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Resident Concerns

Resident Concerns

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Published by aleeshah9146

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Published by: aleeshah9146 on Sep 17, 2011
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Resident Concerns – Lions Bay Beach Park –September, 2011
Assumptions and Questions of Residents:
1.In the 80’s the 2 lots, which are now known as the LB Beach Park, were rezoned toCommunity Use.a) When was this done?b)Why was done?c)What is the legal definition of Community Use?d)Who “owns” the land?2. “ The Lions Bay Beach Park Members Only” was “taken down”a)What happened to the sign?b)Why hasn’t it been replaced?3. There is an historical context to the Lions Bay Beach Club Members Only signwhich is why it should go back up.a)What is the history?4.The increase in use by non-residents has been growing over the past three yearsafter the sign came down.a)When did sign come down?5.The Village should restrict the use of the Lions Bay Beach Park to residents andfriends only.a)Is this legal?b)How can it be done?c)When did our facilities become accessible to everyone?
Resident Concerns – Lions Bay Beach Park 2011
14/09/2011 Councillor Simons, Chair Resident Concerns Task Force
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6. Non-residents are parking for free in the Marina parking lot and entering thebeach at that entrance.a)Is the Marina lot being patrolled?b)Why does the Marina sell them a parking pass for the Marina when they arenot boaters?c)What do they pay?d)The village is not receiving any revenue from these non-residents?e)Why does the Marina sell parking passes for people to park on Village land?f)Why does the Marina charge the same parking fee for boaters, residents andnon-residents?g)Shouldn't the parking fee for non-residents be considerably higher??h)Does the Marina have the Village’s permission to sell passes for people topark anywhere in the Village?Lions Bay Parking:7. Non-residents are parking without for free and not being ticketed or towed.a)Who decided to post a Visitor Parking sign on the gravel lot and why?b)Were residents asked if they wanted Visitor parking available in the gravel lot?c)Why do we bother with Parking Passes if there is Visitor parking for free?d)Why are the best (closest) parking spots allocated to Visitors??e)Why doesn't the sign read "Resident and Visitor parking"f)Does the Village issue tickets to people who park illegally?g)Was the Village Works Manager directed to not ticket or tow?h)Why is there no active enforcement of bylaws?i)Why do residents need parking passes? j)Is a car and trailer paying for 2 or 3 spaces?
Resident Concerns – Lions Bay Beach Park 2011
14/09/2011 Councillor Simons, Chair Resident Concerns Task Force
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Lions Bay children are more “at risk” with an increase in non-residents.
Using the outside shower by the washrooms and using shampoo and soap is anenvironmental concern
Smoking is prohibited in Lions Bay Beach washrooms and beach park
Non-residents outnumber residents often
The septic field can’t keep up with increased use.
There are so many people in the water it’s hard to watch/find your kid, and youbetter because the chance for accidents are much higher.
On Sat Sept 3 over 60 non- residents on the beach, in the playground, &occupying the picnic/bbq area and bathrooms.
Non-residents have parked on the street without any parking violations beingissued. On the weekend, a number of non resident cars with boat trailers filledup parking spaces by the beach entrance without penalty.Objections:
Non-residents occupy the Picnic areas for the entire day, residents cannot usethe areas.
Non-residents fill up the garbage cans
Non-residents are disrespectful to residents
Residents have di
culty finding space to sit – very crowded.
Residents have trouble finding parking due to so many non-residents taking upspace closer to the park.
The garbage and recycling bins cannot keep up with the tra
c and arecontinuously overflowing and attracting pests.
The restrooms/change rooms are chronically abused by the volume of peopleand always out of supplies.
The water quality su
ers raising concern about the health risk - a fine layer of “muck” on the surface of the water.
Resident Concerns – Lions Bay Beach Park 2011
14/09/2011 Councillor Simons, Chair Resident Concerns Task Force
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