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DeseretBook of Mormon

DeseretBook of Mormon

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Published by: api-27196482 on Oct 14, 2008
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Key to the Deseret Alphabet

The Deseret Alphabet is a phonetic alphabet for the writing of English introduced under the auspices of The
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) during the 19th century. Despite heavy support from
Brigham Young, the Alphabet never caught on and hasn't had any significant use since 1869 and the
publication of a Deseret Alphabet-edition of the Book of Mormon.

The Alphabet consists of 38 letters. Each letter has an upper- and lower-case form which look identical
except for size. The letters, their names, and sounds are as follows:
LONG I (i as in machine)
DEE (d as in Deseret)
LONG E (e as in grey)
CHEE (ch as in cheese)
LONG A (a as in art)
JEE (j as in John)
LONG AH (au as in aught)
KAY (k as in kitten)
LONG O (o as in tone)
GAY (g as in good)
LONG OO (oo as in moo)
EF (f as in France)
SHORT I (i as in it)
VEE (v as in voice)
SHORT E (e as in desert)
ETH (unvoiced th as in think)
SHORT A (a as in cat)
THEE (voiced th as in they)
SHORT AH (o as in cot)
ES (s as in said)
SHORT O (o as in woman)
ZEE (z as in zebra)
SHORT OO (oo as in book)
ESH (sh as in shoot)
AY (the sound of the pronoun I)
ZHEE (as in measure)
OW (ow as in cow)
ER (r as in ride)
WU (w as in wonder)
EL (l as in letter)
YEE (y as in you)
EM (m as in Macintosh)
H (h as in hurrah)
EN (n as in nice)
PEE (p as in put)
ENG (ng as in sing)
BEE (b as in bee)
TEE (t as in teach)

My experience has been that the \u201cofficial\u201d name and pronunciation guides published by the LDS Church a hundred years ago were rather confusing; I've taken the liberty of respelling the letter names to make them more intelligible.

The alphabet wasn't in general use long enough to produce a stable set of spellings; and, being a phonetic
alphabet, it tended to be spelled in a rather ideosyncratic fashion anyway. The one spelling convention of
which one should be aware is that when a word has the same sound as a letter's name, that letter can be used
by itself for the whole word. Thus, the word \u201cbe\u201d is written \u00ed, and not \u00ed\u00c4.

More information on the Deseret Alphabet can be found on the World Wide Web at the following URL's:

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