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Tech Brief

Tech Brief

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Published by: api-3694132 on Oct 14, 2008
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Transitioning to WebSphere Studio Application Developer
Enabling Live Code Exchange Between VisualAge for Java and Eclipse/WSAD
Eric Clayberg
Sr. Vice President of Business Development
September 2001
Summary:This article discusses the features and enhancements of VA Assist Enterprise/J\u2122 3.0 and how it
enables you to transition from VisualAge for Java to IBM\u2019s new WSAD that is part of WebSphere Studio Develop-
ment Environments.
New Features in VAAE/J 3.0

Using the Options Tool
Using Export Sets
Exporting to Eclipse/WSAD
Importing to Eclipse/WSAD

Synchronizing a Project
Now What

WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD) will be the first IBM product in the WebSphere Studio Develop- ment Environment family. This product represents a forthcoming suite of integrated development tools that cross all e-business development roles, from Java developers to Web developers to business analysts to architects to enterprise programmers. IBM has stated that WSAD will be the product that ultimately becomes the successor to their very popular VisualAge for Java (VAJ) product. History shows that enterprise application development

shops typically make major transitions at their own pace. Recognizing the complex and time-consuming
migration issues that customers will likely face, IBM will support VAJ through at least July of 2003. To further
assist customer transitions, IBM bundles both VAJ and WSAD into one package.

Instantiations has been able to identify areas where customers would likely have difficulty as they started to
make the transition from VAJ to WSAD. For example, the seemingly simple act of moving Java code from one
development environment to another could prove to be challenging to developers. Even more concerning to

enterprise VAJ development shops would be the daunting task of moving large bodies of code from the VAJ
proprietary repository (ENVY) to a new repository structure in WSAD. Fortunately, Instantiations was able to
plan and deliver a very thorough roadmap, delivery schedule, and products to address these now real customer

What Exactly Are the New Features in VA Assist Enterprise/J v3.0?
VA Assist Enterprise/J 3.0 includes the following features and enhancements that have just been added to the
award-winning product:
Import Sets.Import automation is here! These are counterparts to Instantiations\u2019 existing export set feature
and allow you to save and re-executive any directory, jar file or repository import. Batch imports are also
Enhanced Import Features.New general import features include the ability to import only those files that
have changed since the last import/export operation and the ability to execute any external program prior to
New Import Task. Any import set can be scheduled to trigger at any time including startup and shutdown.
In conjunction with a matching export set, fairly complex synchronization tasks can be defined.
Eclipse/ WSAD Features.New features have been added to VA Assist Enterprise/J 3.0 to assist in your

transition to Eclipse | WSAD. These include new Eclipse/ WSAD Import and Export types have been added to the import and export wizards. The system will automatically detect your Eclipse/ WSAD root directory and any projects you have defined. When importing or exporting, all you need to do is select the target Eclipse project that you want to export to or import from, and VA Assist will take care of the rest. These new import/export types can also be saved as import/export sets and executed as part of scheduled tasks.

New Synchronize Task.This is an optimized combination of an export and import that is designed to
quickly synchronize the Java source for a project in the workspace with one on disk (either in a specific
directory or an Eclipse project).
New Run Tasks Menu.All defined tasks are now listed in a cascaded menu under the \u201cWorkspace|
Scheduler\u201d menu. This makes it easy to trigger a predefined task without needing to schedule it or open up
the Scheduler window.
Additional Enhancements.
The enhanced ability to export only if source has been enhanced.
A new \u201cExplore\u201d button has been added to the Export to Directory Wizard.
A new \u201cDelay\u201d task has been added for setting a delay period between two chained tasks, etc.
How Do I Use the
Options Page to
detect Eclipse or
WSAD installations?
VA Assist Enterprise/J 3.0
will automatically detect
most Eclipse or WSAD

installations and display
them in the default root
directory combo box.
Once the default root
directory has been

selected it will be used for
all subsequent Eclipse/
WSAD operations (unless
If your default root directory is not listed, you can
navigate to it using the \u201cBrowse\u201d button.
You can view the contents of
your root directory with the
\u201cExplore\u201d button.
Finally, you can launch Eclipse/
WSAD via the \u201cLaunch\u201d button.

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