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Asian Journal Sept 16-22, 2011 edition

Asian Journal Sept 16-22, 2011 edition

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Published by: ASIAN JOURNAL on Sep 15, 2011
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 A Recipe for  Safe Food ... p. 6 The Law of  Relativity .. p. 11
Mike Arroyo plotting smear campaign against Aquino?
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
 Publisher & Editor in Chief,
 Asian Journal San Diego
Chapter 3
 Resident Felisa Morta pointsto a sign of the village named af-ter Marie Rose Abad in Manila, Philippines on Aug. 3.
Fantasy Land 
Crime Does Pay
Shamcey Supsup, Miss. Philippines
 Another conspiracy theory
Shamcey Supsup shines in2011 Miss Universe in Brazil
 A tiny resident gets a GK home
Dr. Ofelia Dirige
Msgr. GutierrezBen Maynigo
 Maria Mabilangan Haley: Model In The Strictest  Sense .. p. 8
September 16-22, 2011
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PhilippineRadioAM 1450M-F 7-8 PM
The original and first Asian Journal in America
550 E. 8th St., Ste. 6, National City, San Diego County CA USA 91950 | Ph: 619.474.0588 | Fx: 619.474.0373 | Email: asianjournal@aol.com | www.asianjournalusa.com
PRST STDU.S. Postage PaidPermit No. 203Chula VistaCA 91910
San Diego’s first and only Asian Filipino weekly publication and a multi-award winning newspaper! Online+Digital+Print Editions to best serve you!
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September 16-22, 2011
How much do we owe Ninoy Aquino?
 By Ducky Paredes, Malaya
‘Will Oplan Bwelta succeed or willPNoy’s boys prove to be smarter than they seem?’ACCORDING to a source, aluxurious condominium unit at theBonifacio Global City in Taguigis the de facto war room of former 
rst gentleman Jose Miguel “Mike”
Arroyo and friends, advisors and business associates. The condo is
near enough to St. Luke’s Hospital,
convenient for the husband to watchover his wife, former President Glo-
ria Macapagal-Arroyo who is still
undergoing treatment for her spine problems.The unit is where, says my source,
“Oplan Bwelta” was conceived and
implemented. Loosely translated,
“bwelta” means to get back at, or, inmodern street lingo, to “resbak”. The
target: President PNoy!PNoy is determined to pursuecases that involve graft and corrup-tion committed during and by former 
 president GMA’s administration. Ar-
royo family members are apparentlyin the President’s crosshairs. First,
Congressman Mikey Arroyo and his
wife were charged by Bureau of In-ternal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner 
Kim Henares with tax evasion. This
was followed by the issue of misap- propriation of Philippine Amuse-ment and Gaming Corporation(PAGCOR) funds under the Arroyoadministration. Then the allegationof poll rigging in the 2004 pollsvia switched election returns at theBatasang Pambansa was resurrected,
as with the Jose Pidal case. Then, the
former FG’s alleged involvement inthe Philippine National Police (PNP)helicopter overprice controversywas brought out. Now, even Con-
gressman Iggy nds himself in the
My source tells me that enough
should have been enough but withthe continuing heat that the Arroyoswere feeling, something had to bedone. Thus, the order went out for 
the GMA’s faithful to create counter 
issues versus PNoy and members
of his ofcial family. They had to
divert public attention away fromcontroversies involving the Arroyos.It was this underlying thought thatsupposedly became the mission of Oplan Bwelta. Political strategists,media advisors, and legislators loyal
to the Arroyos formed a think-tank 
to map out a plan of action. Thisincluded creating diversionary issues
that would eventually be linked to
President Noynoy Aquino and hisallies, or embellishing otherwiseupfront investigations in order tosow intrigue.
According to my spook: “Matatal-
ino yung mga bata ni PNoy, pero sa
Some kind of fantasy occurred in
Fantasyland when the next presidentwas elected. It was a fantasy not be-cause it was the wish of many people, but rather because it was an event no- body in his right mind would believecould ever happen. Ten years before,few would agree a high school drop-out, who went on to become famousfor his tough-guy roles in the movies,would eventually become president.But he did.
In a country where education was highly
valued, the uneducated politician deed
the odds, although a movie actor had once become president of the United States. Butthe Philippine version carried much more
 baggage. He was a known womanizer, sir-ing at least a dozen children with different
women, a fact he did not deny. It would have
 been a career-killer, but not to him, for his
on-screen persona, an unsophisticated anduneducated tough guy defending the poor,assumed his political identity. Fantasy Land prided itself as the only Catholic nation in allof Asia. Eighty percent of its population areCatholics supposedly. But the Fantasylanders
had no qualms in electing a womanizer andadulterer as their president, the rst citizen
of the country, one who was assumed to be
 AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Es- poso
, The Philippine Star 
Speaking after they’ve
won the Battle of Britain,
British Prime Minister 
Sir Winston Churchill,said these words that have
since been immortalized
in the pages of history:
“Never had so many owedso much to so few.”
The few, whomChurchill had referred to,were the brave men andwomen of the RAF (RoyalAir Force). The RAFdestroyed the air force
of Nazi Germany, effec-
tively preventing a Ger-man conquest of the UnitedKingdom. Indeed, the Battleof Britain proved once morethe value of the human andindividual factor as whenterribly outnumbered andless equipped forces man-aged to defeat their larger and better-armed foes.
History is rich with the heroic
sagas of people who became the big difference for their cause or country during a critical period.
The Maid, Joan of Arc, became
the unexpected rallying point
for the French people seeking
to drive away the English from
French soil. Ruled by a weaklingof a Dauphin, demoralized by a
string of English victories, theFrench people rallied behind
Joan, won key battles and got
their Dauphin crowned King.
Joan’s inspiration led to the even-
tual withdrawal of the Englishfrom France after her martyrdom.
(Continued on page 19)
Practical Shooting BridgesPhl’s Political Family Rivalry
By Artemio A. Dumlao
Laoag City, Ilocos Norte (Au-gust 19, 2011) – Practical shootingis bridging the gap between thecountry’s biggest political familywith President Benigno Aquino III
and Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong”Marcos Jr., both avid practical
shooting sportsmen, competing thisSeptember 7-11 in historic an idyllic
Paoay town here for the “BongbongMarcos Cup 2011” (Asia Pacic
Senator Marcos tries a caliber 22 LR RIM FIRE during the
 Riffle Match ( SNIPERS short course) and res a caliber 40 STI  Handgun for the ceremonial shoot-off for the PHILIPPINE OPEN, BONG BONG MARCOS CUP 2010 at the Marcos Combat Shoot-ing Firing Range, Brgy. Suba, Paoay, Ilocos Norte, September 18,2010. /TOOTS SOBERANO
Poor Filipinos have 9-11 victim to thank for homes
MANILA, Philippines — A street sign in Manila shows
an American businesswomanand Sept. 11 victim smilingdown on a community whosetransformation would havewarmed her heart: Children
frolicking on tidy brick alleys
near brightly colored houses.
Miss Philip-
 pines ShamceySupsup was astar, fan favorite
and nished 3rdin the Miss Uni-
verse BeautyPageant 2011in Sao Paolo,
Supsup was
ranked high
 by fans in theswimsuit andevening gowncompetitions.
The magnacum laudegraduate andarchitecture board topnotcher  joined other candidates in the
nal ve namely2011 Miss
Universe LeilaLopes of Angola,
rst runner-upOlesya Stefankoof Ukraine, sec-
ond runner-up
Priscila Macha-
Page 2September 16-22, 2011 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
(Continued on page 23)
10717 Camino Ruiz, Ste. 122 San Diego, CA 92126
Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry
State-of-the-Art Technology and Sterilization
Digital X-rays and Massage Dental Chairs
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In Office
Teeth WhiteningIn Just an Hour!
Limited time offer.
Reg. $600
 Law Ofces of Chua Tinsay & Vega
by Atty. Jean Tinsay, Esq.
Legal Buzz
Read Atty. Jean Tinsay’s previous articles by visitingour website at
Mike Arroyoplotting smear
(Continued from page 1)
September 14, 2011
 by Jean S. Tinsay, Esq.
Jon and Kate own and operate a
successful real estate business inCalifornia. In addition to owning a beautiful home, they had acquiredseveral homes and apartment build-ings which they rented out.In 2008, when the U.S. economywas struggling and the real estate
 business was sluggish, Jon and Katedecided to take a long vacation in
the Philippines. While enjoying
some rest and recreation, Jon and
Kate decided to invest in a condo-minium development project. Thecouple initially intended to stayonly for two months, but decidedto extend their stay for another four months to monitor the progress of the project.
Just before they were to return to
the United States, Kate discoveredshe was pregnant with twins. SinceKate was already in her early 40s,
the pregnancy was a difcult one.Her doctor ordered complete bed
rest for the entire duration of her  pregnancy and travelling was an
absolute no-no. Jon and Kate who
had been trying to have children for a decade were ecstatic.Per the doctor’s order, they postponed Kate’s trip to the United
States and Jon ensured that she be
 provided with the best possible care.To the relief of the parents, the iden-
tical twins were born healthy. Jonwho was a U.S. citizen immediately
applied and obtained U.S. passportsfor the twins and made plans for hisfamily to return to the United States.
However, by this time, Kate who
was a lawful permanent resident had been outside the United States for over one year.A lawful permanent resident’sabsence from the United States for over one (1) year is normally con-sidered abandonment of residencein the United States and conse-quently will bar her entry to theUnited States as a lawful permanentresident.
However, a lawful permanent
resident’s absence from the UnitedStates of over one (1) year will notresult in abandonment of U.S. resi-dency if the following requirementsare met:The alien was a lawful permanentresident at the time of departurefrom the U.S.The alien had the intention of returning to the U.S. and has notabandoned this intention;The alien is returning to the U.S.from a temporary visit abroad and,if the stay was protracted, this wascaused by reasons beyond the con-trol of the alien.A lawful permanent resident whohas remained outside the UnitedStates for longer than one (1) year who meets these requirementsmay be eligible for what is calleda Returning Resident Immigrant
(“SB-1”) visa. The SB-1 visa ap
- plication is submitted to the near-est U.S. Embassy or Consulate. A
consular ofcer will review the
SB-1 visa application and support-ing documentation and if approved,this will allow the lawful permanentresident to enter the United Statesand resume permanent residence.What is important in determiningeligibility for the SB-1 visa is thealien’s intent – whether the law-ful permanent resident intended toreturn to the United States after atemporary absence. Examples of documentary evidence that may be submitted to establish that thealien intended to maintain a U.Sresidence include: driver’s license,
U.S. Income Tax Returns led for 
the past years, ownership of realand personal property located in theUnited States, salary paid by a U.S.employer, children’s enrollment in aU.S. school and evidence of familyand social ties in the United States.In addition, the lawful permanentresident must establish that sheintended to stay abroad for a tempo-rary period of time and that the delayin returning to the United States wasdue to reasons beyond her control.The following factors are consideredin determining temporary intent:
the trip abroad was for a specic
 purpose, the visit is expected toterminate within a relatively shortand predetermined date and the alienexpected to return to the UnitedStates as an actual home or place of employment.
 Atty. Jean S. Tinsay is a partner inThe Law Firm of Chua Tinsay and 
Vega (CTV) - a full service law rmwith ofces in San Francisco, San
 Diego and Manila. The information presented in this article is for gen-eral information only and is not, nor intended to be, formal legal advicenor the formation of an attorney-cli-ent relationship. The CTV attorneyswill be holding regular free legal clinics at the Max’s Restaurant inVallejo, California. Call or HYPER-
 LINK “javascript:email_US()”e-
mail CTV for an in-person or phoneconsultation to discuss your par-ticular situation and/or how their 
 services may be retained at (415)495-8088; (619) 955-6277; jtin
 sayHYPERLINK “mailto:Dchua@ctvattys.com”@ctvattys.com
 Abandonment of U.S.Residence
gulangan, paglalaruan lang sila nina
FG.” He could be right, of course.
Where to begin?An issue that draws consider-able attention away from the usedhelicopter controversy is the cur-rent Congressional inquiry on themissing imported shipments of approximately 2,000 container vans
(recently increased to over 3,000)trans-shipped from the Manila Inter 
-national Container Port and the Port
of Manila to the Port of Batangas.My Intel claims that the seemingly
hurried manner of how this issuedeveloped to such an enormous pro-
 portion is the work of Oplan Bwelta.
This began with Customs Com-
missioner Angelito Alvarez ordering
an audit of all transshipments to thePort of Batangas. The audit under-
taken by the Commissioner himself 
discovered that shipments were not
led with corresponding import en
-tries, hence neither duties nor taxeswere paid. According to regulation,
an entry must be led within 30 days
at the Port of Destination (in thiscase, the Port of Batangas) from thetime the goods are received. Docu-ments later showed that the Port
of Manila and the Manila Interna
-tional Container Port had complete
 paperwork, proving that the goods in
question were all received at the Portof Batangas, and yet no entries were
ever led.
Because it was evident that theanomaly was exclusive to the port
of destination, Alvarez immediately
relieved the man in charge, District
Collector John Tan, and reassigned
him pending further investigation.
Little did Alvarez know that by do
-ing what he believed to be his job,this open-and-shut case would senda storm of inquest his way and even-tually drive him out of his post.Shortly after Tan was placed on
oating status, the House Sub-
Committee on Tariff and Customs
quickly conducted an Inquiry re
garding the missing containers. MyIntel tells me: “If you paid close at
-tention to the hearing, it would have been immediately obvious that themembers of the panel – Zambales
Rep. Mitos Magsaysay, ValenzuelaRep. Magi Gunigundo, DasmariñasRep. Pidi Barzaga, and Davao del
Page 3 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.comSeptember 16-22, 2011
by Cynthia Minnaar
It is not just Moms who are look 
-ing for ways to earn from home but
many men want to work at hometoo. The reasons they are looking for 
home based business ideas for menare varied. This could be becausethey have either been retrenched,want to replace their jobs with a
home business or would like to
supplement their income.
In this article we take a look at 8
home based business ideas for men.
1. Get involved in afliate market
ing and make use of the Internet to
sell other people’s products.
With afliate marketing you can
get paid for getting leads as well as
get paid by the click. Another wayto make money is by recruiting af 
liates in two-tier afliate programs
where you will get paid a commis-sion on the products your recruitssell.
2. Have you thought of consulting?
Using your expertise you can teachother people who will pay you for consulting if it helps them accom- plish things they need done.
3. Start repairing cars at home. You
can build a competitive business
working out of your own garage and
this can be personally enjoyable as
well as very protable.
4. Get involved in direct sales. Itis not only women who get involved
with direct sales companies. Men
are also selling Amway, Tupperware,
Avon, Herbalife and other direct
sales products.5. Start a day care centre for chil-dren. A day care business is not just
for women. Many stay at home Dadsthese days are taking care of other 
 people’s children.
6. Start an online network mar 
keting business. There are many tochoose from and the Internet makes
it much easier to build a businessfrom home. It is not uncommon for 
men to work with their wives and
 build their business as a team whichis also a good way to do it.
7. Get involved in Joint Ventures.If you are working online look for other Internet marketers and do a joint venture together. You may
 be able to combine your particular 
skill or interest with that of another 
 person to build a successful online business.
8. Make money freelance writ
ing on the Internet. Writing ebooksand selling them on ClickBank or Amazon is very popular right now.Writing for other Internet marketers
as an article writer or a blog writer can be extremely lucrative.
If you have a air for writing the
 big money is in copywriting and you
will nd courses online to help you
with this.The above are 8 home based busi-
ness ideas for men. Thanks to the In
-ternet both men and women can nowget involved in the same businesses,so some of the above will overlap.
8 Home BasedBusinessIdeas For Men
 Business News
SAN DIEGO—The Water 
Reliability Coalition (WRC) haslaunched its website (http://sdwa-tersupply.com/) to help educate SanDiegans about the possibility of wastewater recycling in San Diego.
The WRC, a broad-based afliation
of environmental, consumer, rate- payer, business, labor and technical
organizations, supports exploring
wastewater recycling as a potentialstrategy to develop a safe, reliable,sustainable and cost-effective local
water supply. Also known as Indirect
Potable Reuse (IPR), this process of 
recycling wastewater into purieddrinking water is already used in
 places such as Orange County and
Las Vegas.
On the WRC’s website, the Water Dilemma page informs San Diegansabout the region’s current water supply crisis. Its Solutions section
answers a series of frequently asked
questions to help people understandthe technology and history behindwater recycling in San Diego.The News Channel
keeps readers
updated with local and worldwideIPR news and includes a calendar of water supply events happening in theSan Diego area.The WRC event listings includetours of the City of San Diego’sDemonstration Project, which cur-rently tests whether San Diego’s
infrastructure and geologic makeup
will allow wastewater recycling tooccur safely. If the pilot project issuccessful, IPR water will be piped
into San Vicente Reservoir for 
reservoir augmentation, where it will blend with existing water supplies
 before being treated again and 
-nally delivered to taps. The project isexpected to conclude next summer.Those interested in staying in-formed on IPR development in SanDiego can sign up for the Water Re-liability Coalition’s newsletter in theright-hand sidebar of the website.
They can also follow the organiza
-tion’s Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/SDWaterSupply) and Faceboo
-ReliabilityCoalition) pages to get themost up-to-date news.
The Water Reliability Coali-
tion is a broad-based afliation of 
environmental, consumer, business,labor and technical organizationsthat have come together to support exploration of Indirect Potable Re-use (IPR) as a potential strategy todevelop a safe, reliable, sustainable& cost-effective local water sup- ply. Visit at 
- ply.com/index.php.### 
Water Reliability Coalition Website Goes Live
Coalition Supports Exploration of Indirect Potable Reuse
Team members are invited toapply for this engaging position atone of San Diego’s best attractions,
the USS Midway Museum. Assist
museum guests from all over theworld - welcoming them onboard
and helping them to nd their way
around an aircraft carrier while as-suring their safety.Training is provided. Subjects
include communication skills (us
-ing ship’s radios), guest relations,
way-nding (the layout of the shipand museum tour route), CPR/rst
aid, location and use of basic safetyequipment and more.Requirements: A minimum com-mitment of 6 months, with monthly participation of 20 hours or more.
Folks with good ‘people skills’ as
well as good memory and retentionare encouraged to apply. Candidatesmust be at least 18 years of age and be able to climb the ship’s laddersand stairs. Applications must besubmitted in advance. No military experience is required.For information about this or other volunteer opportunities, andto request a volunteer application:
(619) 398-8289 or volunteering@
 Volunteers Neededfor Midway’sSafety Team
When: October 21-22, 2011Where: University of San Diego
San Diego Earthwork’s 3rd annual
Bright Green Future Conferencethe 2011 Theme is Energy and Na-tional Security with plenary presen-tations by local veterans:
- Friday: “Local Perspectives onEnergy & National Security”- Saturday: “Off Fossil Fuels by
2015: Why it’s Imperative for Na-
tional Security.”Headliners on Friday include State
Senator Christine Kehoe, and former 
“Navy Mayor” , USD Vice Presi
dent, Len Hering.Topic tracks on Friday: Green
Business, Green Building, ZeroWaste, Water, and Climate Change/TransportationSpecial events on Friday: San
Diego Mayoral Candidate’s Forum(5:30pm) hosted by the San Diego
Sierra Club and followed by a Green
 Networking Reception.Topic tracks on Saturday: AllAbout Food, Green Jobs Workshop,
Climate Change, Zero Waste andWater Special Events on Saturday: All-
day Green Jobs Workshop, MillionLetter March Activist Workshop,“Permaculture and Graywater,”
Electric Car Owners Panel, Cal-
Green Building Codes Workshop11 Tracks, More than 40 Presenta
tions by Working ProfessionalsCheck the schedule, register online
to attend or volunteer:http://www.brightgreenfuture.net
Bright Green Future Conference at USD
by Megan Andersen
Many companies do not consider 
the telephone to be an important partof a business decision. After all, run-ning a business – especially start-up
companies – is hard work, and there
are many things to consider on the
road. How important can a telephone
number be?If the telephone number just hap- pened to be a vanity number, it mayas well cost the company its success – or so part of it.
Vanity numbers can make a big
difference in a company’s day to
day operations and prots; making it
quite worthy of careful consideration
for businesses of all sizes. Regard
-less of the product of a company or an approach, vanity numbers are oneof the most cost-effective purchases.The highest advantage of vanitynumbers is the name recognitionthat instantly develops a business phone line. Studies have shown thathumans can recover up to sevendigit number from their short-term
 Vanity numbers - The Powerof Toll Free Vanity Numbers
memories, but have a much easier time remembering the patterns andwords.This name recognition is also anopportunity to brand companiesusing the toll free number. It is onething to buy a number that will befree for customers to call, but itis another thing to buy a number that is free for callers and easier toremember. This is what companiesdo with vanity numbers, building anautomatic response from their cus-tomers, simply showing the number regularly in commercials and printedads.
Vanity numbers are a power 
-ful symbol of establishment in the business world. In the right hands,it is a great advantage that can helpdevelop corporate accounts thatotherwise would be completelyimpossible to obtain.The best performance of a vanitynumbers come from the incorpora-tion of other technologies. With ahigh quality telephone system, for example, small businesses may seem
 bigger than they really are. More
calls can be handled at the sametime because of advanced telephonesystem and more calls will comethrough the vanity toll free number.Companies with vanity numbersaim for more than their competitorswithout vanity numbers – at least
when it comes to telephone trafc
through the selection of a memo-rable brand name and the establish-ment of the telephone number. It isa worthy investment for developingcompanies who need help in estab-lishing a name, even in crowded
markets.Any company that does not take
advantage of their toll free number is resigned to receiving less businessopportunities and less overall inter-est of business partners and other 
sources. Like any successful entre
- preneur, any worthy investment is
essential if it is for long-term benet
and success.

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