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Table Of Contents

II. energy BalanCe and Its Components
A. WhAt Is EnErgy?
B. EnErgy IntAkE
C. EnErgy ExpEndIturE
III. How to assess Intake and expendIture In atHletes
IV. CHallenges of matCHIng supply wItH demand
A. MAtChIng Atp produCtIon WIth Atp rEquIrEMEnts
B. ExErCIsE IntEnsIty And durAtIon
C. MultIplE Bouts of ExErCIsE
d. quAntIty vs. quAlIty of EnErgy rEquIrEMEnts
E. long-tErM MIsMAtCh of EnErgy supply And dEMAnd
1. excessive Intake relative to demand (energy surplus)
2. Insuffcient Intake relative to demand (energy defcit)
V. energy defICIt for weIgHt loss
VI. does It matter wHen you Consume your energy?
A. ACutEly (dAy of CoMpEtItIon or durIng CoMpEtItIon)
B. ChronICAlly
VII. range of Intakes In VarIous sport sItuatIons
VIII. energy effICIenCy
A. do AthlEtEs BECoME MorE EnErgEtICAlly EffICIEnt?
B. Is thErE A ConsErvAtIon of EnErgy?
Ix. enVIronmental faCtors and speCIal populatIons
A. AltItudE
C. MAstErs AthlEtE
d. dIABEtIC AthlEtE
E. sEx dIffErEnCEs
A. ClAssIfICAtIons And dIEtAry sourCEs
C. CArBohydrAtE MEtABolIsM
1. general metabolic processes of Carbohydrate metabolism
2. Carbohydrate metabolism during exercise
d. CArBohydrAtEs And ExErCIsE pErforMAnCE
5. Carbohydrate-related supplements
1. general metabolic processes of lipid metabolism
2. lipid metabolism during exercise
d. lIpIds And ExErCIsE pErforMAnCE
E. InfluEnCE of ExErCIsE on lIpId stAtus
II. HIstorICal perspeCtIVe
IV. CrItICal faCtors for proteIn metaBolIsm
II. fat-soluBle VItamIns
III. water-soluBle VItamIns
IV. ConClusIons and future researCH needs
II. dIetary referenCe Intakes
III. ImportanCe of oBtaInIng aCCurate dIetary Intake InformatIon
A. rolE of CAlCIuM In thE huMAn Body
d. CAlCIuM stAtus of AthlEtEs
E. CAlCIuM supplEMEntAtIon And ExErCIsE pErforMAnCE
f. CAlCIuM supplEMEntAtIon And IntAkE on WEIght loss
B. MEAsurEs of MAgnEsIuM stAtus
C. MAgnEsIuM rEquIrEMEnts
d. MAgnEsIuM stAtus of AthlEtEs
A. rolE of ChroMIuM In thE huMAn Body And ChroMIuM rEquIrEMEnts
B. BrIEf hIstory of ChroMIuM supplEMEntAtIon
C. ChroMIuM supplEMEntAtIon And ExErCIsE pErforMAnCE
VIII. lImItatIons of preVIous researCH
II. topICal oVerVIew of water
V. regulatIon of tHIrst and HydratIon
VI. HydratIon and HealtH and dIsease
Ix. tHe dIfferenCe Between water and otHer means of reHydratIon
II. weIgHt management ConCepts
1. energy Intake and expenditure
III. dIetary maCronutrIent ComposItIon
A. hIgh CArBohydrAtE dIEts
1. glycemic Index of Carbohydrates
6. Conjugated linoleic acids (Cla)
7. dehydroepiandrosterone (dHea) and 7-keto dHea
9. phosphatidyl Choline (lecithin)
f. WEIght gAIn And MusClE MAss
3. b-hydroxy b-methylbutyrate (b-HmB)
III. energy expendIture and Intake
VII. fuelIng and fluId replaCement
A. CArBohydrAtE loAdIng for CoMpEtItIon
B. prE-ExErCIsE MEAl And hydrAtIon
C. glyCErol hypErhydrAtIon
d. ExErCIsE fuElIng And hydrAtIon
E. rECovEry nutrItIon And hydrAtIon
VIII. strategIes to enHanCe fat oxIdatIon
B. short-tErM fAt AdAptAtIon
Ix. ultra-enduranCe and multI-day eVents
5. essential amino acids (eaas)
B. EquIvoCAl huMAn rEsEArCh to support usE
2. alpha-ketoisocaproate (kIC)
4. Branched-Chain amino acids (BCaas)
6. dehydroepiandrosterone (dHea)
7. gamma-aminobutyric acid (gaBa)
C. lIMItEd to no huMAn rEsEArCh to support usE
1. adenosine triphosphate (atp)
6. Conjugated linoleic acid (Cla)
B. fACtors AffECtIng nutrItIonAl nEEds
taBle 10.6
I. AdolEsCEnt Body IMAgE And WEIght Control
III. pregnant and laCtatIng atHletes
C. CArBohydrAtE rEquIrEMEnts
3. adolescent athletes and pregnancy
h. MEdICAtIon–nutrIEnt IntErACtIons
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Nutritional Concerns in Recreation, Exercise, And Sport

Nutritional Concerns in Recreation, Exercise, And Sport

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Published by ekimpekunlu

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Published by: ekimpekunlu on Sep 20, 2011
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