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Should I Go To College?

Should I Go To College?

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Published by Kyle Mietzner
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Published by: Kyle Mietzner on Sep 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rev. Kyle Mietzner (Grace Lutheran Church - Greensboro, NC)Higher Things Conference - Coram DeoEmory University, Atlanta GAJuly 20&21, 2011
Should I Go To College?College is all over the news as of late. The president thinks that the solution for a stronger America is to graduate more kids from college. More degrees means more success. Meanwhile,the average rate of tuition increases far more rapidly than inflation, making the cost of a four year education about the cost of the house where you grew up. That is a ton of money. At thesame time, the president has also said that the solution for a stronger America is to have moremanufacturing in our country. So, are you believe that you need to earn a four year degree andgo to work in a factory? What is going on here?Unfortunately, you will not find a single verse in the Bible which tells you what you ought to doafter you graduate from high school. Should you go to college? In state or out of state? Publicor private? Lutheran or not? And heaven forbid, you might actually decide that you don’t evenneed a bachelor’s degree, so you don’t even need to go away to school! Could it be that youmight enjoy working on cars or fixing plumbing systems, and that you might want to go totechnical school in your community in order to learn a trade? Might you actually like living inyour hometown, around your church, family and friends. Could it be even that you see no desireto go off to exotic Seward or St. Paul, for more schooling?But what will your parents think? What will your classmates think, when they are living it up inthe dorms and you are working a full time job in your hometown? Well, ask yourself what youthink of the plumber who saves your house from the burst pipe. Ask yourself what you think of the mechanic who replaces your blown transmission. You might even ask yourself what youthink of the man who collects your trash every week. Most of these people do not have collegedegrees, yet find themselves living normal, happy lives, making a decent wage, raising families,and yes, even still being Christians!To put it plainly, God does not care whether or not you go to college. He does not care whether or not you are awarded a Ph. D. or even graduate high school. In His eyes, you are perfect, justas Christ is perfect, for you have been baptized, and when the Father sees you, he sees Christ.So, you have freedom to choose whether or not you don’t go to college at all, or whether you goto Harvard and earn multiple degrees. In the end, you are baptized, no matter which route youchoose, and that makes all the difference.But God does care though about what you do. It is no mistake that 7/10 of the Commandmentsare focused on your relationship with your neighbors. The Christian, who is totally free, yettotally bound, is free to serve their neighbors in a wide variety of ways. God has given youcertain gifts, which He has not given others. For example, are you good at teaching? Be a

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