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Published by: beacon-docs on Oct 13, 2008
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Lisa Springer, CFAInitial ReportOctober 13th, 2008
Nohydro Tchnologi, Corp. (OTCBB: NHYT)
Lisa Springer, CFAInitial ReportOctober 13th, 2008
Company Introduction
Neohydro Technologies, Corp.
11200 Westheimer Suite 900Houston Texas 77042 Tel: 832-295-9978Fax: 832-295-4877E-mail (IR):
Website: www.neohydrotech.com
SymbolExchangesCurrent PricePrice TargetRatingOutstanding SharesMarket Cap. Average 3-m Volume
Source: Yahoo Finance, Analyst Estimates
NHYT OTC BB$0.48$0.84Speculative Buy72.80 Million$34.94 Millionn/a
Neohydro Technologies Corp. (NHYT or the “Company”) is a ser-vice company specializing in the marketing, distribution and li-censing of systems for industrial water treatment, water processing,and water recycling through an innovative high voltage electrolysisprocess. The new technology eliminates biological oxygen demand,algae, bacteria, viruses, fungus and many metals from the treatedwater, and prevents the spreading of diseases such as salmonella, e-coli, MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis and othershepatitis and other diseases.The core of the electrolytic process is the brinecell™ Brinecell™ an-ode which that combines three diverse metals (platinum, titanium,and niobium) to create a completely new generation electrode. Ac-cording to management, only these proprietary electrodes are capa- ble of handling the electrical current necessary to create the power-ful mixed oxidant solution on-site. Brinecell™ requires only water, basic salt, and electricity as consumables for water treatment, and
aer an advanced oxidation process leaves no chemical residuals.
The Company has assembled a strong team of professionals withextensive experience in all facets of the water treatment industrythat ensures that the developments, debugging and running ofwater treating equipment are in the leading position in the indus-try nowadays. On September 22, 2008, Dean Themy – one of thefounders of brinecell™ and neohydroBrinecell™ and Neohydro™technologies - was appointed as NHYT`s President’s president andCEO. Mr. Themy brings overmore than 30 years of experience in theelectrolytic industry. His extensive knowledge of this industry ledhim to form Oxidant3 Corp., where he served as Presidentpresidentfrom 2003 to 2007. Re-locating to Houston, he formed NeohydroLLC, which focuses its business on the electro-oxidation industry,
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NHYT dailyAug
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Lisa Springer, CFAInitial ReportOctober 13th, 2008
Nohydro Tchnologi, Corp. (OTCBB: NHYT)
Lisa Springer, CFAInitial ReportOctober 13th, 2008
Nohydro Tchnologi, Corp. (OTCBB: NHYT)
with an emphasis on manufacturing anodes, the core element of the electrolytic process, which are. Mr. Themyalso served as Interim Presidentinterim president and consultant to New Environmental Solutions Inc., a com-pany focused in the waste recycling operation using proprietary equipment and processing agents. In October 2008, NHYT was awarded “Most Promising Energy & Clean Technology Company” at Rice AllianceEnergy & Clean Technology Venture Forum.Business model to provide a viable solution for wastewater treatment challenge Following a licensing agreement with Neohydro Corp., a company with overmore than 30 years of experiencein the electro-oxidation industry, NHYT entered the wastewater treatment market and started the development,marketing, selling and distributing products for the treatment of industrial water. The Company’s products uti-lize water and salt (NaCl), that, with the licensed technology - Neohydro™ and Brinecell™ - are transformed),and transforms them into a reversible, safe, disinfecting solution through Neohydro™ and Brinecell™. The newtechnology eliminates biological oxygen demand, algae, bacteria, viruses, fungus and many metals from thetreated water, and prevents the spreading of diseases such as salmonella, e-coli, MRSA,HIV, Hepatitis and othershepatitis and other diseases.Award winning technologyThe Company’s marketed technology is based on a process called high-voltage electrolysis, which is widely adopt-
ed in waste water treatment, including purication of living waste water and many kinds of industrial waste wa
-ter. NHYTwastewater. NHYT’s proprietary technology consists of the special alloy called brinecell™Brinecell™,an electrode which that can withstand higher current and have a longhigher current, has a longer life, become-and becomes a powerful tool for electrolysis. The brinecellBrinecell™ is made up of special metals including-
such as platinum, titanium, niobium, and tantalum, which all of which have remarkable aributes and which
transformsused to transform the brinecell™ inBrinecell™ into an electrode which can withstand higher current,have a longer life and become a powerful tool for electrolysis.In October 2008, NHYT was awarded “Most Promising Energy & Clean Technology Company” at Rice AllianceEnergy & Clean Technology Venture Forum. The Company was chosen by Rice Alliance Information Technol-ogy Advisory Board from nearly 60 competitors based on the companies’ elevator pitch presentations A complete electrolytic process meets the wastewater treatment requirements The Company developed a complete electrolytic process to deploy the technology and provide customized solu-tions to meet every potential client’s requirements. The technology deployment process starts with an analysisand testing of clients’ particularities. The Company is designing and producing an a wastewater treatment unitthat meetmeets the compactness and portability requirements to allow a multiple utilization and deploymenteven in the most regionally isolated locations. For example, the rover unit is the size of a pick-up truck; energyis supplied by a small generator inside the rover and travels between multiple sites, precluding the need to pur-chase expensive site-dedicated solutions.
Lisa Springer, CFAInitial ReportOctober 13th, 2008
Nohydro Tchnologi, Corp. (OTCBB: NHYT)
Lisa Springer, CFAInitial ReportOctober 13th, 2008
Nohydro Tchnologi, Corp. (OTCBB: NHYT)
The wastewater then is pumped into treatment units and exposed to an electric eld. The water is subjected to
electro-oxidation long enough to destroy all biological and chemical contaminants. Trace elements rebond when
the process ends - safely and eciently converting 99.9% of the supplied water into acceptably regulated levels
of chlorine and mixed oxidants. Technology advantages support the rapid adoption The Company’s technology helps reduce cost of operations, supports green initiatives, and minimizes chemicalhazards in many industries and in diverse applications. NHYT’s technology also eliminates transport, handling,storage and regulations issues. In addition to providing a single-solution approach to wastewater treatment, Neo-hydro™ can also be incorporated into existing methods on a smaller scale for clients who are primarily interestedin retaining their pre-existing setup. This will improve the processing time of traditional treatment methods, anddecreases the necessary treatment cycles to achieve EPA requirements at a greatly reduced cost. 
A wide range of technology application to address the needs of dierent industries
The Company’s technology can be used in a variety of industries such as chemical engineering, metallurgy, health-
care, agriculture, , foodstus and the oil industry. Every oil well in the world uses water that requires disinfec
tion and detoxication. With the implementation of electro-oxidation, oil companies will be able to reuse water
and eliminate transportation and treatment costs. NHYT`’s technology has the potential to greatly reduce this
large cost to the oil industry, saving oil companies 75% on their water cost by re-using water with the Company’s
electro-oxidation equipment. Proven management team NHYT’s Presidentpresident and CEO Dean Themy bring to the Company overmore than 30 years of experiencein the electrolytic industry. Mr. Themy brings a vast knowledge of development and marketing experience to thewaste recycling business. He was the founder of Oxidant3 Corporation., and served as its Presidentpresident from July 1, 2003, to March 15 2007. Oxidant3 Corporation was based in Salt Lake, Utah, and was formed to conductR&D of Medicalmedical sterilization devices and for the production of water treatment equipment. Mr. Themyalso formed Neohydro LLC, a company which that focuses its business on the electro-oxidation industry, withemphasis on manufacturing electrodes (anodes), the core element of the electrolytic process.

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