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Remedies for old age

Remedies for old age

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Published by Saurav Arora

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Published by: Saurav Arora on Sep 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Remedies for old ageRemedies For Old Age Persons According To ALLENSAgaricus: Old people, with week ,indolent circulationAgnus castus: Premature old age, melancholy, apathy, mental distraction, self contemptAloes: Old people esp. women of relaxed phlegmatic habit, extreme prostrationAnt crud: Old people with morning diarrhoea suddenly become constipated, alternate diarrhea and constipation, pulse hard & rapid.Aurum met: Old people with vision corpulent, tired of lifeBary carb: Old, cachectic people, scrofulous esp when fat or those who suffer from gouty complaintsBovista: Adopted to old maid with palpitationConium mac: Balm of gilead for disease of old maids esp for disease old men, oldmaids , old bachelors, with muscular fibers, Inability of old peopleEupatorium: Adopted to disease of old people; worn out constitution esp from inebriety, cachexiaFlouric acid: Complaints of old age, in premature old age, in syphilitic mercurial dyscrasiaKali carb: For diseases of old people, dropsy & paralysis with dark hair, lax fibres include inclined to obesity.Nit acid: Old people with great weakness & diarrheaNux mos: Weakness of old age, dyspepsia of old peopleOpium: Especially adopted to children & old people, Delirium tremens, in old people, old emaciated person, bloated face, stupor, eyes burning, hot dry, with loud snoringPhos: Old people with morning diarrheaSec cor: Useful remedy for old people with shriveled skin , thin , scrawny old womenSelenium met:indicated in old men esp for prostration & sexual atonyStaphysagaria: Urging and pain after urinating in prostratic troubles of old peopleSul acid: Adopted to old people, tendency to gangrene following mechanical injuries esp of old peopleVerat alb: for old people or children
ACCORDING TO WILLIUM BOERICKEAloes soco: adopted ton weary people, aged, phlegmatic & old beer drinkers. Urinary incontinence in aged, bearing down sensation & enlaged prostateAlumen: Adopted old people; esp in bronchial catarrhs copious, ropy, morningexpectoration in old peopleAlumina: old people, with lack of vital heat, or prematurely old, with debility,stool constipation in infants & old people from inactive rectumAmbra Grisea: for weakened by age or over work, who are anaemic & sleepless, a great remedy for aged with impairment of all functions, weakness, coldness & numbness usually of single part, finger, arms etc.Ammo. Gummi: Remedy for aged & feeble esp in chronic bronchitis, coarse rattlingin chest of old peopleAmm carb: Erysipelas in aged with mental symptomAnt crud:Sleep continuous, drowsiness in old peopleAvena Sativa: Nervous tremors in agedAbis nigra: In dyspeptic problem of aged with functional heart symptom, also after tea or tobacco.Agaricus mus: Nose bleed in old peopleAmmon benzoium: Urinary continence in aged, skin: erysipelas in aged with mentalsymptomAnaca oreint: Nose: coryza with palpitation esp in agedAnt.tart.: emphysema in agedBacillinum b.: especially indicated in lungs of old people with chronic catarrhal condition & feeble pulmonary circulation, attacks of suffocation at night withdifficult coughBaptisia t.: in typhoid fever, intermittent pulse esp. in aged.Bartya carb.: especially indicated in infancy and old age disease of old peoplewhen degenerative, hypertrophied prostate or indurated testes, sensitive to cold, offensive foot sweat, weak & weary, dry, suffocative cough esp in old people full of mucus but lacking strength to expectorate, worse at every change of weather.Bartya mur: different salts of bartya are indicated in organic lesions of aged who are dwarfish both mentally and physically, headache both without acute crisisoccurring in old people, bronchial affection of old people with cardiac dilationBenzoic acid:enuresis, dribbling, offensive urine of old menCapsicum annum.: older people who have exhausted their vitality, esp. by mentalwork and poor living

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