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Beyond Violence Truth Chapter9

Beyond Violence Truth Chapter9

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Published by: api-3701385 on Oct 14, 2008
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Beyond Violence
J. Krishnamurti
Chapter 9
Chapter 9, from Beyond Violence, by J. Krishnamurti

\u00a9 1973 Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, Ltd.
Brockwood Park, Bramdean
Hampshire SO24 0LQ, England

[This chapter has been produced for online distribution and is not a facsimile of any published edition. For
reference purposes, please see an edition published in book form.]
Truth is not \u2018what is\u2019, but the understanding
of \u2018what is\u2019 opens the door to truth.

THERE ARE SEVERAL things we should talk about, such as education, the significance of dreams, and whether it is at all possible, living in a world that has become so mechanical and imitative, for the mind ever to be free. We may approach the problem by going into the question of whether the mind can be free from all sense of conformity. We have to deal with the whole problem of existence, not one part of it, not only the technical side of life and the earning of a livelihood, but also we have to consider this whole question of how to transform society; whether this is possible through revolt, or if there is a different kind of inward revolution which will inevitably bring about a different kind of society. I think we should go into that and then come upon the question of meditation. Because\u2014if you will forgive me for saying so\u2014I do not think you know what is implied in meditation. Most of us have read about it or have been told what it is and we have tried to practise it. What the speaker has to say about meditation may be quite contrary to all that you know or practise or have experienced. One cannot search for truth; therefore one must understand the meaning of seeking. So it is a very complex question; meditation requires the highest form of sensitivity,\u00e5a tremendous quality of silence, not induced, not disciplined, not cultivated. And that can only be, or come about, when we understand, psychologically, how to live, because our life as we live it daily, is in conflict; it is a series of conformities, controls, suppressions, and the revolt against all that.

There is the whole question of how to live a life without violence of any kind; for without really understanding and being free from violence, meditation is not possible. You can play with it, go to the Himalayas to learn how to

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