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Chemical Bonding Mcq

Chemical Bonding Mcq

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Published by: Vinay Krishna Kodali on Sep 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chemical Bonding - Multiple Choice Questions
1. The ion that isoelectronic with CO isa. CN
 b. O2
 c. O2
 d. N2
 (JEE 1982)ans: (a)isoelectronic means same number of electrons2. carbon tetrachloride has no net dipole moment because of a. its planar structureb. its regular tetrahedral structurec. similar sizes of carbon and chlorine atomsd. similar electron affinities of carbon and chlorine(JEE 1983)ans (b)3. which one among the following does not have the hydrogen bond?a. phenolb. liquid NH3c. waterd. liquid HCl(JEE 1983)Ans: (d)4. the types of bonds present in CuSO4.5H2O are only
 a. electrovalent and covalentb. electrovalent and coordinate covalentc. electrovalent, covalent and coordinate covalentd. covalent and coordinate covalent5. On hybridization of one s and one p orbitals we get:a.two mutually perpendicular orbitalsb. two orbital at 180°c. four orbitals directed tetrahedrallyd. three orbital in a plane(JEE 1984)Answer: (b)6. the molecule having one unpaired electron is:a. NOb. COc. CN
 d. O2(JEE 1985)Ans: (a)7. The bond between two identical non-metal atoms has a pair of electrons:a. unequally shared between the two.b.transferred fully from one atom to anotherc. with identical spinsd. equally shared between them(JEE 1986)Ans: (d)
8. the hydrogen bond is strongest in:a. O-
 b. S-
 c. F-
 d. F-H...O(JEE 1986)Answer: ( c )9. The hybridization of sulphur dioxide is:a. spb. sp²c. dsp²d. sp³(JEE 1986)answer (b)10. The bonds present in N2O5 are ______a. only ionicb. covalent and coordinatec. only covalentd. covalent and ionic(JEE 1986)ans: (b)

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