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Assignment 2

Assignment 2

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Published by Antti Vaittinen

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Published by: Antti Vaittinen on Sep 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Antti Vaittinen
1 (3)HAAGA-HELIA ammattikorkeakoulu100430718.9.2011
What is social media?
Social media simply means interaction between people online. In social mediaapplications people both share and receive the information. This informationcan be for example: recommendations, opinions, experiences or almost any-thing else that interests others. Social media includes two parts. User of socialmedia must share information but also receive and respond to others infor-mation. That is the social part of social media. The second part is to learn how to use all the media effectively as working equipment.Even though social media is a new phenomenon things that affect its popular-ity are ancient. People have always had a need to belong to communities. So-cial media has made it very easy. It enables communication and networking across geographical boundaries. Application like Twitter, Facebook, andLinkedIn combined with high technology has made it possible.
Social media elements
What are the elements of social media? Katri Lietsala and Esa Sirkkunen(2008) have divided social media elements into six areas.
Content creation and publishing
 This includes things like all kind of blogs, Wiki and podcasting. Internet is fullof different kind of blogs that other users can read and comment.
Content sharing
Includes for example applications like Flickr or YouTube where everyone canshare their content.
Networking and community applications
For example facebook, twitter etc. These are probably the most familiar socialmedia elements. In these application people can share personal informationand discuss with other users. It is easy way to keep in touch with your friendsall over the world. Also the networking is simple in places like these.
 Joint production
Elements like Wikipedia, Ohmynews and Starwreck belong into this category. These are channels where the content is produced by many different users.
 Virtual worlds
 Applications like Habbo and Second life. These are social media channels
 where one’s does not have to use
its real identity so
like unreal world.
Plugins are services that can be used in another application. One example of these is Google maps application.
 Antti Vaittinen
2 (3)HAAGA-HELIA ammattikorkeakoulu100430718.9.2011 These six areas of social media elements shows us that social media is ex-tremely wide region. And there is millions of possibilities to use it in differentpurposes.
 Advantages of using Social media
 Using social media has many advantages. First of all it is very easy way tocommunicate with people around the world and also get all kind of infor-mation. Second advantage is that people has lower threshold to share infor-mation in social media than face to face. In social media you also meet withpeople that you otherwise might not meet. Social media is also good tool for working for example marketing or recruitment.
It’s quick way for obtain i
n-formation and contact colleagues and
best thing is that it’s free
. Last but notleast social media offers different kind of entertainment and fun.
Social media also has a few disadvantages. Many social media channels usepersonal information. Users must be very careful with this. User should think carefully what information he/she wants to share because all users can seethose things. So user must know how to use social media application safely and right. This is also important if company uses social media for examplemarketing. If company makes mistake in social media results can be very bad
for the company’s reputation and image. When people are looking for info
r-mation online they should read it carefully and check it. Because everyone canpublish information online there is also lot of wrong information available.Last disadvantage is time consuming. It takes time to update and control the
channels. Many times you won’t get response immediately after you wright
something to someone or update your status. So you must note this if you usesocial media and especially if you use it working.
Using social media in Marketing
 The main goal or principle in using of social media in marketing is using it tosupport marketing. There no sense to use it if it gives you negative reputationor makes people angry. When social media is used in marketing for example infacebook the main point is to find good balance. You must update statusenough but not too much
. If you update it once a year readers don’t get
enough information and it gives them negative picture of your company. If you update too often like 10 times
a day it’s too much.
No-one wants to readthat much and it is annoying. Company must share versatile information likenews, technical support, competitions and satisfaction surveys. The main thing is to stimulate interaction between company and customers and get feedback. This helps company to improve their services and products and gives a posi-tive image of the company.

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