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Russian Rhapsody

Russian Rhapsody

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Published by Jacob Hoefer
I have a manager who's name is Shawn and he is sooo fun to mess with he knows about this story and now he finally gets to read what i have written so far
I have a manager who's name is Shawn and he is sooo fun to mess with he knows about this story and now he finally gets to read what i have written so far

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Published by: Jacob Hoefer on Sep 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Have you Sean Shawn?”Or “Russian Rhapsody”Or “I dunno it’s a workin’ progress”By Dorian J. est! "#$$ Orange Sweater %u&'ishingDis('ai)er* +ny si)i'arity to any persons 'iving or dead is pure'y (oin(iden, hahaahahaha -ust kidding a(tua''y these (hara(ters are 'oose'y &ased on )y (o,workers)yse'/. 0he events depi(ted1 however1 are not /a(tua'2 they were to'd to )e &y the )an who 'ives in the &a(k o/ )y sku''1 he uses British (o''o3uia'is)s ea(h I have re)oved /or the ease o/ the +)eri(an readers.%g " 4 needs transition%g " 44 awkward?%g. " 444 5hange (ar to 0oyota /it.%g 6 4 a''ude to danger 'ess su&t'y?%g. 7 4 needs po'ishing%g. 8 4 9eed to 'earn Spanish%g. : 4 derogatory ter) /or Hispani( needed%g. $# 4 )ay need rephrasing%g. $" 4 )ay need ('ari/i(ation as to what task he gave the nannies%g.$6 4 )ay need re,working 'ater %g. $; 4 re work eventua''y%g. $; 44
 Bloody marry?
5hapter One<<<<<<<<1 <<<<<<<<< << =ast 9a)e >irst 9a)e I”5hoosing your own na)e is a 'u@ury that not )any peop'e get. Aranted “Shawn” was on a 'ist o/ -ust twenty approved na)es1 &ut sti'' it was )ore (hoi(e than a 'ot o/ peop'e got. “Shawn” got )ore (hoi(e in his 'i/e than a 'ot o/ peop'e 5hoosing his na)e didn’t ne(essari'y )ake it his. 0he agen(y had )ade hi) write it again and again. Shawn J. akive'1 Shawn J. akive'1 Shawn J. akive'1 Shawn J. akive'1 Shawn J. akive'1 +'e@, Shawn J. akive'. He pra(ti(ed unti' they were (onvin(ed he was “Shawn J. akive'.” 0he na)e was -ust the /irst step he was given a /u'' range o/ /a(ia' /eatures he (ou'd (hange. +'e@andre was a ta''1 pa'e1 &'onde haired )an o/ a&out twenty. He was not an ug'y )an &y any stret(h o/ i)agination &ut he had a'ways wished he had a (hin. +/ter )u(h thought de(ided that surgery was too drasti(. 0he idea o/ 'ooking into a )irror to see so)eone e'se 'ooking &a(k was an i)age +'e@andre /ound unsett'ing. So Shawn was to &e a ta''1 pa'e1 dark haired )an o/ a&out twenty. +'e@andre had a'ways hated his &'onde hair2 he thought it )ade hi) 'ook too )u(h 'ike his )other. hi'e +'e@andre kept his hair 'ong1 Shawn’s -et &'a(k hair was kept in a 'oose &ow' (ut. 9ot a &ig (hange &ut his hand'ers said that it was (hange enough.0he ne@t step was erasing the past o/ +'e@andre and giving Shawn a &oring &ut  &e'ieva&'e &a(k,story. 0his part Shawn had 'itt'e (hoi(e in. He was handed a thi(k )ani'a /o'der pa(ked with /a)i'y photos1 a &irth (erti/i(ate1 so(ia' se(urity (ard1 pass port1 and a detai'ed report on the past adventures o/ Shawn J. akive'. Shawn was &orn in St. 5'oud innesota where he was raised &y his /ather Harry akive' and his )other Ju'ie akive'. He had a sister too. Her na)e was 5ae'ia. Both his )other and /ather were -ust a(tors p'aying the part in (ase anyone got (urious. 5ae'ia was a )e)&er o/ the agen(y and had &een instru(ted to wat(h over Shawn1 )aking sure that he stayed Shawn and never reverted &a(k to +'e@andre. During his (hi'dhood Shawn had deve'oped a taste /or ('assi(a' )usi( and had &een a )e)&er o/ the s(hoo' &and1 proud'y p'aying the Cng'ish horn /ro) 7
 grade a'' the way into his senior year o/ high s(hoo'. +/ter Shawn graduated he went to the niversity o/ innesota where he is now studying Bio 5he)istry. +'e@andre had a'ways &een a &it o/ s(ien(e geek and (ou'd not have &een happier when he /ound out that Shawn got a /u'' ride to the university and he got to (hoose whatever  progra) interested hi) the )ost. Shawn did have to give up his )usi(a' (arrier in order to a((o))odate the heavy ('ass 'oad &io )a-ors had to take. 0his had &een /ine &y +'e@andre1 who had never a(tua''y had )u(h o/ an ear /or )usi(1 Shawn1 however1 was devastated.4Shawn was then instru(ted to get a -o&. 0he agen(y was not going to pay /or housing or any nights out on the town. 0hey were however going to get hi) any -o& he wanted1 within reason. His hand'ers had said he (ou'd have any )idd'e )anage)ent  position he wanted. 0he agen(y did not want to put a "# year o'd with no e@perien(e in (harge o/ anything that a(tua''y a//e(ted anything44. He (ou'd not &e an invest)ent  &anker1 sto(k &roker1 even the )ore artsy pro/essions they /or&id2 )usi(ian1 s(u'ptor1  pu&'i( speaker1 even entrepreneur was on the 'ist o/ “risky -o&s.” 0hey were a/raid i/ he "
ever got his /a(e on posters or got his own we&site it in(reased his (han(e o/ &eing /ound. 0hat 'e/t on'y restaurants1 &ars1 and )ovie theaters. Shawn /e't that i/ he worked in a restaurant that he wou'd (o)e to hate going there as a (usto)er. Bars were a no go ether1  &eing a year shy o/ &eing a&'e to take /u'' advantage o/ the perks the position wou'd o//er. 0hat 'e/t )ovie theaters. Aranted the )ovie theater he (hose had a restaurant atta(hed to it1 &ut he /e't that “%er/or)an(e Ido' theaters” was as ni(e as a p'a(e he was going to get. 0he agen(y had /orged hi) an i)pressive resu)e. +'' the (onta(t in/o was1 o/ (ourse1 /ake. I/ the interviewer (a''ed any o/ the nu)&ers 'isted they wou'd &e (onne(ted to )e)&ers o/ the agen(y and any dou&ts the interviewer )ay have had a&out Shawn were washed away &y the wave o/ praise (o)ing /ro) the ear pie(e. Shawn was now ready to take his assigned ro'e in 'i/e. He had a /a)i'y1 a -o&1 and /uture prospe(ts &oth so(ia' and e(ono)i(a'. +'e@andre was gone. Shawn at /irst thought he wou'd )iss hi). +/ter three years however Shawn was 3uite (o)/orta&'e in his ro'e. He had a')ost /orgotten a&out +'e@andre 4444+ green Sedan pu''ed into an e)pty sta'' on the /orth 'eve' o/ the parking ra)p ne@t to “Ido' 0heaters.” Shawn gave the gear shi/t a tug and the (ar )ade a dis(on(erting “('unk” as it 'ur(hed into park. “Jesus /u(kE Fou shou'd rea''y have that 'ooked atE” 5ae'ia was a short &rown haired wo)an o/ a&out "7. She was going /or her )edi(a' degree at the . In her /ree ti)e she p'ayed s3uash. She had a reputation o/ &eing the )ost aggressive p'ayer on the universities tea) earning her the na)e “Ba'' Breaker1” at 'east that is what she to'd Shawn1 he had no idea how )u(h was true. He &e'ieved the  &a'' &reaker part. 0he /irst thing she said to hi) was “hat’s your na)e?” when he rep'ied +'e@andre she pu''ed a gun on hi) and pressed it /ir)'y against his head. “hat’s your /u(king na)e?” 0o this he )eek'y rep'ied “Shawn J. akive'.”“Four agen(y &ought )e this (ar1 ta'k to the).”“e’re not /u(king Interpo'1 and you’re not /u(king Ja)es Bond.” 5ae'ia s)i'ed.0he /irst ti)e she had )et Shawn she had thought he had a “vi(ti) o/ the wor'd” attitude that she /ound repu'sive. However three years o/ &eing his “sister” see)ed to &e  &ringing out a )ore prote(tive side o/ her. She sti'' ver&a''y a&used hi) &ut over the years a 'ot o/ the hate in her words was rep'a(ed &y genuine (on(ern. S'ow'y she had gotten used to Shawn and was /inding herse'/ thinking o/ herse'/ as Shawn’s &ig sister keeping hi) /ro) /u(king up.“5an I (hange )y na)e to Ja)es Bond?” asked Shawn. He had a'so re(ogniGed his “vi(ti) o/ the wor'd” attitude he had /irst adapted when he started his trans/or)ation un'ike 5ae'ia though he did not /ind it annoying. Over the three years though he had run out o/ angst and now was )ore (o)/orta&'e around 5ae'ia. He too thought o/ 5ae'ia as )ore o/ a prote(tive &ig sister than his /ou' )outhed hand'er.“Fou wou'dn’t &e the /irst.” 5ae'ia said. “I’'' ta'k to a -udge to)orrow” Shawn said1 turning o// the (ar and then a/ter a  pause turns to 5ae'ia.6

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