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The Magicians Kabbalah

The Magicians Kabbalah



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Published by: whitemage73 on Oct 13, 2008
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The Magician's Kabbalah
 By FP
The Classical esoteric model of the Universe as practised by a working Magician, with unique detailsof the theories and practices of modern magic for the general reader. This book demonstrates theintegration of Kabbalah with the leading edge of scientific thought in the realms of psychology andcosmology, as well as providing an unparalleled guide to the hidden world of the modern occultist.
I acknowledge the lessons of my teachers and colleagues of the Invisible College, particularlyFrater Daleth for the Operation of Sol;Soror Jasinth for love and company in the Circle of the Moon ;Soror Brina for reopening Eden;And the participants in the Illuminated Congregation of Melchizedek, past, present and future, whoseek to maintain and preserve the Greatest Work of All.
Propositum Perfectio Est F.I.A.T. (5=6)Cognitatione sui secumque colloquio firmitatem petere (6=5)
To Sue, whose friendship was given through a long dark night of the soul.To Carolyne. With love
Chapter One : The Tree of SapphiresChapter Two :The Sephiroth and the Four WorldsChapter ThreeAin Soph AurChapter Four : KetherChapter Five :ChockmahChapter SixBinahChapter SevenChesedChapter EightGeburahChapter NineTipharethChapter TenNetzachChapter ElevenHodChapter TwelveYesodChapter ThirteenMalkuthChapter FourteenThe KlippothChapter FifteenGematriaChapter SixteenThe Twenty-Two PathsChapter SeventeenThe Curtain of SoulsChapter EighteenExercisesChapter NineteenThe Rituals of the Sapphire TempleAppendix OneNames of the SephirothAppendix TwoThe Lesser Banishing Ritual of the PentagramChapter NotesBibliographyIndex

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