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Published by Inuko Arashi
white snow, tasogare sekai, saitou fujiwara
white snow, tasogare sekai, saitou fujiwara

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Published by: Inuko Arashi on Sep 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Think back to the day, the earliest day in your life that youcan remember. Is there a time in there that you felt unsureof who you actually were? Can you actually confirm withinyour deepest confines of your very fibrous being of who youreally are? Not everyone can, but the feeling is even harder
to capture for those who aren’t sure at all.
Memoriesscattered across a broken soul, trauma not being the onlything that shattered the mirror from both sides.It was a dark day in the late ending of the dynastic wars inthe early 7
generation of Tasogare time; the war was eitherending or getting worse. Provinces joining together to savethe likeness of the world they all remember sharing since thedawn of their own kind. At the same token; provinces beingsplit apart out of a devious nature of jealousy and racisthatred. Sounds like something we all have experienced onthe news these days; flames growing higher and higher andthe bodies count growing.The Warai Province had shared a treaty bond withneighboring Arashi Province since it lost much of itspopulation from a crippling disease that to this day stillthreatens. Between the blindness of the children, and thecrippling of the elderly
the Warai Province almost fell aparton its own two feet not so long ago. Struggling to keep a civilgovernment suitable for long term peace and stability; muchof its own corruption gained momentum long before the 5
 generation even started. Arashi always had a soft spot forits neighbor, and offered a treaty of peace and stability, to
 train its military and continue building infrastructure to keepits province alive.Devastating as it is, the diseases were still killing off people,the corruption still grew further
and further and worsenedthrough this Dynastic Wars period. The province builtMilitary was corrupted beyond belief and was no longer out
to serve its’ original purpose. Absent without leave, mentally
ill soldiers crossing boundaries and across the white snow of the mountains of the ancient family of Fujiwara (which sadlyis no longer of any importance to Warai); killing and at bestraping and pillaging through cities and towns.While it hit everyone; and as you can tell from most of yourusual media stories about war and devastation they alwaysmiss one or two major cases; and in this case the path to hisown stability is a troubled one. All the time in the world
couldn’t keep this poor guy on his rightful fate filled path,
everywhere he turned the fork was in the road. Previous tohis memories of trauma; Saitou Fujiwara was only aroundtwo years old on earth standards when his first fork becameapparent.Born from the Fujiwara family, which had royalty ties severalgenerations before and now has a strong friendship with theArashi Royal court despite laws locally in Warai preventingthat from permanently happening, Saitou Fujiwara was notyour typical outcome of childbirth on Tasogare. Born with aTasogare alkaline metal set of blade wings he ripped fromthe womb of his mother in a strange sort of response. His
 eyes were liquid gold, and his hair a bright yellow goldblonde which matched his pale yellow complexion. TwoEarth years meant a long time to someone on Tasogare
itwas essentially a couple hundred years to fill before he wasable to do anything of any value to a family or communitylegally.

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