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Testing Interview Questions

Testing Interview Questions



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Published by: api-3698888 on Oct 14, 2008
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Jagan Mohan Julooru
1.Can we test j2me application with load runner ?

What is load testing? - Load testing is to test that if the application works fine with the loads that
result from large number of simultaneous users, transactions and to determine weather it can
handle peak usage periods. What is Performance testing? - Timing for both read and update
transactions should

2.Which protocol has to be selected for record/playback Oracle 9i application?

Seeing your application is running on which protocol, any of these protocols can be set because
all are supportive for Load RunnerODBCSybase libOracle libPeople

3.What are the enhancements which have been included in loadrunner 8.0 when
compared to loadrunner 6.2?
HiHow can i get the winrunner an the loadrunner wizard? I would like to learn how to use it ?Can
you please suggest a site where i can load it from..
4.Can we use Load Runner for testing desktop applications or non web based
applications and how do we use

Yes we can use LoadRunner for the desktop appliocation. When you start load runner VU
generator , it asks you to select the type of protocal to use. There you have plenty of options from
E-business application( web based) to client/server applications. hopr it helps

5.How to call winrunner script in Loadrunner?

1.Create a scenario by replacing the VUser script with the GUI WinRunner script.2.Select Host- >Details options from menu3.Enable the check box for GUI Winrunner(Mandatory to run the WR Script)4.Execute the ScenarioNote: As you can work with only one instance of the winrunner at a time, the maximumno

6.What r the types of parameterisation in load runner?List the step to do strees
testing?How many terminals
pls send me answer to tkkumar3@yahoo.co.in
7.What are the steps for doing load and performance testing using Load Runner?Note: I
need the actual process
8.What is concurrent load ? and corollation? what is the processof load runner?
9.What is planning for the test.
Here, we develop a clearly defined test plan to ensure the test scenarios we develop will
accomplish load-testing objectives. null
10.What enables the controller and the host to communicate with each other in Load
following component should enabled on Host machine.1. Agent 2. Remote louncher
11.Where is Load testing usually done?

The Load testing is carried in the controlled environment based on the requirement specs from
the client the Load Test Plan followed with the scenarios are created & executed to match the
requirements. To speak more precisely the Load testing Episode is carried once the Performance

12.What are the only means of measuring performance?
transactions are the only means of measuring performance.
Jagan Mohan Julooru

13.Testing requirement and design are not part of what?
14.According to Market analysis 70% of performance problem lies with what?
15.What is the level of system loading expected to occur during specific business

16.What is run-time-setting.
Run-time-setting include loop.log and timing information.
17.When load runner is used .
When multiple users work concurrently .
18.What protocols does LoadRunner support?

Answered by jayashree on 2005-05-10 00:24:47: Industry standard protocols for example HTTP and ODBC are explicitly supported by LoadRunner. Furthermore any protocol that communicates over a windows socket can be supported

19.What do you mean by creating vuser script.
Creating vuser script for emulate the action that virtual user Perform during the scenario
20.What is rendezvous point.
To emulate peak load on the server.
21.What is load runner.
Load runner accurately measure and analysis the system performance and its functionality.
22.What can I monitor with LoadRunner?
With Loadrunner, we can see the response of the system, CPU utilization while it is being used
by multiple users and subjected to stress.
23.What are all the types of correlation?

To speak more specific about the co-relation the automatic correlation is where we set some
rules for correlation. It can be application server specific. Here values are replaced by data, which
are created by these rules. In manual correlation, the value we want to correlate is scanned and
create correlation

24.What are all the functions available in Loadrunner to do the corrlation?

Wdiff -This is a Loadrunner tool which can be user to spot the dynamic data to be
correlated. web_reg_save_param (const char *ParamName, <List of Attributes>, LAST); This is a
built in loadrunner function that can be used to find and save occurrences of a text string (text to

25.How do we do the correclation?

Establish items to be correlated (dynamic value) Find the left and right boundary of the
occurrences of the dynamic value Add a web_reg_save funtion to parameterise all occurrences
of the dynamic value- text between the left and right boundary.(Remember the escape character

26.What is 'Correlation' in Loadrunner?

Correlation is the identifying and resolving data which are , unique for each run of the script or each iteration of an action. These dynamic data differ in each replay from the original recording and causes the replay to fail.

27.What are the advantage of using load runner.
1-loadrunner automatically records the performance of the client/server during test. 2-loadrunner
Jagan Mohan Julooru
checks where performance delays occur network/client delays. 3-loadrunner monitor the network
and server resource to help the improve performance.
28.What is scenario.
A scenario defines the events that occur during is testing session. Exam (deposit cash, withdraw
29.What is the vuser in the scenario .
Load runner replace the human user with vuser.
30.What is vuser script.
While run a scenarion every vuser execute a script that script known as vuser script .
31.What the vuser script contain.
The vuser script include the function that measure and record the performance of the server
during the scenario.
32.What is transaction .
Transaction measure the time which takes for the server to respond to task submitted by the
33.When the rendezvous point is insert .
When multiple vuser to perform tasks at exactly the same time then insert the rendezvous point to
emulate the peak load on the server.
34.What is load runner controller .
Controller is manage and maintain the scenario . using controller you control all the vuser in
single work station .
35.what is Host.
Host is machine which execute the vuser script.
36.what are the load runner testing process .
There are 5 steps. 1-planning the test. 2-creating the vuser script. 3-creating the scenario. 4-
running the scenario. 5-analysis the test result.
37.what are the process for developing a vuser script.

There are 5 steps for developing a vuser script. 1-recording the vuser script . 2-edit the vuser script. 3-runtime setting . 4-run the vuser script in stand-alone mode. 5-incorporate the vuser script into a load runner scenario.

38.how to create a scenario .

We have to install load runner controller to the host . Then we include list of host(where vuser
script execute) then list of vuser script (where vuser run) and then list of vuser that run during the

39.what do you mean by Remote Command Launcher(RCL).
Rcl enables the controller to start the application on the Host machine .
40.what is load runner Agent.
Agent is interface between host machine and controller.
41.how you load a load runner Agent.
Controller instruct the remote command luncher to lunch the Agent .

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