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The Glory of Easter

The Glory of Easter

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Published by: api-3695841 on Oct 14, 2008
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By Pastor Glenn Pease
GOD'S DREAM FULFILLED Based on Matt. 28:1-10
THEN CAME THE MORNING Based on Matt. 28:1-10
A RISEN REDEEMER Based on Mark 16:1-14
ROAD TO EMMAUS Based on Luke 24:13-35
THE EASTER POTENTIAL Based on Luke 24:33-53
BELIEVE IT OR NOT Based on Luke 24:36-53
THE EASTER GARDEN Based on John 20:1-18

10. TEARS AT THE TOMB Based on John 20:11-18
11. THE RADICAL RESURRECTION Based on Rom. 6:1-10
12. THE LAST BREAKFAST Based on John 21:1-14
13. THE POWER OF THE RESURRECTION Based on Eph. 1:15-23
14. THE POWER OF THE RESURRECTION Based on Phil. 3:1-16

GOD'S DREAM FULFILLED Based on Matt. 28:1-10
Few people have ever been more lost than Dr. Robert Dykes and his wife Margery. Both
in their late 20's and parents of two young children, they were presumed dead when their

small plane went down in the mountains of the Wyoming-Utah boarder. Hundreds of planes searched in vain for nearly a week, and there was no sign of them. The temperature had been below zero every night, and they had no supplies, and so it was presumed they would freeze and not be found until spring.

But young George Hunt who had just completed his first cross country flight as a student
pilot prayed for them as he went to sleep. He asked God to get them back to their family.
When he went to sleep he dreamed. He saw a red plane on a snow swept ridge, and two
people waving for help. He woke up and reasoned that he had that dream because he had

been praying for the couple. But when he went back to sleep he dreamed it again. The third time he could see clear details of an area he use to hunt in. It was Painter's Basin and Gilbert Peak.

The next morning he went to the airport and took a plane he was not authorized to take.
He flew to the place he saw in his dream. There he saw the red plane and the Dykes waving at
him just as in his dream. He waved back and headed to call the Civil Air Patrol. He got
chewed out for taking the plane, but when others flew over the area and confirmed his find he
was forgiven. He joined the rescue party that spent the next 24 hours getting to the plane.
There was much hugging and thanksgiving when they arrived.
The Dykes had all but given up. They had written notes as to who was to raise their

children. All they had left was one candy bar. Mrs. Dykes said to young George, "When we saw your plane, it was the most wonderful thing. Our prayers were answered; a dream come true." They were brought back from certain death and given life with their family by means of a dream.

This salvation story is a mini example of what God did for all of us on Easter. We were all
lost, and the whole human race was facing certain death, and not just physical death, but
spiritual as well, which is separation from God. But God gave His Son a dream, and in that

dream a vision of how mankind could be rescued and saved from that death which threatened to engulf them. The Bible tells us that Jesus was crucified before the foundation of the world. The plan of salvation was a dream of God even before He created man. He knew the

consequences of making a free will creature, and H e knew sin and death was inevitable. But it
was worth it, for He had a plan of salvation that would be a dream come true.

In the Incarnation Jesus took flight from eternity into time to seek and save the lost. In
the crucifixion he paid the penalty for their sin and took their judgment on Himself. In the
resurrection Jesus fulfilled God's dream, for by this victory over man's last enemy, which is
death, Jesus guaranteed that God would have a redeemed family for all eternity. Easter is the
celebration of God's dream fulfilled.

When Jesus woke from the sleep of death,
And in His new body took His new breath,
The storm of darkness and doom He stilled;
With hope His disciple's hearts He filled,

And God's dream for man He fulfilled.

What Jesus did for God and man on that first Easter dawn is so awesome and so ultimate
there is no way to adequately convey in words the wonder of it all. That is why we have
cantatas and a world filled with beautiful Easter music. The Easter message not only has to
be believed, it has to be felt, for the mind alone cannot grasp it all. When the Queen of Sheba
saw the wisdom and wealth of Solomon she exclaimed, "Behold, the half was not told me."
Jesus said of Himself, "A greater than Solomon is here." If words could not convey half the

glory of Solomon, how much less can they convey the glory of our risen Lord?

Trying to illustrate the glory of the risen Christ by the use of words is like trying to
illustrate the glory of the sun by means of a candle. That is why we see God doing some
spectacular things that first Easter dawn, and adding special effects to the event. The violent
earthquake, the angel rolling the stone back, and His appearance like lightning with clothes

white as snow. No wonder the guards were so afraid that they shook and became like dead
men. They were paralyzed with fear.
That first Easter had a real impact on those guards, for it was not just a message they
were hearing. They were hearing the Son of God breaking down the very gates of hell and

releasing man from the bondage to death. They were witnessing a victory more amazing than any Rambo movie could ever portray. Nature and super nature combined to bear witness to this cataclysmic event that shook up all of history. As the physical sun rose that dawn and lit up the world, so the Son of God rose from the darkness of death's night and filled the world with the light of hope.

Back in February of 1993 the Flight Control Center near M oscow reported the successful development of a space reflector. This aluminum-covered dish was used by Cosmonauts to reflect light from the sun to the dark side of the earth. With a 25 foot disc in space they were able to produce a 2 mile circle of light on the earth. In other words, they were able to turn 2 miles of night into 2 miles of day by reflecting the sun. The dream of man is to use this

technology to eliminate the might and be able to keep daytime all the time.
This is one of God's dreams too, and He intends to dwell with the redeemed in the eternal

kingdom where Rev. 22:5 says there will be no more night. Rev. 21:23 says the New
Jerusalem will not ever need the sun or moon to shine, for the glory of God will be its light,
and the Lamb of God will be its lamp. Verse 25 says the gates never need to be shut for the
night, for there will be no night there. What we need to see is that this dream of God had its
fulfillment when Jesus came out of the darkness of the tomb like the sun bursting from the
womb of night. Paul in II Tim. 1:10 tells us that Jesus, "...has destroyed death and brought
life and immorality to light through the Gospel."

The simple message of the angel at the tomb was, "He is not here, He has risen." You will never find Jesus in the place of darkness, for He dwells in eternal light, and that is where all will dwell who trust in Jesus as their Savior. If you are looking for Jesus, you will not find Him in the darkness. If you go to the tomb the only message you will get is that He is not

there. If you look for Jesus in the darkness of pessimism you will only get the word that He is not there. If you look for Jesus in the darkness of despair, you will only get the word that He is not there. If you look for Jesus in the darkness of your prejudice, again it will be that He is not there.

Where will you find Jesus? You will find Him in the light, and only in the light. He is in

the light of love, joy, peace, and all the fruits of the Spirit. In the light of the awareness of
God's presence in your everyday is where you will find Jesus. You will find Him in the light
of prayer and in the light of hope. Dr. Heyes tells of living through the long night of a dark
Artic winter. But the day finally came when he walked to a high point to watch the sun rise
for the first time in many months. When he saw it he was moved to shout, "Heaven be
praised! I have once more seen the sun! He goes on to describe the reaction of others: "Off
went our caps with simultaneous impulse, and we hailed this long-lost wanderer of the
heavens with loud demonstrations of joy."

Most of us have never been in darkness for so long that we cheered the rising of the sun.

But we can imagine how precious it would be to see the light again after that long night. We
can identify with the joy of those at the tomb who had suffered through the darkest weekend
of their lives, but who now hear the good news that the Son of God has risen. Light has
conquered darkness, and God's dream has been fulfilled. Had the angels said, instead of, "He
is not here," but, "Welcome to the tomb of the world's greatest teacher. Come in and

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