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OH, IL, NJ Death Penalty Study Commission Structure Memo

OH, IL, NJ Death Penalty Study Commission Structure Memo

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Published by: api-3693980 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OTSE Moratorium Committee
Sarah Craft, Equal Justice
From:Molly Wieser, AFSC
Structure of Ohio\u2019s proposed Death Penalty Study Commission
Below are summaries of structures of Death Penalty study committees in OH, IL, and NJ.
The committees in Ohio and NJ are proposed, not yet created.
The Ohio Commission is heavily populated by elected officials, compared to the Illinois
Composition of IL Commission on Death Penalty.................................................................... 2
NJ proposed committee composition:........................................................................................ 5
Summary of Ohio\u2019s HB 160 Proposed Commission Structure
Group to appoint the Commission:

1. Speaker of House
2. Minority Leader of House
3. President of Senate
4. Minority Leader of Senate
5. Rep. appointed by Speaker
6. Rep. appointed by (2)

7. Sen. Appointed by President
8. Sen. Appointed by (4)
9. Governor
The Commission1:
1 The appointed members of the Commission who are members of the House of Representatives or Senate shall
be different individuals than the House or Senate members who make the appointments to the Commission. Not
more than nine appointed members of the Commission shall be members of the same political party.
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October 14, 2008
1. Rep. of Governor

2. Rep. of Attorney General
3. Member of House (R)
4. Member of House (D)
5. Member of Senate (R)
6. Member of Senate (D)
7. Common Pleas Judge
8. Common Pleas Judge
9. Court of Appeals Judge
10. Court of Appeals Judge

11. Prosecutor

12. Prosecutor
13. Criminal Defense Attorney qualified as lead counsel in capital cases
14. Criminal Defense Attorney qualified as lead counsel in capital cases
15. Representative of an organization that advocates for the rights of victims of crime
16. Representative of an organization that advocates for crime victims' families for

17. Psychiatrist
18. Psychologist
19. Member of the general public
20. Member of the general public

Composition of IL Commission on Death Penalty

1. Former federal judge, now private attorney
2. Retired Senator Paul Simon, now professor
3. Former U.S. Attorney, now private attorney
4. Former U.S. Attorney and Deputy Governor for Criminal Justice and Public Safety
5. Retired attorney, Former prosecutor and defender and private practitioner
6. The public defender of Cook County IL (supervising 500 atty\u2019s)
7. State Appellate Defender of Ill
8. private attorney, both DP defense and police brutality defense
9. Retired prosecutor, and experienced defense attorney

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October 14, 2008

10. private attorney, former prosecutor and public safety advisor
11. High profile Latino business owner, philanthropist
12. private attorney and author, former US Attorney (Turow)
13. Prosecutor for Lake County, Ill
14. Private attorney, former criminal defense, former prosecutor
15. private attorney, former director of CIA and FBI, former federal appellate and trial

Chairman, Judge Frank McGarr

Now in private practice with a focus on mediation and arbitration, Judge McGarr
served as a federal prosecutor and as the First Assistant Illinois Attorney General
before spending 18
distinguished years on the federal bench. He served as Chief Judge of the Federal
District Court for the Northern District of Illinois between 1981 and 1986.

Co-Chair, Senator Paul Simon

Senator Simon has served the people of Illinois with distinction, both as a
member of the Illinois General Assembly and the United States Congress. Since
he retired from the United States Senate in 1997, Senator Simon has been a
professor at Southern Illinois University and Director of its Public Policy Institute.

Co-Chair, Thomas P. Sullivan

An accomplished litigator, Mr. Sullivan served as United States Attorney for the
District of Illinois from 1977 to 1981. Currently in private practice at Jenner &
Block, he is
often called upon lend his legal expertise, judgment and leadership on public
interest committees.

Former Deputy Governor Matthew R. Bettenhausen, Member and
Executive Director

Mr. Bettenhausen served as the Deputy Governor for Criminal Justice and Public
Safety. A former Assistant United States Attorney in the Northern District of
Illinois, he most recently served as the Associate Chief of the Criminal Division.
State agencies reporting to him as Deputy Governor included the Illinois State
Police, the Illinois Department of Corrections, the Illinois Criminal Justice
Information Authority, the Office of the State Fire Marshal, and the Law
Enforcement Training Board, among others.

Kathryn Dobrinic, Member

Ms. Dobrinic served for 12 years as the elected State\u2019s Attorney for Montgomery
Having practiced law in central Illinois for more than 20 years, Ms. Dobrinic
served as the public defender in Christian County and has also worked in private


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