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FLP Voc Olympics

FLP Voc Olympics

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Published by api-3700705

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Published by: api-3700705 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sample Formal Lesson Plan:

Bruce Lawrence
Objectives: Students will learn the English words for many different types of Olympic
sports. They will learn some general reading skills regarding the Olympics and also learn
some spelling of the sports.
Prerequisites: Students should have a basic knowledge of Olympics, sports and
English spelling.

Level:Beginn er-Inter mediat e
Duration: 2 hours

Olympics articlewww.ol ympi c.org/uk/sports
Olympics cardswww.ol ymp ic.org/uk /sports
Description sheetwww.ol ympi c.org/uk/sports
Stopwatch/clock, medals: gold, silver, bronze

Set up: groups of 3, milling, individual
Anticipated problems:

- Some Ss may not be interested in Olympics, so have them invent their own sport.
- Some Ss may finish too quickly; if so, they can help their neighbour.
- Games might go too quickly; if so, play baseball

Warm up:

<General Qs>
T: Did you have a good holiday? What did you do on your holidays?
S: I went to the beach. I went on a trip. (If no one says travel, T asks \u201cDid anyone

<Specific Intro Qs: Whistler>
T: Where did you go? Did anyone go to Whistler? Has anyone ever been to Whistler?
What\u2019s so special about Whistler? What\u2019s going to happen there?
S: Olympics!

<Specific L Qs: Olympic sports>
T: Yes, do you know any Olympic sports?
Ss: Skiing, running, (elicit the easy ones first and write them as summer or winter sports)

<Eliciting Voc>

T: Yeah, and what\u2019s that one where the guy sits on the little thing and slides down the hill
really fast? Do you know that one? What\u2019s that called?
Ss: Umm (if they know write it down; if they don\u2019t give them a hint)
T: It starts with \u201cL\u201d\u2026 L U G E luge

<Whiteboard form/pron: winter and summer>
As stated above T writes categories and examples like so:
running: dash, sprint, marathon, relay, hurdles
high jump
ski jump
hammer throw
shot put
long jump
cross country skiing
judo, taekwondo, wrestling

<Context building>
T: Today you\u2019re going to learn about Olympic sports, and then we are going to have our
own Olympics!
Ss: ???!
T: But first we need to learn the vocabulary you need to talk about the Olympics.

T: Which words are difficult to pronounce?
Ss: various answers, probably luge
T: (underline and drill) Right that\u2019s difficult. Repeat after me

suggested examples:
g in luge
wr in wrestling
thr in throw

Main Activities:
Semi-controlled activity: Finding the description

T: OK, here are some cards. On each card there is an Olympic symbol. Here are some
sheets of paper with a description of a sport. Your job is to take a card and a description
and find the match. You can show your picture, but you can\u2019t show your description; you
have to speak. You have to read it. Or you can summarize it.

For example, I have this picture (show skiing) so I have to stand up and walk around and
find this description (read description)

<Concept checking>
T: OK? So what do you do?
S: Find the match
T: And which card can\u2019t you show?
Ss: description
T: Right! OK? Go!

T: OK, good. So Lily, which sport did you have?
Lily: Bobsledding
T: Good, and what is \u201cbobsledding\u201d
Lily: reads/summarizes description

Olympic sport I: Relay

T: OK, so now you know the definitions really well, right? Now we are going to have our
own Olympics! We are going to do a Relay! Get into teams according to countries! (make
sure they are somewhat equal) Line up and turn around to face the back! And I\u2019m going
to show the first person a description of a sport. That person then tells the next person. If
you don\u2019t know the sport, you can describe it, but just tell the next person. And so on,
until the last person hears the description and runs to the board and writes the sport on the
whiteboard. The first team to write the correct word first gets a point! The team with the
most points gets the gold medal!

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