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12524105 Kashmir Dispute Terrorism or Freedom Fight

12524105 Kashmir Dispute Terrorism or Freedom Fight

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Published by seenad

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Published by: seenad on Sep 19, 2011
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Terrorism and Freedom FightLine of control;boundaries in red 
 More than 60 year after the independence Pakistan and India are still to behave as goodneighbors. Both countries have their stand for not having friendship and cordial relations. It hasalways been the Issue of Kashmir. Several times during these past decades leaders of India andPakistan have tried to sit together to solve the problems. India insists that Kashmir is part ofIndia; Pakistan argues that it is a disputed territory. One part is controlled by India by deployinga very strong contingent of Indian army and the rest is controlled by Pakistan of course not withthe military might. Indians argue that Pakistan should vacate the territory under its control.Pakistan insists that Kashmir is the core issue and should be solved according to the wishes ofthe people of Kashmir.Several occasions have come when these two countries sat together to discuss issues. Many atimes it seemed as if finally they will resolve the differences. Something drastic happens; everytime, either someone starts shooting in the galleries of Indian parliament, or some mysterioushand burns several innocent people in a train and as a repercussion hundreds of innocent die inthe riot and the train itself. Same has happened once again in Mumbai; like always India has gotout of the negotiations and insists that there can be no talks unless Mumbai case is solved.Right from the beginning India has tried to convince the world through its lobbying and throughthe international forms that Kashmir is not an issue. Both parts of Kashmir started with a primeminister designated for each side. Kashmir with Pakistan still has a prime minister, but Indiastripped off the title from its Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah and staged a play to include thedisputed territory in the Indian union. Indians seem convinced that what they have done toinclude the territory of Kashmir into the Indian union has been successful. But even after morethan half a century voices reverberate to say:India should realize that UN resolutions should be the base for the settlement of the dispute.
Miliband says settle Kashmir issue, Delhi not amused http://www.indianexpress.com/news/  Mumbai: British Foreign Secretary David Miliband’s first visit to India ended on a controversial note today as New Delhi took offence to his comments seeking to link the Kashmir dispute to Lashkar-e-Toiba and terrorism in the region even as he expressed faith in Pakistan’s judicial system to try the perpetrators of 26/11 and referred to the poor status of Muslims in India.David Miliband comments on Kashmir welcomed by 'terrorist' group http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/  The statement will cause further discomfort for Mr Miliband after India reacted angrily to his 'interference' in the issue and senior politicians branded his trip a 'disaster'. In an article ahead of his visit to India last week, the foreign secretary said the 'war on terror' had been mistaken and that individual groups like LeT should be targeted and brought to justice. But solving the Kashmir issue would deny LeT its 'call to arms' and free Pakistan to fight al-Qaeda and Taliban militants in its tribal areas.Miliband Comments Spark India Row Foreign Secretary David Miliband is at the centre of a media storm in India after his recent trip to the country.http://news.sky.com/skynews  

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