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Bhagavad Gita by Mahesh Yogi

Bhagavad Gita by Mahesh Yogi

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Published by Pramod
Hinduism, Bhagavad Gita
Hinduism, Bhagavad Gita

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Published by: Pramod on Sep 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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00 Ø §7m≥gvÌ7t; 00
ÑTranslated byMaharishi Mahesh Yogi
/O  tr;¢{¶v;c 0
/mR=e+eku®=e+esmve t; yuyuTsv"0 m;mk;" p;∞2v;ƒw v ikmku vR t s'jy00!00
Dhritarashtra said:Assembled on the field of Dharma, OSanjaya, on the field of the Kurus,eager to fight, what did my peopleand the Pandavas do?
s'jy ¶v;c 0
Λ; tup;∞2v;n7k'VyU  1'duyoR/nStd;0 a;c;yRmups' gMy r;j; vcnm[ bv7t900@00
Sanjaya said:Then Duryodhana the prince, seeingthe army of the Pandavas drawn upin battle array, approached hismaster and spoke these words:
p≈yw t;'p;∞2upu+;5;m;c;yRmht7'cmU m90 VyU  1;':updpu+e5 tv ix„ye5 /7mt;00#00
Behold, O Master, this great army of the sons of Pandu, arrayed by yourwise pupil, the son of Drupada.
a+ xU  r; mhe∑;s; .7m;ju Rnsm; yui/0 yuyu/;no ivr;4ƒ :updƒ mh;rq"00$00
Here are men of valour, mightyarchers, the equals of Bhima andArjuna - in battle Yuyudhana, Virataand Drupada, the maharathi.
/O  ¢ke tuƒeikt;n" k;ixr;jƒ v7yR v;n90 pu®ijTkuiNt.ojƒ xw Byƒ nrpu ' gv"00%00
Dhrishtaketu, Chekitana and thevaliant king of Kashi, aIso Purujit,Kuntibhoja and Shaibya, chief among men.
yu/;mNyuƒ iv[k;Nt ¶Êmøj;ƒ v7yR v;n90 sø.:o :øpdey;ƒ svREv mh;rq;"00^00
Yudhamanyu, the brave; the valiantUttamauja; also the son of Subhadraand the sons of Draupadi - all of them maharathis.
aSm;k'tuivix¢; yet;iµnbo/ ijoÊm0 n;yk; mm swNySy s'D;q]t;N[ bv7im te00&00
Know well, O noblest of the twice-born, those who are pre-eminentamong us. I speak to you of theleaders of my army that you mayknow them.
.v;N.7„mƒ k5Rƒ kO pƒ simit'jy"0 aŒTq;m; ivk5Rƒ sømdiÊStqw v c00*00
Thyself and Bhishma and Karna andKripa, victor in battle; Ashvatthamaand Vikarna and also the son of Somadatta.
aNyec bhv" xU  r; mdqe RTyj7ivt;"0 n;n;xS+[phr5;" sve Ryu ÷ivx;rd;"00(00
And many other heroes there are,armed with various weapons, allskilled in warfare, who have riskedtheir lives for me.
apy;Rπ'tdSm;k'bl'.7m;i.ri=tm90 py;Rπ'iTvdme teW;'bl'.7m;i.ri=tm900!)00
Unlimited is that army of ourscommanded by Bhishma, whereasthis their army commanded byBhima is limited.
ayneWuc sve RWuyq;.;gmviSqt;"0 .7„mme v;i.r=Ntu.vNt" svREv ih00!!00
Therefore, stationed in yourrespective positions on all fronts,support Bhishma alone, all of you!
 tSy s'jnyNhW]ku®vO  ÷" ipt;mh"0 is' hn;d'ivn¥oÇw" x≤'d?mø [pt;pv;n900!@00
The aged Kuru, the gloriousgrandsire (Bhishma), gave a loudroar like a lion and blew his conch,gladdening the heart of Duryodhana.
 tt" x≤;ƒ .eyRƒ p5v;nkgomu ,;"0 shsw v;>yhNyNt s xBdStumu loå.vt900!#00
Then quite suddenly conches, horns,kettledrums, tabors and drumsblared forth, and the sound wastumultuous.
 tt" Œe tw hRywyu R †emhit SyNdneiSqtø0 m;/v" p;∞2vƒwv idVyø x≤ø [pd?mtu"00!$00
Then, seated in a great chariotyoked to white horses, Madhava(Lord Krishna) and the son of Pandu (Arjuna) also blew theirgIorious conches.
p;çjNy'˙W7kexo de vdÊ'/n'jy"0 pø∞2' {d?mø mh;x≤'.7mkm;RvO kodr"00!%00
Hrishikesha (Lord Krishna) blewPanchajanya, Dhananjaya (Arjuna)blew Devadatta, Bhima of powerfuldeeds blew his great conchPaundra.
anNtivjy'r;j; kuNt7pu+o yui/i£r"0 nku l" shde vƒ su`oWmi5pupkø00!^00
Prince Yudhishthira, the son of Kunti, blew his conch Anantavijaya;Nakula and Sahadeva blewSughosha and Manipushpaka.
k;≈yƒ prme;s" i;,27 c mh;rq"0/O  ¢¥uMno ivr;4ƒ s;Tyikƒ;pr;ijt"00!&00
The King of Kashi, the great archer,and Shikhandi, the maharathi,Dhrishtadyumna and Virata andSatyaki, the unsubdued.
 :updo :øpdey;ƒ svRx" pO iqv7pte0 sø.:ƒ mh;b;hu" x≤;Nd?mu" pO qKpOqk900!*00
Drupada, as well as the sons of Draupadi, and the mighty-armed sonof Subhadra, O Lord of earth, allblew their different conches.
s `oWo /;tR r;¢{;5;'˙dy;in Vyd;ryt90 n.ƒ pO iqv7'cw v tumu lo Vynun;dyn900!(00
That tumultuous uproar,reverberating through earth andsky, rent the hearts of Dhritarashtra'smen.
aq VyviSqt;NΛ; /;tR r;¢{;Nkip?vj"0[pvO ÊexS+s'p;te/nu®¥My p;2v"00@)00
Then, seeing the sons of Dhritarashtra drawn up in battleorder, as missiles where about to fly,the son of Pandu (Arjuna), whosebanner bore the image of Hanuman,took up his bow.
˙W7kex'td; v;Kyimdm;h mh7pte0senyo®.yomR?yerq'Sq;py meåCyut00@!00
Then, O Lord of earth, he spokethese words to Hrishikesha (LordKrishna): Draw up my chariotbetween the two armies, O Achyuta.
y;vde t;iµnr7=eåh'yo÷uk;m;nviSqt;n90 kwmRy; sh yo÷VymiSmNr5smu¥me00@@00
So that I may observe those whostand here eager for battle andknow with whom I should fight inthis toil of war.
yoTSym;n;nve=eåh'y Eteå+ sm;gt;"0 /;tR r;¢{Sy du bu R ÷eyuR ÷ei[pyick7WR v"00@#00
Let me look on those who areassembled here ready to fight, eagerto accomplish in battle what is dearto the evil-minded son of Dhritarashtra.
sÔy ¶v;c 0
Evmu †o ˙W7kexo gu 2;kexen .;rt0 senyo®.yomR?yeSq;piyTv; rqoÊmm900@$00
Sanjaya said:O Bharata, thus invoked byGudakesha (Arjuna), Hrishikesha(Lord Krishna), having drawn upthe magnificent chariot between thetwo armies,
.7„m:o5[pmu ,t" sve RW;'c mh7i=t;m90 ¶v;c p;qRp≈yw t;Nsmve t;NkuÂinit00@%00
Before Bhishma and Drona and allthe rulers of the earth, said: Partha(Arjuna)! behold these Kurusgathered together.
 t+;p≈yiTSqt;Np;qR" ipt\ nq ipt;mh;n90a;c;y;RNm;tu l;N[.;t\Npu+;Npø+;Ns,7'Stq;00@^00
The son of Pritha (Arjuna) saw therebefore him uncles and grandfathers,teachers, maternal uncles, brothers,sons and grandsons and manyfriends as well.
Œxu r;Nsu˙dƒw v senyo®.yorip0  t;Nsm7≠y s køNtey" sv;RNbN/U nviSqt;n900@&00
Fathers-in-law and well-wishers alsoin both the armies. Then that son of Kunti (Arjuna), seeing all thesekinsmen thus present,
kO py; pry;iv¢o ivW7diµndm[ bv7t90 Λem'Svjn'kO „5 yuyuTs' usmupiSqtm900@*00
Possessed by extreme compassion,spoke this in grief: Seeing these mykinsmen, O Krishna, gathered, eagerto fight,
s7diNt mm g;+;i5 mu ,'c pirxuyit0  vepquƒ xr7remeromhWRƒ j;yte00@(00
My limbs fail and my mouth isparched, my body quivers and myhair stands on end.
 g;∞27v'Í'ste hSt;_vKcw v pirdÁte0 n c xµkoMyvSq;tu '[.mt7v c memn"00#)00
Gandiva (the bow) slips from myhand and even my skin burns allover; I am unable to stand and mymind seems to whirl.
inimÊ;in c p≈y;im ivpr7t;in kexv0n c §eyoånupy;im hTv; Svjnm;hve00#!00
And I see adverse omens, OKeshava (Lord Krishna), nor can Isee good from killing my kinsmen inbattle.
n k;ªeivjy'kO „5 n c r;Jy'su ,;in c0 ik'no r;Jyen goivNd ik'.ogwj7Rivten v;00#@00
I desire not victory, O Krishna, nor akingdom, nor pleasures. Of whatavail will a kingdom be to us, orenjoyments, or even life, OGovinda?
yeW;mqe Rk;iªt'no r;Jy'.og;" su ,;in c0  t ImeåviSqt; yu ÷e[p;5;'STyKTv; /n;in c00##00
Those for whose sake we desire akingdom, enjoyments and comfortsare here on the battlefield, havingresigned their lives and riches.

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