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CHAPTER 6 Psych Sexuality

CHAPTER 6 Psych Sexuality



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Published by fallingupward312

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Published by: fallingupward312 on Oct 14, 2008
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CHAPTER 6Sexuality in adulthoodMature sexual expansionSexual orientation is determinedIntegrate sexuality and relationshipsEstablish personal sexual philosophyDevelopmental concernsEstablishing sexual orientationIntegrating love and sexForgiving intimacy and making commitmentsMaking fertility/childbearing decisionsPracticing safer sexEvolving a sexual philosophyEstablishing sexual orientationUnderstanding your sexual orientationAccepting your sexual orientationIt may be difficultModels of sexual orientation
Model A shows sex is dichotomous into homosexual or heterosexualModel B shows that a person’s sexual behavior pattern could change across alifetime and sexual orientation is a continuum.Model C shows that homoeroticism and heteroeroticism are an independentcontinua .Statistics on sexual orientationDifficult to obtain reliable statistics vs. estimates due to stigma10% women report lesbian orientation4% men report gay or bisexual orientationA great deal of experimental diversity is reportedGay/lesbian/Bi-Sexual identity processTakes time and includes several phasesHomoeroticism-feelings of sexual attraction to members of the same sex whichgenerally precedes activity.Phase I: Fear of suspicion about being differentII: Labels feeling of desire, attraction and love as gay or lesbian.III: Self-Definition as gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual
 Additional phases
-First same sex love affair, marking commitment to unifying sexuality andaffection.-Becoming involved in gay/lesbian/bi-sexual culture-Coming Out-Internalized homophobiaBeing SingleGreater Sexual experienceWidespread acceptance of cohabitationUnintended pregnanciesIncreased numbers of separated and divorced single men and womenA rise in the number of single-parent families.20% are likely to get divorced and 50% of those remarry.The College EnvironmentDifferent from High school-Sexuality relates to self-identity-Moral standards tied to behavior -Liberating atmosphere for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual studentsAbstinence standard-don’t do it before marriageDouble standard-women not ok, men ok Permissive with affection or permissive without affection
The singles worldAges 25-40Emphasizes recreation and entertainmentChallenge to meet potential partnersSexual experimentationGay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual businesses and neighborhoods promote acceptanceEthnic and religion expectations can pose special challengesCohabitation2000 census: over 10 million unmarried couples were reported¼ women, 3/10 menIt is the new normDomestic partnershipSerial Monogamy-succession of marriages with each lasting approx. 7 years
-Financial-Egalitarian roles-Affirmation of relationship-Domestic Partner Benefits
-Parental non-acceptance-Financial issues tied to parental support or credit-Reproduction-Extra relational sex-Increased likelihood of divorce after marriageAmong Gay/lesbian/bi-sexual-One in nine same sex cohabitation-States dealing with legal forms of union for some sex couplesThe Stigma of casual relationships-Marriage is not available-Non-exclusive sexuality-Devaluing love Non-traditional gender rolesSocietal hostilitySexuality in middle adulthood: Developmental concerns-Redefining sex in marital or other long-term relationships-Reevaluating one’s sexuality-Accepting the biological aging process (text says you should accept age, prof.says otherwise)Marital Sexuality-Frequency of sexual interactionsA)May occur more frequently with sanction of marriage

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