproviding us the guiding light. --------- adiyen's question is here swami: Asaranagathan should pray only for kainkaryam to Him. Is it acceptable for thesaranagathan to pray to ramanujar or perumal that an other person (not a relative)should lose his bad habits and ways and should become congruent to his father's
noble way of life? Or would that be equivalent to asking something to perumanwhen He knows what to do when, and so the sarangathan should not pray suchthings? - Question By - Raghu, adiyenraghu@yahoo.com
We can certainly pray for every fellow citizen to become a bhakta. This is not wrong.
Question ID: 543 - 1)I am basically a thengalai sect Iyengar. When and why didthis two sects come into existance? 2)What are vaikanasam, panchrathram andmunithram? 3) In some thengalai temples, vadagalai battars are performing pooja.How and why? - Question By - SUKUMAR A, vedhavahini_bsnl@dataone.in
1. I am not aware of the date. 2. vaikhanasam and pancaratram are two methods of worships in temples. 3. munitrayam is a sampradaya being followed by one section of vadakalayars. 4. There is a long history for each temple and how vadakalai bhattarsare serving in tenkalai temples and tenkalai bhattars are serving in vadakalai temples. You will have to study the history of those temples.
Question ID: 542 - swamy, the geetha says surrender your thoughts and actionsand prayers to me and i will protect you.yet we see situations in day to day life thatcertain prayers we sincerely offer to the lord sometimes repeatedly sometimes overmany years seem to be never answered or remedied.yet the geetha recommendstotal surrender. while I understand that the ultimate goal of human birth is mokshafor those of us still mired in responsibilities and looking for divine interventions forsome life issues where reasonable human interventions doesnt seem to work ,should one accept that it is strong prarabdha which even the bhagwan cannotresolve .In that case isnt bhagvans promise that he will rush to any bhagavathacalling out to him at anytime sometimes doesnt happen. what is the explanation forthis, and how do you still keep faith. - Question By -ukodiyalam, ukodiyalam@hotmail.com
One has to necessarily exhaust his karma before attaining moksham. When wesurrender to Sri Krishna he wipes our sanchita karmas and re schedules our prarabdhakarma to experience the effect of them from the day of saranagati to the last day. Onthat last day all karmas get exhausted and we attain moksham. So when He says thathe releases of our karma He does not mean He removes them on that day of saranagati and then on keeps us happy till the last day. If we enjoy in that period wewould again get attracted to samsara and lose interest in srivaikuntha. the more weexperience pain the more we long for moksham. So Krishna's promise for release fromkarma is once for all and not for a temporary period while we are in this material
world. So we must take our suffering in the right spirit that we are exhausting ourkarma in this last birth. It does not mean that karma is stronger than krishna. He isonly taking us through a progressive path.
Question ID: 541 - Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan, Dear Swamiji, Can you please suggestme a good book in Tamil on Srimad Baghavatham? Also suggest the place where thebook is available. Namaskarams - Balaji - Question By - Balaji, hi.balaji@gmail.com
 There are not many. You can find a couple of editions in jayalakshmi indological booksopposite to mylapore anjaneyar temple.
Question ID: 540 - Respected Swamin, Dasasya Vignyapanam. I've a questionabout lineage. Tamil SriVaishanvites are said to be from the linegae based onGuruparamparai that extends upto the present day Acharya.We also have Gothrams.For eg., My father's Acharya swami is Sri.Sri.U.Ve. Koil Kandadai Appan Swami of Sriperumpudhur and my father's Gothram is Bhardwaja My father-in-law's , who inturn is our respected acharya, is Sri. Sri. U.VE. Sirupuliyur Suddha Satvachariyarwhose Thirumaligai is in Srivilliputhur and our family Gothram is Gargeya Gothram.How can we trace our lineage? Is it based on gothram or Acharya swami? GargaMaharishi is the son of Bhardwaja Maharishi. How are there 2 different Gothramsbased on both of these great sages? Vasaga Dosham Kshamitharulavum. AdiyenRamanuja Dasan - Question By - Vidhya Vasudevan, vidya_vasudevan@yahoo.com
Kindly do not confuse between gotram and acharya. you can refer to the answer to qno 529 for an explanation of gotrams. Gotrams sutram etc are based on our birth in aparticular varna which is more to do with our body. Acharya sambandham is eventuallyfor Ramanuja sambandham which reaches the atman to srivaikuntha. so acharyasambandham relates to the atman.
Question ID: 538 - Respected Swami, Guru ve Charanam. AdiyEn 33 years oldwomen thengalai Iyengar. AdiyEn have been listening to Swamin?s ?Upanyasam?everyday for the past one year and trying to follow everything possible. AdiyEnhave few basic questions in my mind, kindly clarify them. 1. Is there any specificnumber of times to do Namaskarams for God, Acharyas & elders? 2. There is ?Gagendra azwar? sannidhi in some Vaishnava temples. Is it in our Sri VashnavaSampradhayam? Is there any meaning for the ?Aadhyantha prabu? piture.(Gagendra and Jai Hanumar)? 3. Can AdiyEn keep my ?iraiyadi eidhina? mother's andinlaw's photos in the pooja room? Can AdiyEn offer them the ?kandarul

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Namaskarams Swamin. I have met you some years ago when you were giving lectures at various venues in London and travelled with you on that train after the lecture together with your host. I am Nalini Persad and work at the British Library, London as Curator of South Indian Languages. Srimad Srirangam Andavansvāmi is my acharyan. I have the following query and I think that you can help. I have a b
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Namaskarams. Please inform the samskara to be observed while returning to India from overseas trip; can we perform nityakarma, puja, pitr sraddha, etc without performing any samskara as atonement if so. Thanks n Regards.....S.A. NARAYANAN e-mail lemonsuite@gmail.com
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