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The Story of My Experiments With Truth

The Story of My Experiments With Truth

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Published by: mintu on Oct 14, 2008
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-by Mahatma Gandhi
BIRTH AND PARENTAGEThe Gandhis belong to the Bania caste and seem to have been originally grocers. But or three generations! rom my grandather! they have been Prime "inisters in several #athia$ad %tates.& ' Ramayana! (Bala)anda( & *ide (+,en -etter to #athia$ar Princes(! August ! '/&'. 0ttamchand Gandhi'! alias +ta Gandhi! my grandather! must have been a man o ,rinci,le. %tate intrigues com,elled him to leave Porbandar! $here he $as Di$an! and to see) reuge in 1unagadh.There he saluted the Na$ab $ith the let hand. %omeone! noticing the a,,arent discourtesy! as)ed or an e2,lanation! $hich $as given thus 3 (The right hand is already ,ledged to Porbandar.( +ta Gandhi
married a second time! having lost his irst $ie. He had our sons by his irst $ie and t$o by his second$ie. I do not thin) that in my childhood I ever elt or )ne$ that these sons o +ta Gandhi $ere not all o the same mother. The ith o these si2 brothers$as #aramchand Gandhi! alias #aba Gandhi! and the si2th $as Tulsidas Gandhi. Both these brothers $erePrime "inisters in Porbandar! one ater the other. #aba Gandhi $as my ather. He $as a member o theRa4asthani) 5ourt. It is no$ e2tinct! but in those days it $as a very inluential body or settling dis,utes bet$een the chies and their ello$6clansmen. He $as or some time Prime "inister in Ra4)ot and then in *an)aner. He $as a ,ensioner o the Ra4)ot %tate $hen he died.#aba Gandhi married our times in succession! havinglost his $ie each time by death. He had t$o daughters by his irst and second marriages. His last$ie! Putlibai! bore him a daughter and three sons! I being the youngest."y ather $as a lover o his clan! truthul! brave and generous! but short6tem,ered. To a certain e2tent he might have been given to carnal ,leasures.7or he married or the ourth time $hen he $as over orty. But he $as incorru,tible and had earned a name or strict im,artiality in his amily as $ell as outside. His loyalty to the %tate $as $ell )no$n. An
Assistant Political Agent s,o)e insultingly o the Ra4)ot Tha)ore %aheb! his chie! and he stood u, to the insult. The Agent $as angry and as)ed #aba Gandhi to a,ologi8e. This he reused to do and $as thereore )e,t under detention or a e$ hours.But $hen the Agent sa$ that #aba Gandhi $as adamant! he ordered him to be released.& "y athernever had any ambition to accumulate riches and letus very little ,ro,erty.He had no education! save that o e2,erience. At best! he might be said to have read u, to the ith Gu4arati standard. + history and ' 7or the genealogical table! vide A,,endi2 to An Autobiogra,hy (Geneal ogical Table o Gandhi4i(.& *ide! ho$ever!(In4ustice to #athia$aris(! 1une '! '/&9.geogra,hy he $as innocent. But his rich e2,erience o ,ractical aairs stood him in good stead in the solution o the most intricate :uestions and in managing hundreds o men. + religious training he had very little! but he had had that )ind o religious culture $hich re:uent visits to tem,les and listening to religious discourses ma)e available to many Hindus. In his last days he began reading the Gita at the instance o a learned Brahmin riend o

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