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Author and Copyright
Where do you keep your dead appliances?
Some Tidbits
What is inside an appliance?
Basic electrical principles
Ohm's Law
On-line educational resources
Safety myths
Safety guidelines
Should I unplug appliances when not in use?
Troubleshooting tips
Basic hand tools
Soldering techniques
Desoldering techniques
Solderless connectors
Wire stripping
Attaching wires to screw terminals
Test equipment
Getting built up dust and dirt out of a equipment
Lubrication of appliances and electronic equipment
Common appliance problems
So many, so few
Cordsets - wire and plug
When a cordset is more than a cord and plug
Appliance cord gets hot
Extension cords
Extension cord repair
Determining the location of a break in an extension cord
Internal wiring - cables and connectors
About mercury wall switches
Comments on mercury poisoning
Relays - electrically activated switches for power or control
Contact configurations
Electrical overload protection devices - fuses and circuit breakers
Fuse postmortem
Fuse or circuit breaker replacement
Thermal protection devices - thermal fuses and thermal switches
Comments on importance of thermal fuses and protectors
More on thermal fuses
Controls 1 - adjustable thermostats and humidistats
What is hysteresis?
Controls 2 - rheostats and potentiometers
Interlocks - prevent operation with case or door open
Light bulbs - incandescent and fluorescent
Indicators - incandescent or neon light bulbs or LEDs
Heating elements - NiChrome coils or ribbon, Calrod, Quartz
Repair of broken heating elements
Solenoids - small and large
Transformers - low voltage, high voltage
Fans and Blowers - bladed or centrifugal
Bearings and bushings
Mechanical controllers - timing motors and cam switches
Electronic controllers - simple delay or microprocessor based
AC adapters and chargers - wall 'warts' with AC or DC outputs
Rebuilding a basic table lamp
Lamps with night-light bulbs in their base
Touch lamps and RF interference
Removing the base of a broken light bulb
Locating burnt out bulbs in series circuits
Comments on Christmas tree bulb/string repair
Shortening a Christmas light string
Controlling a fixture or outlet from multiple locations
UK translation for 3-way and 4-way wiring
Dimmer switches and light dimmers
Typical dimmer schematics
Simplest dimmer schematic
3-way dimmer schematics
Simple 3-way dimmer schematic 1
Simple 3-way dimmer schematic 2
True (electronic) 3-way (or more) dimmers
Independent dimming from two locations - kludge #3251
Humming or buzzing lamps or fixtures on dimmers
How do touch dimmers work?
Light dimmers and interference with radio or TV
Dimmer wall plate hot to touch
Can I use a dimmer to control transformer operated low voltage lighting?
Causes of dimmer failure
Flashlights and lanterns
Typical rechargeable flashlight schematics
First Alert Series 50 rechargeable flashlight schematic
Black & Decker Spotlighter Type 2 rechargeable flashlight
Brand Unknown (Made in China) rechargeable flashlight schematic
Solar Powered Walk Light
Makeup mirrors
Overhead (and other basic slide) projectors
Portable fans and blowers
Computer power supply (and other) fans
Piezo fans
Speed control of DC fans
Speed control of small AC fans
Lubricating ceiling fans
Variable speed ceiling fan on normal circuit
Throbbing noise from ceiling fan
Ceiling fan motor speed control and capacitor replacement
Mike's notes on ceiling fan installation
Ceiling fan construction
Air cleaners
Electronic air cleaner high voltage module schematic
Auto air purifier schematic
Bug zappers
Electric fences
Appliance and light timers
Warnings about using compact fluorescent lamps on electronic timers
Wall thermostats
Testing a thermostat
Replacing a thermostat
Electric space heaters
Radiant space heaters
Convection space heaters
Oil filled electric radiators
So, what about the Pelonus Disk furnace?
Electric pencil sharpeners
Drip coffee makers
Drip coffee maker repair
Coffee percolators
Electric kettles
Electric (motor driven) clocks
Electric can openers and knife sharpeners
Electric carving knives
Electric scissors
Portable and stationary food mixers
Food processors
Steam and dry irons
Automatic toaster will not drop bread
Toaster oven (broilers)
Troubleshooting a toaster oven
Circuit diagram of typical toaster oven/broiler
Circuit diagram of Toastmaster toaster oven/broiler with electronic controls
Convection oven noise
Popcorn poppers (oil type)
Popcorn poppers (air type)
Electrical heating tape
Automatic bread machines
Sewing machines
Wiring a sewing machine speed control
Comments on Norelco shaver maintenance and repair
Electric toothbrushes
Inductively coupled charging circuit
Braun electric toothbrush repair
Hand massagers
Hair dryers and blow dryers
The Ground Fault Circuit Killer (GFCK)
Curling irons
VCR cassette rewinders
Vacuum cleaners, electric brooms. and line powered hand vacs
Vacuum cleaner mechanical problems
Vacuum cleaner hose damage
High tech vacuum cleaners?
Dustbusters(tm) and other battery powered hand vacs
Dustbusters left on continuous charge and battery problems
Floor polishers
Heating pads
Electric blankets
Ultrasonic humidifiers
Ultrasonic waterfalls?
Ultrasonic cleaners
Fog machines
Garbage disposals
Garbage disposal pops reset button but nothing blocked
Garbage disposal is stuck - hums but does not turn
Garbage disposal seizes repeatedly
Garbage disposal replacement (or upgrade)
Sump pumps and utility pumps
Electromechanical doorbells and chimes
Weak or erratic mechanical chimes
Adding an additional set of chimes
How to add an addition button to a door bell
Wireless doorbells or chimes
Doorbell rings on its own
Old garage door operator guts for wireless chime
TV antenna rotators
Types of motors found in power tools
Motors in AC line operated portable tools
Motors in cordless power tools
Motors in stationary power tools
About horsepower ratings
Cords for AC line operated portable power tools
Portable drills
AC line powered drills
Upgrading the bearings on a Craftsman drill
Cordless drills
Other direct drive tools
Saber saws, reciprocating saws
Electric chain saws
Grinding wheels
Polishers, rotary sanders
Orbital sanders and polishers
Belt sanders, power planers
Air compressors
Paint sprayers
Heat guns
Paint strippers
Soldering irons
Soldering guns
Wet-dry vacs, yard blowers/vacs
Hedge trimmers
Electric lawn mowers
Incandescent light bulbs - single and three way
Why do my light bulbs seem to burn out at warp speed?
Halogen bulbs
Use of dimmers with halogen bulbs
The humorous side of light bulbs
Notes on bulb savers
Can you prove that bulb savers do not work?
Small motors in consumer electronic equipment
Identifying type of unknown motor
Universal motors
Problems with universal motors
Testing of universal motors
Repairing small universal motors
Single-phase induction motors
Determining wiring for multispeed induction motor
Small permanent magnet DC motors
Problems with small PM motors
Testing of small PM motors
Identifying voltage and current ratings small PM motors
Reviving a partially shorted or erratic PM motor
Disassembling and reassembling a miniature PM motor
DC brushless motors
Disassembling and reassembling a DC brushless fan
Synchronous timing motors
Disassembling and reassembling a small timing motor
Motor bearing problems
Motor noise
Finding a replacement motor
Is motor rebuilding economical?
Motor armature testing - or - what is a growler?
Small motor repair and replacement
Web resources for large appliance troubleshooting
Electric oven calibration
Heat control in electric range surface units
Improvised welding repair of heating elements
Induction cooktops
Oven door seal repair
Refrigerator not cooling after a week
Defrost system operation and wiring
Compressor starting relays
Refrigeration compressor wiring
Changing the temperature range of a small refrigerator
Clothes washer does not fill (cold or hot)
Maytag washer timer motor repair
Window air conditioner doesn't cool
Air conditioner freezes up
Comments on electric clothes dryer problems and repair
Dryer shuts down after a few minutes
Why has my dryer (or other high current) plug/socket burned up?
Checking dishwasher solenoids
Safe electrical wiring
What is a GFCI?
GFCIs, overloads, and fire safety
More on how the GFCI detects a N-G short
GFCIs and safety ground
Where are 3 wire grounded outlets required?
Why you should NOT connect G to N
Testing installed GFCIs
John's comments on the use of GFI breakers
Antique Electronics and GFCIs
Phantom voltage measurements of electrical wiring
Checking wiring of a 3-wire outlet
Determining wiring of a 2-wire outlet
Outlet wiring screwed up?
220 V outlet reads 0 VAC between slots
Testing for fault in branch circuit
Locating wires inside a wall
Lights dim when high current load is switched on
Bad Neutral connections and flickering lights or worse
Lightning storm trips GFCIs protecting remote outdoor outlets
GFCI trips when it rains (hard)
Why a GFCI should not be used with major appliances
Nuisance tripping of GFCIs
Toasters and GFCIs
Problems with outlets getting hot
Reverse polarity outlets - safety and other issues
Comments on whole house surge suppressors
Electric tingles or shocks from plumbing
Some types of wire
So, where did AWG come from?
For the marginally mathematically inclined
American Wire Gauge (AWG) table for annealed copper wire
What about stranded wire?
Comments on Magnet Wire and Coil Winding
Determining electricity usage
How your electric (kW-hour) meter works
Taking equipment overseas (or vice-versa)
Controlling an inductive load with a triac
Dan's notes on low voltage outdoor lighting
Effects of brownouts and blackouts on electronic equipment and appliances
Grounding of computer equipment
Removing gummed labels (or other dried or sticky gunk)
Preventing radio frequency interference from whacking out appliances
Yard lights cycling and maintenance humor
Will a hard-wired appliance save energy over a plugged in variety?
A short history of heat
About those automatic toilets
Wiring diagrams
Removing screw with stripped head
Fil's tips on improvised parts repair
Fixing stripped plastic threaded holes
Interchangeability of components
Appliance repair books
Manufacturer support
Parts suppliers
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Troubleshooting and Repair of Small Household Appliances and Power Tools

Troubleshooting and Repair of Small Household Appliances and Power Tools

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Published by Anton Diedericks

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Published by: Anton Diedericks on Sep 20, 2011
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