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Xd by Hand Typing

Xd by Hand Typing

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Published by api-3701567

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Published by: api-3701567 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Assuming that the x-hd pin and piston rod assembly is resting on the support bracket bolted to
the guides and that con-rod is swung down to c/c door level ( as shown in diagram)
Inspection of bearing half on con rod ( the loaded part) for evidence of----
: which indicates hard particles in LO or damage to x-hd pin
2.Squeezing & cracking
: points towards overloading
: indicates poor lubrication and overloading.
4.Corrosive attack
a) If the oil develops a week acid
b) If the salt water content in the lube oil is higher than 1%. The

water will attack the white metal, and result in formation of a very
hard black tinoxide encrustation (SnO) which may scratch and
roughen the pin surface.

Some manufacturer have an overlay of a tin/led alloy on the tin aluminum bearing metal, and
state that the bearing should be replaced if this overlay has worn away.
Other manufacturer have wedge machined in the bearing material and recommended

replacement when wedge are reduced to half original width.
Inspection of top half:
To perform this check the con rod reconnect and engine must turn to BDC and top cover lifted.

Inspection of x-hd pin:

Inspect closely under side of the pin as it is continuously the loded part. The surface finish
should be mirror finish like no evidence of scoring or roughness. If any is found then pin must
be replaced or polished as per manufacturer recommendation. X-hd is not hydro dynamically
lubricated , so care must be taken as damaged pin will damage the bearing metarial.

Roughness of crosshead pins:
a) New or repolished
0.05 Ra
b) Acceptable in service :
0.05-0.1 Ra
c) Repolishing if over
0.1 Ra
Average bearing wear rate is 0.01 mm/10,000 hrs. As long as the wear rate is in the
region of this value, the bearing function can be regarded as normal.
Check the guide shoe and guide stripe for evidence of squeezed out of metal

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