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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

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Published by jp_vijaykumar
Understanding and realizing the Atman. Self realization
Understanding and realizing the Atman. Self realization

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: jp_vijaykumar on Sep 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 WHO AM I? (The unending/unfathomable search for the unknown me) First version Sep 14
 2011 Second version Mar 08
 2014 I am in search of the unknown me. I am not searching for any lost being, I am searching for the unknown me. I am after me to realize my-self. I am none, trying to understand the inner one. I worked on an essay titled "WHO AM I", in 1986-87. That essay was completed in one evening. In that essay, I only narrated all my physical attributes and my accomplishments. Then my thoughts were aggressive and I was proud of my achievements and hard earned ethics.
That ―I‖ was fully covered with ego and pride. I am exploring the real ―I‖ de
void of ego and pride. From the old essay "I realize that being somebody and of help to everybody, gives satisfaction, than of help to nobody". I can be somebody if I want to. I always wanted to be the distinct myself. I wanted to be somebody, with the distinct qualities, when I was nobody. I realized the happiness in being somebody, the distinct myself. Thank God , I stuck to my guns. Some of the great missionaries/distinct personalities, who served the needy, are Mother Theresa, Father Vincent Ferrar, Baba Amte. Off late, I was reviewing, what had changed in my perception, my approach about life. I observed a turn around in the way how I look at things, myself and life. I want to review and explore what had changed, in my perception. Working on and off, my review took me over a decade and still unfinished and unending. I want to  publish the incomplete essay and post future updates/revisions from time to time. The crux of this essay lays in the references at the end. Without these references, there no me, to know me. Pls send me your comments and suggestions to jp_vijaykumar[at]yahoo[dot]com or  jp[dot]vijaykumar[at]gmail[dot]com --------------------------->aaa
If you write about your physical attributes and accomplishments, ―WHO AM I?‖ will be one‘s
autobiography. Athman is nirgun nirakar. Athman had no qualities nor shape. --------------------------->aaa In my short span of life, it is an unsurmountable task to understand /realize and know myself, my Athman. --------------------------->aaa Complying to the laws of physics, Athman cannot be created, Athman cannot be destroyed, but Athman changes from one life to another life, through a continuous cycle of births. --------------------------->aaa Once one's Athman, released from one's life takes rebirth into another life. The Athman, will take birth after birth, until the Athman unites with the Almighty, through salvation/ Moksha/ Janmarahithya. --------------------------->aaa
The Athman after death of one life, still trying to accomplish some tasks of past life is known as ghost/devil. A devil is Athman, lurking around to fulfill the unfinished tasks. The Athman may remain as ghost for an uncertain period of time and unites with the Almighty or takes birth into the life of a being. --------------------------->aaa When water is falling, we call it a water fall. When water is flowing, we call it a river or a brook. When water is collected in a shallow place, we call it a lake. We name them, frame them and fame them. What if the water in all these entities dry up? They cease to exist. We had no values for these entities, and mostly no use. What is making them useful, had no recognition or value, which is water. In the same way, the Athman dwelling in a being makes that being alive. The being is having recognition
and existence. Why don‘t we realize the
Athman, that is making a being alive. --------------------------->aaa Seize the Athman, before you cease to exist. --------------------------->aaa Athman is like air filled inside a balloon. The balloon had existence. Not the air filled inside the balloon. The inner content/inner-self had no material value to the naked eye. Only the gjyani (learned person) realizes the inner-self/soul/Athman. When the balloon bursts, the inside air comes out of the balloon and merges with the outside air/atmosphere. Likewise when the living being dies, the Athman takes rebirth, or depending on previous pious deeds the Athman unites with the Almighty . Imagine, your Athman, like the air inside a soap bubble. When the bubble bursts the air inside the bubble merges with the outside air. The soap bubble is beautiful, but short lived, the Athman is eternal Athman is like a wild horse. Realize the Athman, when it is enclosed in
side you. After a being‘s death, the
Athman comes out and merges into the universe. Then there is no you to realize the Athman. --------------------------->aaa In pitch darkness, you cannot see anything. To see objects, you require light. When there is light, you can see objects. In darkness, you can touch an object and make out. To realize the Athman
, you don‘t require
light, you cannot touch it. Through practice and meditation, you can feel it and realize it. --------------------------->aaa Athman changes from one life to another, as we change into new clothes, leaving worn out ones. --------------------------->aaa Imagine Athman like a "AA" battery. You load the "AA" battery into any electronic gadget and make it work. When the "AA" battery is removed, the gadget dies. so is the Athman, moving from life to life, body to body, birth to birth. Without the Athman, the body becomes nonfunctional, a corpse/carcass. Athman is a thread passing through a garland of beads. The beads are lives the Athman takes at different  periods from birth to birth. The thread that passes through beads is eternal. The thread is not attached to any of the beads. With a name you are addressing the soul/Athman, during the existence of the Athman in a being. Instead of addressing the bead in a garland with a name, try to address / realize the thread that passes through the beads, the Athman.
 When the Athman is transitioning between lives, can you address it? There is no you. --------------------------->aaa Can you see air. No. You can feel the breeze, or when the trees' leaves are trembling, you know that the air is passing by. In a similar fashion, you cannot see the Athman. Only an experienced person/sadhaka can reaize the Athman. It requires a lot of practice and meditation. --------------------------->aaa Hindu's believe in rebirth and some of the oldest religions also believe in rebirth. If many people from different faiths, believe in rebirth, I ask the question, who or what is taking rebirth. Many incidents of people recollecting and remembering their previous life's details, incidents and recognizing people establish and support the belief of rebirth. If these incidents establish rebirth, what is the connection between "X" in the past life to "Y" in the present life. What is it, that took rebirth from
 or between one life to another.
After the death of ―X‖, t
he Athman
moved from the body of ―X‖ into
 a new body through rebirth, and that  body was named as "Y". At the time of birth, any being had no name. Only after birth, a being is named. Every living being has birth and death. The Athman had no birth and death, it is passing from one life to another.
―X‖ and ―Y‖ may be in different
conditions like place, gender, faith, species. Depending on the karma, the effect of past deeds of
―X‖, impact the condition in which
the Athman takes rebirth as
―Y‖ .
 During the rebirth, the soul assumes a different name, identity, appearance and life. It is not some XYZ, taking rebirth. The name XYZ refers to a person with body. It is the inner-self / Soul / Athman that is taking rebirth. Whatever is my name, refers to the transient period of the Athman from birth to death of the current life. I do not know the Athman. --------------------------->aaa In the anicient India, a phenominon called parakaya pravesam is practised. During parakaya pravesa, one's Athman leaves one's body and enters a dead body. During this period of parakaya pravesam the Athman with the knowledge of the earlier life and lives in a dead body without the knowledge of that dead being
 past life. The Athman assumes a different identity like name, address, nationality and appearance, as in a rebirth, during the process of parakaya pravesam. The one known parakaya pravesa from the hindu mythology, was practised by sage Shankaracharya. Shankaracharya entered into the dead body of the king by means of his parakaya pravesa vidya. [Sreepada Sreevallabha Charithamruthamu Chapter] --------------------------->aaa Parakaya pravesa is similar to rebirth of the Athman into another life. In parakara pravesa, the Athman leaves the current body at will, assumes the identity of another life by  joining a dead
 being‘s body
. After some time, the Athman at will returns to the previously left body, leaving the current body. In parakaya pravesa, the Athman can move back and forth among bodies at will.

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