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The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man



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Published by Te-Erika
An account of my reconnection with the man of my dreams.
An account of my reconnection with the man of my dreams.

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Published by: Te-Erika on May 18, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Perfect ManBy Te-ErikaIt all started with a dream.There I was in the middle of a conference surrounded by smiling people. I walkedoutside as a man from my past approached me with a young lady by his side.He smiled at me and nudged her forward. I flashed her a smile and I knew that shewas his lady."You're beautiful!" I told her and gave her a hug.He walked away and she stood smiling politely but I could sense there was a burdenon her heart."What's wrong?" I asked her."Well, it's him. He's with me but he doesn't think of me the way he thinks aboutyou.""But you're with him and I'm not. You're in his arms, I'm still single. Thatshould count for something," I pointed out."But I wish he would think of me the way he thinks of you," she said sadly.He reappeared and gave her a hug and the two of them walked away.When I woke up I shook my head at the thought. HIM, thinking of ME? Yeah right.I wonder what he has been up to. I wonder if he's married yet.I wonder if he ever wonders what I am up to.A week later his frat brother hit me up on myspace. After I added him we exchangeda few words and blessings.My thoughts turned to HIM as they do when I get nostalgic so after taking a fewdays to think about it, I hit his frat brother up and asked about HIM.The next day my phone chimed alerting me to a new incoming email.I almost fell off the bed when I casually flipped open my sidekick and saw thesubject heading which read: Donovan Daniels.My heart jumped and I hurridely scrolled through the greeting. His frat brotherhad passed along my message.I put my phone down and smiled the most joyful smile as warm feelings of younglove engulfed me.I was 13 when I met him. I was an 8th grader at Drew Middle and highschool wasjust a few months away and I had yet to decide which magnet program that I wantedto go to.I knew that it was time for a new beginning. I didn't want to go to myneighborhood highschool because I already knew everyone and everyone knew me. Ihad immense success on the social level that I attributed to pure luck and Iwanted to see if I could go somewhere new where no one knew me and attract the
same results.I visited several open houses for highschool programs but none interested me. MyMama and I stopped by the open house for Miami Jackson High's InternationalBusiness and Finance program. I wasn't remotely interested in business but I didlike the Latin population at the school.I listened intently as the speakers explained the benefits of the program andafterwards I walked over to meet a few of the current students when I saw HIM.He walked over to me and introduced himself. Immediately I could tell that therewas something different about HIM.He was unlike any boy I had ever met. His voice was a dep baritone and he walkedwith a confidence unlike any boy I had been introduced to. His glasses shined andhe greeted me warmly. "Next year when you get here if you need anything and I domean ANYTHING, let me know and I will take care of you."Take care of me?Wow.In hindsight I can see why I liked him so much. He was my first introduction tomen.He wasn't some little boy who wanted to feel on my booty and run and tell hisfriends. His countenance oozed manliness and I was attracted to that.When I got to Jackson I ran into him again, he invited me out to lunch and I wasso nervous that I could barely hold a conversation with him as he walked me to hiscar, a gray 1983 Mazda 626.A CAR!This was definitely NOT a boy. He could drive!I was floating on air as I rode beside him in the front seat. His cousin Naiim andanother older girl were in the backseat chattering happily.His conversation was engaging and I knew that he was a leader, intelligent andfine as hell! I wondered if he could like me.I never found out. He was a senior and preparing for college. All year long I mademy interest known by sending him candy grams during holidays and acting sillyeverytime he came around.My friends Anna and Tamara teased me because they knew I was in love with aseemingly untouchable young man.He graduated and went off to the University of Florida. Every year he would comeback during the spring break and I would go crazy when my friend Vernon would comeup to me to tell me, "Donovan is here and he's looking for you."I didn't want to see him until I knew that I was pretty enough, tight enough andgrand enough that he couldn't deny me. But he always found me somehow. He'd walkup to me and ask if I was okay. Then he'd smile and pat me on the back and walkaway.When my senior year came I applied to UF and anxiously awaited my acceptanceletter.
One day I came home from school and my mother was sitting there looking sad."Your sister ran away today," she informed me and I rolled my eyes. My littlesister was only 13 years old but she was wilding out with an older guy and didn'twant to stick to the rules."Oh yeah," my Mama continued. "Donovan Daniels called you today from UF. He saidhe'd call you back."I jumped!OH MY GOSH! HE CALLED ME!My Mama looked at me sideways and I forgot all about my little sister's fast ass."She'll be back," I told my Mama and went to my room to fantasize about Donovan.He called me back and I melted as I heard the baritone voice in my ear."You okay?" he asked me."Ofcourse.""Well, I work in Admissions here and I saw your name on one of my lists. I justcalled to tell you that my fraternity will be in Miami in two weeks. We'recompeting in a step show. I hope you can come.""I'll be there!" I assured him excitedly.For the next two weeks I was on my best behavior. There was no way I was going togive my Mama a reason to tell me I couldn't go to the step show to see Donovan.My good behavior paid off. I was allowed to go and even though none of my otherfriends were interested in going, I called my mentor Traci an she dropped me offto the arena.This was also the first time that I was introduced to greek life up close andpersonal.There I sat in the middle of a gang of college students. The AKA's sat to my left,all poised and dignified, while the Delta's sat to my right, wilding out, sexy andhaving fun.After the step show I spotted Donovan and nervously walked over to him. He gave mea hug and smiled down at me."Guess what?" I said. "I got into UF!"He laughed. "I know. I knew that when I called you but I didn't want to spoil thesurprise."I giggled and did a little happy dance."I'll see you in college!" I said and walked away, waving at him.My first days in Gainesville were unhappy days. My parents didn't take me up toschool. They simply put me on an airplane and gave me $80.Thank God my friend Kim had decided to take her first semester off and was stayingwith her grandmother in a nearby town. She picked me up from the airport and droveme to campus for the first time.

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