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Argosy September 15, 2011

Argosy September 15, 2011

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Published by Geoff Campbell
Argosy September 15, 2011
Argosy September 15, 2011

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Published by: Geoff Campbell on Sep 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brunton ReviewFrosh musings:Comencement
September 15, 2011 Business as usual since 1875 Vol. 141 Iss. 3
 Mount Allison’s Independent Student Newspaper 
Rosanna Hempel 
SHINERAMA’s major fundraiser of the year, SHINE Day was a rousing success, raising a record breaking $20,000 in a single day. Formore pictures from SHINE Day, check out the centrefold on pages 14 and 15.
Questionsremain forPavillion’sfuture
Satelliteresidence closedagain for the year
Megan Beaton
 Argosy Contributor 
Pavillion Bousquet residence hasbeen closed again or the 2011-2012 year. Te decision came as a greatdisappointment to the ResidenceAssistants (RAs), as well to students who anticipated their stay in thehouse. Pavillion is known or its tight-knit and comortable environment.Located on 57 Charlotte Street, itremains slightly isolated compared tothe other bustling residences that Mt.A has to oer.It is said that the temporary closure was due to the lack o resident-interestamong students who are new to Mt.A, as well as the building’s need o repair. An intended RA Stean Noelhad more to say about the house and why he valued his time there so much.Pavillion can house up to twenty-six students, and the group o students who are assigned to this residenceare unique rom year to year. Noel, aourth year International Relationsstudent, was the RA or “Pav” in2009-2010, and was re-assigned tothe position this year. Te decision toclose Pavillion was a shame accordingto Noel, as it was “easy to become aamily” there.Noel remembered that the peopleassigned to the house made a hugedierence to the environment it createdor its residents. He commented thatmany new students, who had yet tobecome involved in any Mt. A socialcircles, were hesitant to becomeclose to the other house members. Tere was a signicantly high rate o people moving rom Pavillion to otherresidences, especially amongst new 
Windsor Theater braced formove to Convocation Hall
Mixed feelings asDrama Programprepares to move
Rachel Gardner
News Editor 
 Windsor Teatre will soon acquire anew home. Te drama program wasinormed at the end o August thatthey would be moving out o theormer University Centre/MemorialLibrary building over the month o September, using Convocation Hallas a studio space until the new FineArts and Drama Studies building iscompleted. Te anticipated completiondate or the new building is projectedor 2014.On Sept. 6, approximately orty drama students attended a studentmeeting which inormed them o theupcoming move. While many aculty and students are worried about itstiming, drama aculty members andstudents have responded positively to the changes. “I’m really excited,”said ourth year Drama student CatMcCluskey. “Although I’m sad thebuilding is being torn down becauseit’s been my home or two years, Ithink the new building will be exactly  what the program needs.” o accommodate Windsor Teatre,the stage o Con Hall will betransormed into a convertible studiospace. Current plans are to have boththe actors and audience on the stageo Con Hall or moreintimate productionssuch as intamarre, with mobile seatingrisers, new lightingacilities, and otheraccommodations toensure that the stagecan change back and orth between Windsor Teatre and a general stageor University events. Further planningis needed to accommodate spaces orofces, costume construction, and setconstruction. A temporary Assistant echnical Director will be hired toassist with the move over the nextew months, and will help ProductionManager Paul Del Motte with themore technical aspectso the move.Director o DramaGlen Nicholscommented that whilethe suddenness o the move came as asurprise, the programhad already constructedplans in preparation orthe construction o the new buildingand simply had to implement the plansearlier. “Our Fall season should be the
Theatre thrives onchallenge – there’s got to be teamwork and support.
Alex Fancy
Prof. Emeritus
September 15, 2011 argosy@mta.ca
thursday september 15, 2011
  volume 141 issue 3
 aylor Losier, KyleLees, Judith Keee,Scott Greene,Matthew Berghuis, John raord, JennMackenzie, KieraFoti, David LeMesu-rier, Sean McDonell,Ian Malcolm,NaomiMartz, Megan Beaton
THE ARGOSY is a member o the CanadianUniversity Press, a national co-operative o  student newspapers.
Independent Student Newspaper of Mount Allison University 
62 York Street W. McCain Student CentreMount Allison University Sackville, New Brunswick E4L 1E2
506 364 2236
is published by Argosy Publications, Inc, astudent run, autonomous, apolitical not-or-prot organizationoperated in accordance with the province o New Brunswick.
  John Brannenargosy@mta.ca
Rachel Gardnerargosy@mta.ca
Anissa Stambouliargosy@mta.ca
Alex MacDonaldargosy@mta.ca
 ARS & LI.
 Julia McMillanargosy@mta.ca
 Tomas Alexanderargosy@mta.ca
Carly Levy 
 Vanessa Million
Elise Dolinsky  
  Joel Young
 aylor Mooney  
Marc-Alexandre Chartrand
 Wray PerkinSimon Murray 
Comments , concerns, or complaints about the Argosy’s content oroperations should be rst sent to the Editor-in-Chie at the addressabove. I the Editor-in-Chie is unable to resolve a complaint, it may be taken to the Argosy Publications, Inc. Board o Directors. Techairs o the Board o Directors can be reached at the address above.
 Te Argosy is the ofcial independent student journal o news,opinion, and the arts, written, edited and unded by the students o Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Te opinionsexpressed herein do not necessarily represent those o the Argosy’s sta or its Board o Directors. Te Argosy is published weekly throughoutthe academic year by Argosy Publications Inc.Student contribution in the orm o letters, articles, photography,graphic design and comics are welcome. Te Argosy reserves theright to edit or reuse all materials deemed sexist, racist, homophobic,or otherwise unt or print, as determined by the Editor-in-Chie.Articles or other contributions can be sent to argosy@mta.ca inmicrosot word ormat, or directly to a section editor. Te Argosy willprint unsolicited materials at its own discretion.Letters to the editor must be signed, though names may be withheld at the sender’s request and at the Argosy’s discretion.Anonymous letters will not be printed.
 Susan Rogersargosy@mta.ca
 Audrey Bagnell, Kyra Jones, andVacantargosy@mta.ca
 Danica Lundy argosy@mta.ca
 Lea Foy & Rosanna Hempelargosy@mta.ca
Published since 1875 Circulation 2,000
  Justin Bagloleargosy@mta.ca
 Mathew Lendrumargosy@mta.ca 
 Sasha Van Katwyk argosy@mta.ca
 Anna Robertsonargosy@mta.ca
Sean Seeley argosy@mta.ca
Rob Murray argosy@mta.ca
Geo Hutchinsonargosy@mta.ca
Geo Campbellargosy@mta.ca
Dr. Dave Tomas (chair), Dr. Helen Pridmore,Scott Green, Britt Smith
All materials appearing in the Argosy bear the copyright o Argosy Publications, Inc. Material cannot be reprinted without the consento the Editor-in-Chie.
 InternetPhoto/Wikimedia Commons
A 19-year-old student was found unconscious atAcadia University Sept. 6 and died in hospital a fewdays later.
 WOLFVILLE, N.S. (CUP) — A 19-year-old student rom Alberta has died ater beingound unconscious in a residence at Acadia University, just outside o Haliax.On Sept. 6, Acadia students were sent an email that released ew details about theincident, stating that campus security had responded to a 911 call that same morning andthat a student had been hospitalized and remained in critical condition.It was then announced to the university on Sept. 8 that the 19-year-old student romAlberta had passed away at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre in Haliax. Te student’s amily has asked that no details o the event, including the student’s name, bereleased.CBC has connected the student’s death to a drinking game which witnesses claimed wastaking place that same evening, but the cause o death ofcially remains unknown.
Vanessa Gallant
The Athenaeum (Acadia University)
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Joel Plaskett and the Emergency
rocked Convocation Hallfor First Class Bash. Check out photos online now.Photos of the Mount Allison Mounties and Bishop’s Gatorsgame from
will also be featured. AvailableSeptember 18.
Mount Allison’s Varsity Swim Team
swim across Silver Laketo fundraise for their training camp yearly trip to Bermuda.Photos from Sackville’s Upcoming
Fall Fair
will be includedon the website. Available September 20.
Photos:RosannaHempel, LeaFoy, CallanField 
New photos on Flickr, Feed on Twitter,Posts on Facebook
 Te rest of this article can be viewed on the CUP newswire at www.cupwire.ca
Student death shocks Acadia University campus
September 15
Student seeks partnershipwith United Nations
Sackville and the greater antramarregion will soon be recognized as asustainable community under theUnited Nations due o the work o Environmental Studies Honoursstudent Erik Fraser. o develop this comprehensiveapplication, Fraser remained inSackville this past summer workingas the rst United Nations-MountAllison University Sustainability Education Intern. Te RegionalCentres o Expertise (RCE)application is an initiative supportedby the United Nations University Institute o Advanced Studies,and i successul, it will designatethe greater antramar region -including Dorchester, Port Elgin,and Memramcook - as communitiescommitted to sustainability. Sucha designation would have wideimplications or the university, orlocal communities’ inrastructureand governance, as well as orschools in the region. Already, antramar Regional High Schoolhas committed to incorporateelements o sustainable educationin the classroom as a part o thisregional venture.Fraser jumped at the internshipopportunity when he was approachedby Geography and Environmentdepartment head Dr. Michael Fox, who said he was a “natural choice” to work on the application to the UNU-IAS or both honours research andas a summer internship. “As anenvironmental studies major and astudent government leader, [Erik]has a high level o understanding o the issues that are important to thepeople o this region,” commentedFox. “His work with the GreenInvestment Fund, the Farmers’Market, and the SAC all cametogether in this project, where he is working to revise our curriculum tomake it part o the community, not just theory learned in the lecture halland regurgitated or tests.”Over the summer, Fraser’sresearch mainly consisted o soliciting relevant stakeholders suchas the municipalities, EOS Eco-Energy Solutions (a local non-protcorporation promoting sustainableenergy solutions or the antramar),UNESCO Fundy BiosphereReserve, and the New Brunswick Department o Education. Teirresponsibilities would include acommitment to RCE antramar’sgoals and objectives, activeparticipation in projects undertakenby RCE antramar, as well ascontributing to RCE governance inthe region. Te application was recently submitted to the UNU, and Fraserand Fox expect to nd out the resultsin November. Once the applicationgoes through, they’re prepared to hitthe ground running. “It’s expectedthat we have projects ready so they can begin to be implemented as soonas we’ve been accepted. Te rst willbe the Centre or Engaged Learningat the university.” Te project currently remainsin the hands o the Geography department, though plans or the new Centre will be ocially presented tothe university administration oncemembership is accepted. In coming years, the university also hopes toadd a ull Urban Planning programto the course calendar as a part o this sustainability initiative.Achieving RCE designation willalso help advance the antramar2040 Sustainability Plan. Te thirty  year plan, developed in part withSustainable Sackville, aims to assistdevelopment o regional changesto the transportation networks,climate change adaptation andmitigation procedures, and localbusiness developments to ensuregreater sustainability o long-terminitiatives. Tere are approximately eighty-ve designated RCE’s in the world,eight o which are located in NorthAmerica. Te creation o an RCE inthe antramar region will be the rstin the Maritime provinces, as well ason the entire Eastern Seaboard.
Tantramar regionto be designateda sustainablecommunity
 Judith Keefe
 Argosy Corresponden
Fourth-year student Erik Fraser spent the past summer working as
the rst United Nations-Mt. A Sustainability Education Intern.
 Emma Davis
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Human rights group protestupcoming Troy Davis execution
 roy Davis, age 42, is set to beexecuted on Sept. 21 or the murdero Georgia police ocer Mark MacPhail in 1989, a sentence whichcontinues to be shadowed by doubt asmany key witnesses to the trial haverecanted their original testimoniesagainst Davis. Human rights group,Amnesty International, alongsideseveral prominent celebrities and world leaders, are renewing a callor clemency or the man in thehopes that the execution date will be
Doubts shadowcase for man ondeath row
Rachel Gardner
News Editor 
delayed.Since Davis' conviction in 1991, in which the jury decision was made inlittle over an hour, seven out o thenine witnesses have recanted theirtestimony, with some alleging policecoercion. No physical evidence waspresented during the trial to link Davis to the murder o the ocer.Public Relations Coordinatoror the Mount Allison chaptero Amnesty International,Geo Campbell, expressed hisconcerns with the trial. "Amnesty International opposes the deathpenalty in all cases withoutexception," stated Campbell. "Tiscase especially shows just how easy it is or even one o the purportedly air justice systems to make a atalmistake." Te execution date was issued onSept. 6 by the Georgia Departmento Corrections. In June 2010, U.S.District Judge William Moore heardrom two witnesses who admitted tohaving alsely identied Davis as thekiller, and two others who claimedthat another man had conessedto being MacPhail's killer sinceDavis' trial. Moore concluded inAugust that several o the witnesseshad already backed o theirincriminating testimonies in the1991 trial, so it wasn't new evidence,and that the others could not bebelieved. He ruled that while thenew evidence casts some doubt onthe conviction, "it is largely smokeand mirrors" and was not enoughto prove Davis' innocence. Te U.S.Supreme Court rejected Davis'appeal in March.Currently, prominent guresincluding ormer President Jimmy Carter, Archbishop Desmond utu,the ormer director o the FBI, andthe Pope support Amnesty's eortsto grant Davis clemency. Tey aregathering petition signatures andurging the public to send letters tothe Georgia Board o Pardons andParoles to commute Davis' deathsentence. In 2007, Davis was issueda stay less than one day rom hisexecution date. Since then, US courts
 InternetPhoto/Te Grio
have granted two additional staysater pressure rom the internationalcommunity. Tis marks his ourthexecution date.Campbell encourages students who wish to take action or nd outmore to visit JusticeForroy.org, write to the Georgia Pardons andParoles boards, or sign Amnesty’spetition.
Davis is set to be executed on Sept. 21.

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