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The Ascension is Descending Upon Us

The Ascension is Descending Upon Us

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Published by Joe E Bandel
Update on the earth's ascension process.
Update on the earth's ascension process.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Joe E Bandel on Sep 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Ascension is Descending Upon Us!We have become so hung up on personal ascension that its time to take a look at worldascension. Now is the time to do this because earth has finally ascended into fourth densityand many think that means the ascension process is done, well its not! The process iscontinuing and not the way most people think of it. Let me explain.Way back in the early 90’s first wave light workers or seventh density entities in physical bodies were ascending. They were working with crown chakra energy or unity energy andascended with their awareness to the photon level where matter and energy areinterchangeable. The first wave light workers then began the long slow process of coming back down to the earth and bringing the new energy with them. Their sacred task was toanchor this energy into the earth. They brought it down through their bodies and used their  physical bodies as anchors for it.The next wave of light workers came around the turn of the millennium as bridges andcosmic law makers. They worked to create the karmic mechanics of the new structure andhelped put it into place. These were sixth density light workers, working with third eyeenergies and archetypal realities far above the astral planes, in the spiritual planes. Theyascended to the third eye chakra level of archetypal energy and began the process back down to earth bringing those newly created astral realities with them.Then came the third wave of light workers, fifth density entities, able to manipulate andcreate different timelines as they explored the infinite possibilities. They worked with throatchakra energies and with creative thought. These people were the way showers and finally just recently the new earth did appear as a collective creation in the higher reaches of theastral planes.This newly created earth was the future earth, the one that belonged to the new age and itexisted for the first time in the fifth dimension as a time line or possibility. Immediately thissacred timeline was protected and secured by all those light workers able to assist. It was brought down into fourth density as the one and only true timeline for the earth’s ascension.It was the only timeline that assured the greatest harvest.
With the future earth secured at fourth density a massive battle broke out in the non physical planes as all other timelines were destroyed. That brings us up to date as of 9/15/11. But what has not been said is just as important. All those seventh, sixth and fifthdensity lightworkers are continuing downward in newly created fourth dimensional or fourth density bodies! Fourth density was the critical level that needed to be reached andnow the fourth density earth is moving down into third density earth eliminating all thingsthat are not in harmony with it as it goes.Third density physical reality will now take on the new blue print of the fourth densityearth! Ascension now appears downward in that physical reality is becoming more real,more intense and more enjoyable than ever before!For those that have been able raise their awareness to fourth density, the heart chakra level,they will also begin to descend back down into a new third dimensional reality that operatesunder new rules, a physical reality that reflects the etheric fourth density one. This will be atime of collective joy as all seventh, sixth, fifth and fourth density entities reap the rewardsof this newly born earth.Third density humans will feel even more stress and emotional crisis as they seem to beliving in a world gone mad. They will be ruled by wild emotional swings and outburstsuntil they are able to find that small still spot where the observer self exists. The observer self is the fourth density body and it is what must be attained. Sadly there are many peoplethat do not have the ability to attain to the observer self without outside stimulation.These are the people you see constantly on cell phones, or listening to music, watching tv or  playing video games. They are desperate to separate their awareness from their physical bodies but can’t do it without help. Their ego or sense of self is not strong enough. Thefalse ego is too strong. As the ascension process continues they will begin to go insaneunless they can make it to fourth density and to their observer self.The fourth density ascension body is the mental body and marks the separation of the egofrom the lower emotions. Higher emotions such as love, loyalty and patriotism still exist.The fourth density is the temple of the heart and those who walk the path of service toothers may enter. All it requires is to be 51% of service to others and only 49% service to
self. The newly created earth is a collective earth, a collective dream made physical and tolive in it we must agree to support it and support others. The temple of the heart offershealing of wounds and forgiveness of sins. By serving others we enter, not by servingourselves.In the meantime the ascension process will continue moving downward into second densityand finally into first density. Second density is the cellular level and the DNA or cellular structure of all living things will transform to take on the new fourth density appearance.Our bodies will become healthy and our appearance will change to reflect who we reallyare on the inside. The entire organic world will make this shift and become powered bylight instead of the process of chemical decay.First density is the atomic and molecular world. As the wave of transformation finally hitsthis final level all physical matter will become light. It will exist as physical matter that iscreated out of light and chemical reactions will no longer appear or be possible. Imagine aworld where we no longer require food to stay alive but also have no cars because theinternal combustion engine will not work. An entire new technology will be developed butnot needed to keep people healthy and alive. This then is the heaven on earth that has been promised to us for so long!In closing I would like to remind people that the time line for this new earth will completeitself this coming year. We are already feeling the effects of these changes on the cellular level as some people are regaining lost health. Our entire life experience is becoming morevibrant and real. Winters are more like winter, Fall is more like fall, spring is more likespring and summer is more like summer. Experience is deeper and more meaningful. It isricher for those that have attained to their fourth density observer self.There will be no second coming of Christ or no mass landing of UFO’s. There will be asmall controlled war between Israel and the Arab world with Jerusalem being destroyed.The horror of this useless conflict will propel the entire world into global peace! Those thathave not attained will find life becoming harder and harder as the very fabric of realityseeks to cast them out.Bright blessings,-joe

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