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The Eyeopener — September 21, 2011

The Eyeopener — September 21, 2011

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Published by The Eyeopener

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Published by: The Eyeopener on Sep 21, 2011
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volume 45 / issue 4September 21, 2011theeyeopener.comSince 1967
It’s more awake than you’d think Page 8
       t       h     e
September 21, 2011The Eyeopener
831 Queen Street WeSt, toronto
October 1-2
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
1 pm - 6 pm
starting at 12 noon
Thinking about Adoption?
If you are pregnant and needa nurturing loving home foryour child, then we would loveto talk to you about our family.We look forward tohearing from you!
call Trish at 1-519-304-1555
Issued under the authority of Ryerson Students’ Union bylaw number 7.
On August 24, 2011 the Board of Directors of the Ryerson Students’Union approved a referendum from among all Ryerson students in full-timeundergraduate programs and all graduate programs on a question ofsupport for a fee to support the launch of a new campus-community radiostation at Ryerson.
Currently, Ryerson’s full-time undergraduate students and all graduatestudents pay $10.35 per year (tied to the Consumer Price Index) to CKLNRadio Incorporated to provide campus radio programming in music,news, and arts. Regrettably, CKLN Radio Incorporated failed to meet theneeds of the campus community and had its license revoked by theCRTC, leaving Ryerson without a radio broadcasting voice.
A fee of $10.35 per year (tied to CPI) would be collected from Ryersonstudents in full-time undergraduate programs and all students in graduateprograms to support the operations of a Ryerson radio station licensedby the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).The fee will be collected annually only after a successful application for aradio signal from CRTC. A board of directors will be established withrepresentation from among students, administration and community.
How to Vote
Voting will take place from Monday, October 24 – Wednesday,October 26, 2011. Poll stations will be set up at various locations oncampus between the hours of 10:30am and 5:30pm. Locations willbe published at least one week before voting begins.
How to Register to Campaign
Students who wish to advocate for either side of the referendum mustregister with the Chief Returning Office. A YES or NO committee needsat least three students. Registration forms are available at the RyersonStudents’ Union main office, SCC311.
Do you support the allocation of the CKLN levy ($10.35per year, tied to CPI) to the licensing, creation andoperation of a Ryerson campus radio station that is notoperated by CKLN Radio Incorporated?
For information contact:
Chief Returning Officer | cro@rsuonline.ca | 416.979.5255 ext. 1-2325SCC311, Student Centre
Ryerson Radio IncorporatedReferendum 2011
September 21, 2011The Eyeopener
 Work-study policy stumps students
Changes to the work-study application process now require students to apply for OSAP anddemonstrate a need of at least $1,000 in order to apply. 
News Editor Rebecca Burton 
Man shot by police
Hate crimeback incourt
A fourth-year radio andtelevision arts studentcharged with a hate crimeis set to appear in courton Wednesday, Sept. 21.Eoin McManus and hisfriend, Benjamin McCall,allegedly assaulted broth-ers Ryan and Ben Lesterduring the early morninghours of Jan. 22, 2011.As soon as the broth-ers entered the MehranTandoori Restaurant onChurch Street, McManusand his friend allegedlybegan hurling homopho-bic remarks at Ben Les-ter.When Lester confront-ed the men, they alleg-edly began punching bothhim and his brother.Ryan Lester is a formerpublic administration andgovernance student andwas taking courses at Ry-erson until last semester.Lester dropped outwhen his workas fundrais-ing directorat PrideTorontobecametoostress-ful.McM-anus de-clined tocommenton the case.
Claudia Puchiele and Jackson Klie work at the cage in the Victoria Building.A witness took a photo as the man collapsed after being shot by police.
Students applying for work-study positions this year will beslapped with a mandatory applica-tion for OSAP in order to get hired.“We need to ensure that studentshave demonstrated a nancialneed,” said Heather Lane Vetere,vice-provost students.Unlike previous years, studentsmust now go through the OSAPapplication process, even if not in-tending to receive it, so the univer-sity can beer regulate who is inmore of a nancial need to receivework-study placements.The minimum shortfall requiredto have a work-study is $1,000,said Lane Vetere. According toCaitlin Smith, president of the Ry-erson Students’ Union (RSU), thisis a new policy.Smith said that last year stu-dents who applied for work-studyhad to ll out a budget sheet ad-ministered by the program and, aslong as they proved at least a dol-lar shortfall, they were eligible.Vetere said the reason for imple-menting this new program is toensure that jobs go into the handsof students who need them most,particularly because the provincialgovernment provides the funding.Students who are not eligible forOSAP will still have a chance toprove nancial need to the univer-sity, but Smith said the universityhas not veried what this processwould entail.“I’m trying to correct the ru-mour that students have to be puton OSAP. You just need to applyand be assessed, but not beingeligible doesn’t throw them out,”said Lane Vetere.Third-year photography studentClaudia Puchiele was accepted fora work-study position before thisnew program was put in place.She was then told she must applyto OSAP in order to be given herposition.“It didn’t make a lot of sense tome,” she said. “The whole processwas very nosey.”Puchiele is now in a four-to-sixweek wait for OSAP, which shesaid she doesn’t want.“Just because I’m not geingOSAP doesn’t mean I don’t needmoney. I have to pay for food, rent,schooling — that’s thousands ofdollars,” she said.Puchiele is currently waiting inlimbo and still working shifts atthe cage on the seventh oor of theVictoria building, but unsure whenor if she will get paid.According to Smith, there aresignicant problems with this newsystem, one being that the pro-gram was implemented so quicklythat students didn’t have time tocomplete the “exhausting and verylong” OSAP process.Fellow third-year photographystudent Jackson Klie has returnedto work at the cage in the Victo-
A man is in serious conditionafter he was shot by police nearthe corner of Shuter and Victoriastreets Monday afternoon.The incident occurred at 1:38p.m., when police approached a24-year-old man who was report-edly holding a knife. When policetold him to drop it, he refused.Police reported the man wassuicidal and apologetic but thencharged towards an ocer withthe knife in hand.Police red twice, shooting theman down. Passersby in the areareported hearing gunshots as faraway as Queen Street.Brendan Rawlins, 22, was goingto the Eaton Centre when he sawthe man get shot outside of MasseyHall on Shuter Street. The Univer-sity of Toronto student said theman got within ve metres of po-lice before he was shot.“He looked really pale,” Rawlinssaid.“When it rst happened he wassquirming but by the end he wasn’tmoving. It was prey shocking,”said Rawlins, who took a cellphonephoto of the man as he collapsedon the ground.Rawlins said he could see theman’s left side was soaked in blood but could not see exactly where hewas wounded.Police conscated the weaponand carried the man across thestreet to St. Michael’s Hospital. Hisinjuries were described as serious but non-life threatening.The identity of the man remainsunknown.The incident is being examined by the Special Investigation Unit,which probes into cases where po-lice action leads to injury or death.Toronto Police Const. Tony Vellasaid he could not comment on thecase while it is undergoing inves-tigation.
Ryan Lester and hisbrother were assaulted inJanuary.
ria building on work-study but asof late has not had to complete thenew OSAP application process.“I’m assuming I would’ve heardsomething by now but I didn’t. I’mnot entirely sure how that works,”said Klie.But this is a rare case among re-turning work-study students whohave been approaching the RSU toget assistance, says Smith.Smith said the other problemis that once a student has nishedthe OSAP application process, ifthey are eligible, is that the amountthey receive will be added to theirincome on the work-study applica-tion sheet.If a student’s savings plus theamount they receive from OSAPno longer meets the $1,000 shortfallthey would be excluded from thework study program, she said.“They are basically saying theywould rather have students onOSAP than have people workingto support themselves,” said Smith.Administration is arguingthat OSAP is a form ofnancial need butnot every stu-dent wantsto incurthousandsin debtoncetheyleaveschool.Somewouldrather work,said Smith.The RSU is col-lecting stories fromstudents that have experi-enced problems with the new sys-tem and trying to beer dene whatnancial assistance really means.

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