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2011 Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin Press Kit

2011 Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin Press Kit

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Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin 2011 Press Kit includes press release on Gouverneur Healthcare Services event, Intro, Bio, Media and Client lists.
Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin 2011 Press Kit includes press release on Gouverneur Healthcare Services event, Intro, Bio, Media and Client lists.

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Published by: Miriam SitaLakshmi Fischer on Sep 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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375 South End Ave,Suite 29MNew York NY 10280Phone
FormoreinformationaboutMasterPun-Yin,pleasecontactAbbieTeitelbaumat Abbie@ontrendusa.comorviaphoneat212.343.8303.
Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin: Mission Statement
 To channel the power and wisdom of authentic Chinese Five Elements Feng Shui intoeffective client solutions that create a positive shift in energy, consciousness and destinyusing natural elements that blend seamlessly with the clients’ overall design concepts.
 Master Pun-Yin: Top Feng Shui Adviser and Feng Shui Media Commentator
For over 20 years Master Pun-Yin has been increasing the good fortune, health andhappiness of the highest-profile corporate and individual clients in New York City,throughout the US and around the world. The media storm around her work on the TrumpInternational Hotel and Tower in Columbus Circle, New York City in the early ‘90spopularized Feng Shui, which had been, until then, little-known outside of Asia.Pun-Yin is unique in the US and in her generation, being classically and authentically trainedthrough a 15-year apprenticeship to her father, world-renowned Feng Shui Master Tin Sun. This includes fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese dialects and the ability to read andinterpret ancient Feng Shui texts that have never been translated into English.Master Pun-Yin is a popular guest and interview subject across the media spectrum becauseof her deep knowledge, warmth, appealing presence and frankness. For example: What otherFeng Shui master has been asked to interpret the Feng Shui of the Oval Office in the WhiteHouse by a major publication? Time Magazine asked Master Pun-Yin to opine on this duringthe Clinton Administration, and published her comments as “Hail to the Chi” in its“Notebook” in the February 10, 1997 issue. Television appearances include “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” ABC News, CNBC and theBBC. Print publications include The New York Times, “W” magazine, Vogue and InvestorsBusiness Daily.Master Pun-Yin can perceive energy of a space using Feng Shui. She can also read theenergy/destiny of a person by reading the face, palm, chi, voice, physiognomy and Chineseastrology/Five Elements. She explains challenges and opportunities and offers solutions tomoderate or dissipate potentially destructive forces.Five Elements: Water / Wood / Fire / Earth / Metal, and the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs arefoundational to the art and science of Tin Sun lineage Five Element Feng Shui.
Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin Bio
Master Pun-Yin was destined for her significant role in the field of Feng Shui from the moment of her birth when she was born as the daughter to Master Tin Sun who was initiated into the TinSun lineage by Monk Cheung Yee Shung Yan. The lineage has been around for manygenerations. The Feng Shui Master name Pun-Yin means
The Origin
of Beauty 
(Yin). BeforeMaster Pun-Yin was ten, she had already started following her father to some Feng Shuiassignments. Shortly thereafter she started to read Chinese texts and use the Feng Shui compass(Luo Pan). Throughout her high school and college years Master Pun-Yin always held a job as well as beinga full-time student and continuing her apprentice work in her father’s Feng Shui and DestinyReading practice. The fields she was exposed to in this way run the gamut: Real estate, fashion,media, retailing, restaurant, import export and finance. In this way she gained insight tounderstand the various walks of life of her diverse client base.While in college, she was a TV news anchor, co-producer of TV programs, choreographer & emceefor live promotional performances and sitcom star for the SinoVision TV station; later moving on tobe one of the co-producers of programs in Apple TV (since renamed CCTV). After college MasterPun-Yin managed real estate properties for a bank funded by China, and managed an importand distribution company and, with the blessings of her father, started her own Feng Shuipractice.Master Tin Sun told her early on, “To become the best mentor to people through Feng Shui, youmust first go through the ups and downs in life yourself. This way you can understandrelationships and emotions of people and approach solutions in practical terms compassionately.Your experience will focus the knowledge you’ve gained through books and my teachings. I canonly teach you to become a practitioner, but it is up to your own gift, effort and destiny to becomea master.”By the time Pun-Yin was 28 years old during the early 90’s, her role as the Feng Shui consultantfor the revitalization of Times Square New York with the Mayor’s Office of New York through theRenaissance Hotel, revitalization of Columbus Circle New York through the Trump Int’l Tower &Hotel launched the trend of Feng Shui into corporate America and the US cultural mainstream.In her practice Master Pun-Yin continues to provide compassionate advice and seamlesslyintegrated Feng Shui solutions to clients on three continents and across the spectrum of use:residential, business, healthcare/medical, retail and manufacturing.

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