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Table Of Contents

The Art of Feng-Shui
Power Centers
What is Qi?
More about Qi
Good and Bad Qi
Enough or Too Much
The Flow of Qi
The Land
The Home
Common Sense Feng-Shui
Common Sense
Removing the Shadows
Feng Shui: Pronunciation
Feng-Shui Translation
The History of feng-shui
Chinese Grave Sites
Early Artifact
The Lo-Pan
The Four Auspicious Animals
The Great Bear
Mansions of the Moon
In Search of Dragons
Where Does Qi Come From?
Mountains and Qi
The Dragon's Lair
Ancestor's Provide
Where Qi Pools
The Best Spot
Typical Chinese Cemetery
Protected Grave Site
Example Gravesite 1
Example Gravesite
Example Gravesite 3
Chinese Cemeteries
Looking At Property
The Flow of Chi
Floating Down the River
The Word "Qi"
Items You Will Need
Items you will need:
Local Map
Land Shapes - Square
Square-shaped Land
Land Shapes - Rectangular
Land Shapes – Rectangular Narrow
Land Shapes – Rectangular Wide
Land Shapes - Circular
Land Shapes - Oval-End
Land Shapes - Triangular
Land Shapes - Various
Land Forms - Mounds
High Back - Low Front
High Front - Low Back
Land Forms - Hilltop
Land Forms - Rock-Strewn Land
Land Forms - Boggy Land
Mountains: San Yuan Pai
The Lo-Shu
Mountains & Water
House Facing Mountain
House Faces Out
The Green Dragon
The White Tiger
Good Mountains - Bad Mountains
The 'Bad' Mountain
Green Dragon and the Bright Hall
Rising Mountain
White Tiger and the Bright Hall
Elemental Mountain Forms
Fire Shape Mountains
Wood Shape Mountains
Earth Shape Mountains
Metal Shape Mountains
Water Shape Mountains
Water and feng-shui
Looking Out to Sea
The Lagoon
Beyond the Sea
Lakes and Ponds
Water Drains
Backyard Creeks
Covered Drains and Manholes
Water - The Blood of the Dragon
Water at the Back
Water in the Front
Green Dragon Water
White Tiger Water
The Jade Belt
Reversed Jade Belt
Multiple Water Sources
Rushing Water
Terraced Water
Gentle Water
Roads as Qi
Bowed Roads
Roads: Inside Bow
Major Highways
Highways - The High Road
Highways - Ground Level
Highways - Lower Level
Heavy Traffic
Dead-End Streets
Four Corners
Sloping Driveway (up)
Sloping Driveway (down)
Parks and Meadows
Building Posture
Right or Left Leaning
Forward or Backward Leaning
Roof Shapes - Flat
Inward Sloping Roofs
Triangles as Roofs
Dome Roofs
Uneven Roofs
Irregular-Shaped Roofs
Gabled Roofs
Building Shapes
Pyramid-Shaped Buildings
U-Shaped Buildings
L-Shaped Buildings
Square Shaped Buildings
Fences and Gates
Fence Remedies
Cracked Walls
Pointy Fences
High Fences or Walls
Fence Distance
Gate Placement
Other Considerations
Excessive Vegetation
Churches and Temples
Service Stations
Power Substations
Railroads and Subways
Overpasses and Pedestrian Bridges
Fire Hydrants
Power Pylons
Inter-Building Cracks
Blade Flyover
Peeping Tom Sha
White Tiger Sha
Qi Types
The Four Best Forms of Qi
Sheng Qi - Life Force
Tian Yi - Heavenly Doctor
Yan Nian - Longevity
Fu Wei - Peace and Stability
The Four Inauspicious Forms of Qi
Jue Ming - Exhaustion of Fate or Destiny
Liu Sha - The Six Demons
Wu Gui - The Five Ghosts
Huo Hai - Mishaps
Check Out the Locale
Before Going Inside
The Ba-Gua
1-White Trigram Kan (Water)
2-Black Trigram Kun (Earth)
3-Green Trigram Zhen (Wood)
4-Green Trigram Xun (Wood)
5-Yellow (no trigram) (Earth)
6-White Trigram Qian (Metal)
7-Red Trigram Dui (Metal)
8-White Trigram Gen (Earth)
9-Purple Trigram Li (Fire)
Personal and Communal Trigrams
The House Gua
Façade and Door Direction
House Facing: South, Kan Gua
House Facing: West, Zhen Gua
House Facing: N.W., Xun Gua
House Facing: North, Li Gua
House Facing: N.E., Kun Gua
House Facing: S.E., Qian Gua
House Facing: East, Dui Gua
House Facing: S.W. Gen Gua
The Main Door
Personal and House Gua
Missing Palaces
Main Door: Sharp Corners
Main Door: Drainage Ditch
Main Door - Water In Front
Main Door - Water In Front Too Near
Main Door: The Forked Tree
Main Door: What Kind of Door?
Main Door: Doors at an Offset Angle
Main Door: Looking In
Entranceway: Facing Toilet
Entranceway: Mirrors
Entranceway: Back Door Visible
Entranceway: Door within a Door
Entranceway: Confronting Stairs
Entranceway: Pillar in Hallway
Entranceway: Inner Bright Hall
Entranceway: Inner Overhang
Entranceway: Entering to a Corner
Entranceway: The Cave
More on the Main Door
Main Door: Facing and Palace
Standing In the Door
The Front Door: What Is Desirable?
The Table Mountain
The Narrow Gap
Overhanging Trees
Pylon or Pillar in the Doorway
The Alley View
The Kitchen
The Kitchen: Fire and Water Don't Mix
The Kitchen: Sink and Stove opposite
The Kitchen: The Island
The Kitchen: Stove Facing a Door
The Kitchen: Under the Overhang
The Kitchen: Stove and Refrigerator
The Kitchen: Which Palace?
The Bedroom
The Bedroom: Square Rooms
The Bedroom: Round or Oval Rooms
The Bedroom: T-Shaped Rooms
The Bedroom: Triangular Rooms
The Bedroom: Rectangular
The Bedroom: Odd-Shaped
The Bedroom: H-Shaped Rooms
The Bedroom: Trapezoid-Shaped Rooms
The Bedroom: L-Shaped
Bed Direction: Headboard
Bed Direction: Facing Windows
Bed Direction: Headboard to Windows
Bed Direction: Toward the Wall
Bed Direction: Toward a Corner
The Bedroom: The Beam
The Bedroom: Mirror
The Bedroom: Where the Feet Point
The Bedroom: Waterbeds
The Bedroom: Four-posters
The Bedroom: Slanted Ceiling
The Bedroom: Basement
The Bedroom: Bookshelves
The Bedroom: The Pillar
The Bedroom: The Hallway
The Bedroom: The Hallway - Bright Hall
The Bedroom: Door to Door
The Bedroom: Opens On an Edge
The Bedroom: The 8 Forms of Qi
Bathroom: Toilet above the Main Door
Bathroom: Toilet Above the Stove
Bathroom: Toilet above the Bed
Bathroom: Toilet above the Dining Room
Bathroom: Toilet at the end of the Staircase
Bathroom: Toilet Opposite Bedroom Door
Stairs: In the Center
Stairs: The Spiral Staircase
Stairs: Dual Staircases
Stairs: Over the Main Door
Stairs: Away From Main Door
Stairs: Landings
Stairs: Inside the Front Door
Water in the House
Water: Pool in the House
Water: Pool Partially in the House
Water: Above the Main Entrance
Water: Inside Waterfalls
Water: Aquariums
Xiantian "Prior To Heaven"
The Lo-Shu Diagram or Houtian
Five Elements: Production Sequence
The Destruction Sequence
The Production Cycle
The Destruction Cycle
The Reduction Cycle
The Masking Cycle
Two Diagrams
Element Wood - Creativity
Element Fire
Element Earth
Element Metal
Element Water
Element Interplay
Natural Elements
Process and State
Process of Change
Elements and Directions
Chinese Maps
The South - Element Fire
The North - Element Water
The East - Element Wood
The West - Element Metal
The Center - Element Earth
Remedies - Mother and Child
Destroying Element
Helping an Element
The Enemy of the Enemy Is My Friend
Environment and Your Site
The Wood Environment
Wood Environment - Wood Building
Wood Environment - Fire Building
Wood Environment - Earth Building
Wood Environment - Metal Building
Wood Environment - Water Building
The Fire Environment
The Fire Environment - Fire Building
The Fire Environment - Earth Building
The Fire Environment - Metal Building
The Fire Environment - Water Building
The Fire Environment - Wood Building
The Earth Environment
The Earth Environment - Earth Building
The Earth Environment - Metal Building
The Earth Environment - Water Building
The Earth Environment - Wood Building
The Earth Environment - Fire Building
The Metal Environment
The Metal Environment - Metal Building
The Metal Environment - Water Building
The Metal Environment - Wood Building
The Metal Environment - Fire Building
The Metal Environment - Earth Building
The Water Environment
The Water Environment - Water Building
The Water Environment - Wood Building
The Water Environment - Fire Building
The Water Environment - Earth Building
The Water Environment - Metal Building
Annual Number 1900-1939
Annual Number 1940-1979
Annual Number 1980-2019
The Natal Number
The Wood Palace
Wood Palace - Wood Natal Number
Wood Palace - Fire Natal Numbe
Wood Palace - Earth Natal Number
Wood Palace - Metal Natal Number
Wood Palace - Water Natal Number
The Fire Palace
The Fire Palace - Fire Natal Number
The Fire Palace - Earth Natal Number
The Fire Palace - Metal Natal Number
The Fire Palace - Water Natal Number
The Fire Palace - Wood Natal Number
The Earth Palace
The Earth Palace - Earth Natal Number
The Earth Palace - Metal Natal Number
The Earth Palace - Water Natal Number
The Earth Palace - Fire Natal Number
The Metal Palace
The Water Palace - Metal Natal Number
Water Remedies
Fish Bowls
Bowl of Water
Drinking Water
Simple Water
Fire Remedies
Fake Fire
Something Red
Earth Remedies
Zen Garden
Wood Remedies
Indoor Plant
Finished Wood
Wood Flute
Wood Decoration
Metal Remedies
Metal Objects
Wind Chimes
The Element Diagram
Weak Earth Element
Earth Element Too Strong
Weak Metal Element
Metal Element Too
Weak Water Element
Water Element Too Strong
Weak Wood Element
Wood Element Too Strong
Weak Fire Element
Fire Element Too Strong
The Fifth Element
Western vs. Eastern
The Four Astronomical Events
Odd Number Five
Four and One
The Seasons
The Four Seasons
Spring - Wood
Summer - Fire
Autumn - Metal
Winter - Water
All Seasons - Earth
Examining Property
Drive Around
Looking at Property: Mountains and Rivers
What You Need
Mountains and Water
The Yin and Yang of Land
Healthy Dragons
Sick Dragons
The Bright Hall
Sharp Object at a Distance - Sha Qi
Surrounding Area
The Facade or Facing
The Compass Direction
Compass Reading
The Front of the Building
The Eight Directions on the Property
Mapping the Area
Satellite Photos
The Town
The State of Michigan
Using the Trigrams
Looking at the Plot
Eight-Fold Map
The House
The Interior Nine-Fold Diagram
Summary of Initial Steps
The Four Animals
The House and Walkway
Walking Through the Home
Michael Erlewine
A Brief Bio of Michael Erlewine
Example Astro*Image Card
Personal Astrology Readings
The Heart Center House
Heart Center Library
The All-Music Guide / All-Movie Guide
Heart Center Meditation Room
Heart Center Symbol
Music Career
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