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GF Cereals & Oatmeals Available in the U.S.

GF Cereals & Oatmeals Available in the U.S.

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Published by: Allergic Living magazine on Sep 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SUMMER 2011 51
The Scoop on Oats
Most oats are cross-contaminated with wheat,rye or barley, and are therefore not allowed ona gluten-free diet. Fortunately, there are com-panies producing pure, uncontaminated oats.Grown on dedicated fields, these oats are alsoharvested, transported and processed withdedicated equipment. For more on this, visitwww.allergicliving.com/oats.
hanks to an influx of new gluten-free foods, banishing wheatfrom your diet no longer means swearing off breakfast cere-al. Available at grocery, online and health-food stores, GFcold cereals are made with ingredients such as corn, amaranth, rice,sorghum, quinoa, flax, buckwheat and specialty pure oats.But just like gluten-containing cereals, some GF cereals aremore nutritious than others. The ideal cereal is low in sugar, sodi-um, fat and calories, and contains whole grains, lots of fiber and isenriched with nutrients. Check our handy charts to see if yourfavorite cereal meets these criteria. If not, it’s easy to boost thenutritional quality of your breakfast. Here’s how:Add your favorite fruit (fresh, frozen or dried).Toss in a heaping spoonful of ground flax.Add chopped almonds, pecans, pistachios or walnuts.Sprinkle with seeds (sunflower, sesame, chia or hemp).Add some low-fat yogurt.Mix and match – use a larger portion of the healthier cerealand a smaller portion of the less-nutritious one.
Start YourMorning Right
   D  a   t  a  r  e  s  e  a  r  c   h  e   d  a  n   d  c  o  m  p   i   l  e   d   b  y   A   l  e  x   C  r  e  r  a  r ,   d   i  e   t  e   t   i  c   i  n   t  e  r  n ,  a  n   d   S   h  e   l   l  e  y   C  a  s  e ,   R   D ,   i  n   M  a  r  c   h   /   A  p  r   i   l   2   0   1   1 .
Calories Fat
Grains, Flours and Starches
Cold Cereals
(based on 1 cup serving size)
Nature’s Path Organic
Crispy RiceFruit Juice Corn FlakesMesa SunriseWhole O'SPanda PuffsCrunchy Vanilla Sunrise CerealGorilla MunchLeapin Lemurs CerealKoala Crisp
Arrowhead Mills
Rice Flakes Sweetened CerealMaple Buckwheat Flakes Cereal
Health Valley
Corn Crunch-EmsRice Crunch-Ems
Erewhon (Attune Foods)
Crispy Brown Rice Mixed BerriesCrispy Brown Rice (GF version)Corn FlakesCocoa Crispy Brown Rice
KinniKrisp Rice Cereal
Enjoy Life
Crunchy Flax CerealCrunchy Rice Cereal
General Mills
Rice Chex
Corn Chex
Cinnamon Chex
Honey Nut Chex
Chocolate Chex
146146160180173165160160146180170110110120110130200100279293201.<101112.782.72.744. rice flourCorn mealCorn meal, yellow corn flour, flax, buckwheat flour, quinoa, amaranthBrown rice flour, corn flourCorn mealWhole corn meal, brown rice flour, yellow corn flour, inulin,quinoa puffs, flax seeds, buckwheat flour, quinoa.Corn mealCorn, meal, whole grain corn meal, peanut butterBrown rice flour, tapioca starchWhole grain brown rice and brown rice flourWhole grain (buckwheat groats, brown rice flour and buckwheat flour)Milled yellow corn, corn branMilled rice, corn branBrown rice, cornmealBrown riceMilled cornBrown riceWhole rice kernelsWhole grain sorghum flour, ground flax seedRice flour, rice bran
Enriched with vitamins and minerals
Sugar: 4 grams = 1 tsp10012016016017300.<11.3<1240240239266319Whole grain riceWhole grain corn, cornmeal, corn starch, corn flourWhole grain riceWhole grain corn, cornmeal, corn flourWhole grain rice

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