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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

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Published by Julian

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Music
Published by: Julian on Sep 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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She needs more than prayer…..divine intervention!
Lady Gaga is an illuminati puppet andher videos are riddled with occultist,satanic, illuminati & freemason/masonic symbolism!!! When you thinkabout her target 'market' being youngkids and her songs such as 'pokerface'(about oral sex) and lyrics like "I wannatake a ride on your disco stick" (penis),you can see that there are exteriorforces working to seduce youngvenerable minds through her songswith perversion and occultistinfluences. People need to wake upand see that her music is simply not'bubblegum pop' and there is a darkmessage in her music.
Note: if you feel this article has important truths in it, please share it on your email lists…remember what the bible says… the bible told us to not worship false idols….well guess what?…..right now Lady Gaga is more popular than God ….is this the kind of world we want? 
(Save a soul and pass this on)
The Song: Alejandro by Lady Gaga. Very subtly the devil sneaks into our lives to steal and destroy souls! 
We don't even realize that just by singing the lyrics of a seeminglyinnocent song with a nice tune, we open the door wider for his evilspirit!!
・ ・ ・ ・ 
Alejandro means: man's defender and protector (GOD).
・ ・ ・ ・ 
Fernando means: ardent for peace (JESUS).
・ ・ ・ ・ 
Roberto means: bright or shiningly framed (HOLY SPIRIT).
・ ・ ・ ・ 
Babe is the same as childThe lyrics: "Don't call my name; don't call my name, Alejandro(GOD).I'm not your child, I’m not your child, Fernando (JESUS). Don'tcall my name; don't call my name, Roberto (HOLY SPIRIT) Alejandro;Alejandro (GOD) Just let me go."
Remember the images with her inside the egg carried on a cross?Hatching from an egg signifies the cold blooded rebirth. Implantedhorns on her shoulders and cheek bone indicating the transformedBRIDE OF SATAN!People, please stop listening to Lady Gaga! Real name Stefani JoanneAngelina Germanotta. She sold her soul to the devil for fame andfortune, suddenly having 8 million followers on Twitter; top selling artist,and the top winner at the Grammys. This is clearly the devil at work!
Dear world….lady gaga is a blatant manipulating entertainer who serves satan and uses subtle AND not-so-subtle forms of mind control to manipulate the masses…
The horned goat, goat of mendes, Baphomet, god ofthe witches, the scapegoat. It's a Satanists way of mocking Jesusas the "Lamb" who died for our sins.

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