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The Incredible Shrinking President

The Incredible Shrinking President

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Despite Urging The Deficit Committee To Go Big, Obama’s Proposal Will Go Small
Despite Urging The Deficit Committee To Go Big, Obama’s Proposal Will Go Small

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Published by: Republican National Committee on Sep 20, 2011
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Paid for by the Republican National Committee.310 First Street SE - Washington, D.C. 20003 - (202) 863-8500 - www.gop.com
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
September 19, 2011
The Incredible Shrinking President 
Despite Urging The Deficit Committee
To Go Big, Obama’s
Proposal Will Go Small 
Obama Will Pull Back From The Debt Reduction Measures He Proposed Just Months Ago.
“President Barack Obama will shield Social Security from cuts in his new deficit 
-reduction plan, the whitehouse said Thursday, pulling back on a key concession from his failed
grand bargain
negotiations with
House Speaker John Boehner.”
(Carrie Budoff Brown, “Obama To Shield Social Security,” 
“The Shift Away From Social Security Will Allow Him To Avoid A Clash With His DemocraticBase.”
“The shift away from Social Security will allow
him to avoid a clash with his Democraticbase over the popular retirement program at a time when he needs its support more than ever,
both to push for his $447 billion jobs program and to buck up his lagging poll numbers.”
(Carrie Budoff 
Brown, “Obama To Shield Social Security,” 
Despite Believing That His Proposals Would Have Saved Social Security, Obama Will Not Propose Any Changes To Social Security.
The Democratic president upset many core supporters in July whenhe considered changing how the popular pension funds are linked to inflation during acrimoniousnegotiations with Republicans over raising the U.S. debt ceiling. Obama saw the change as a way toensure the federal program remains viable for future generations, but liberals felt he was giving up toomuch ground to Republicans.
(Laura MacInnis and Thomas Ferraro, “Obama Backs Away From Social Security In Deficits Plan,” 
For Political Reasons, The White House Worries That Including Measures On Social Security And
Medicare Could “Overshadow The President’s Focus On Jobs.”
“The Social Security and Medicare
provisions that Mr. Obama was willing to agree to with Mr. Boehner drew criticism from members of Mr.Obama's own party, who oppose the policies. White House officials worry that including them in his plan
now could overshadow the president's focus on jobs.”
(Carol Lee and Laura Meckler, “Obama Plan Won’t Include Changes To SocialSecurity,” 
Democrats Fear Proposing Entitlement Reforms “Could Undercut Democratic Arguments Against The GOP On These Points In 2012.”
“Democrats also fear he will be forced to concede
even more in later negotiations. They argue that by proposing controversial changes toentitlement programs, Mr. Obama could undercut Democratic arguments against the GOP on these
points in 2012.”
(Carol Le
e and Laura Meckler, “Obama Plan Won’t Include Changes To Social Security,” 
Paid for by the Republican National Committee.310 First Street SE - Washington, D.C. 20003 - (202) 863-8500 - www.gop.comNot authorized by any candidate or candidate
s committee.
Not The First Tim
e He’ 
 s Put Party Before Country 
Obama Has Shrunk From Reforming Entitlements Before
March 2011: Obama Avoided Social Security Reform Because His Political Team Said The DebateCould Be "Disastrous To His 2012 Reelection Hopes."
'Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, NationalEconomic Council Director Gene Sperling and Sperling's deputy, Jason Furman -- leading figures in thepresident's economic team -- are pressing Obama to cut Social Security benefits if necessary, say sourcesfamiliar with their positions. But Obama's political team, led by David Axelrod, David Plouffe and JimMessina, are urging the president to understand that backing benefit cuts could prove disastrous to his2012 reelection hopes, sources say."
(Alexander Bolton, "Social Secu rity Reform Splits White House Political, Economic Teams," 
February 2011:
President Obama’s FY2012 Budget “D
eclined To Propose Major Changes To Social
Security, Medicare Or Medicaid.”
“Even as the administration said it wants to reduce the deficit by
more than $1 trillion over the next 10 years, it declined to propose major changes to Social Security,Medicare o
r Medicaid, which combined account for more than 40 percent of federal spending.”
(Perry Bacon
Jr., “In Third Year, Obama Proposes A More Modest Course,” 
“Contrary To The Advice Of Obama's Fiscal Commission, His Budget Map Punts Entitlement Reform To Future Negotiations As Far As Two Years Out.”
(Gail Russell Chaddock, “Why The Budget Deficit Is So HardFor Congress To Shrink,” 
2009: Obama Said The Economic Recovery Was
“Impossible To Separate” From The Need To
Reform Social Security And Medicare.
“But he framed the economic recovery efforts more broadly,
saying it is impossible to separate the country's financial ills from the long-term need to rein in health-care costs, stabilize Social Security and prevent the Medicare program from bankrupting the government.
‘This, by the way, is where there are going to be very difficult choices and issues of sacrifice and
bility and duty,’ he said.”
(Michael D. Shear, “Obama Pledges Entitlement Reform,” 
Obama: “What We Have Done Is Kicked This Can Down The Road. We Are Now At The EndOf The Road And Are Not In A Position To Kick It Any Further.”
(Michael D. Sh
ear, “Obama PledgesEntitlement Reform,” 
The President Believed That A Failure To Control The Deficit Would “Make It Harder ForThe Economy To Grow.”
“Obama wants to reduce the deficit because he’s concerned that over time,
federal borrowing will make it harder for the U.S. economy to grow and create jobs, said the official,
speaking on the condition of anonymity.”
(Hans Nichols, “Obama Plans To Reduce Budget Deficit To $533 Billion By 2013,” 
2009: Obama Recognized That If We Failed To Control Our Debt It Could Lead To A Double-DipRecession.
OBAMA: “It is important tho
ugh to recognize if we keep on adding to the debt, even in themidst of this recovery, that at some point, people could lose confidence in the U.S. economy in a way that 
could actually lead to a double-
dip recession.”
(Fox News,
,” 11/18/09)
 2010: President Obama Acknowledged That If We Do Nothing About Social Security Then YoungerWorkers Will See Their Benefits Cut.
“And if we did nothing, then somewhere around 2040
what would happen would be a lot of the young people who would start collecting Social Security aroundthen would find that they only got 75 cents on every dollar that they thought they were going to get.
Everybody with me so far?”
,” 2/19/

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