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A List of Affirmations the Law of Attraction

A List of Affirmations the Law of Attraction

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Published by mazzagra

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Published by: mazzagra on Sep 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A list of affirmations can help us in manifesting abundance in our lives and are helpful tools for usingThe Law of Attraction.They go one step further than simple positive self talk and positive thinking.We know that we attract what we think about but words are even more powerful in this regard,especially when the words evoke positive strong feelings. The trick is to continually repeat a list of affirmations with as much emotion and passion as you can muster.
They Really Do Work!
 If you repeat something over and over, your subconscious will eventually come to believe it. Howlong that takes depends on how far away you already are from having that belief.If you say something, but feel that it is a lie, you are still far away from internalising it. However, if you feel joy, you know that it is becoming reality for your subconscious.This is the main reason why affirmations do not work for some people. What they are affirming is sofar from the reality of where they are that their subconscious mind just cannot believe it.As an example, let's say that you weight 300lbs and would like to lose half your body weight andreach your ideal weight of 150lbs. If you make the following affirmation, "My body is thin and I am atmy ideal weight", your subconscious mind may just see this as a "lie".
Get results with a phased approach!
 My recommendation is therefore to make them in believable steps or stages. Perhaps your first listof affirmations should be, "I am losing 3 lbs per week and I feel great."Then once you have lost 50lbs, perhaps you could say, "I love my body and exercise reguarly to keepfit and trim."By making them in this phased approach, your subconscious can actually believe them and you willget faster results. Don't forget to add the feeling and emotion!I have a list of affirmations on my website for you to practice, however, it is usually better to createyour own. Here are some simple rules for making your own affirmations.First of all, you should always state things in the present tense, "I have more money than I knowwhat to do with" and do not state things in the future (as they might always remain in the future) orin the form of "I want" (as you might always be wanting for them and never receive them).You can make them in many ways. You can write them on cards or small pieces of paper and carrythem around with you or post them in places where they are frequently in your sight. Perhaps themost powerful way to use them is to say them out loud while looking in a mirror.Use these free Happiness Affirmations for the positive self talk that is the secret to happiness!Happiness Quotes and Happiness Affirmations can change your life forever!
The following are Positive Self Talk Happiness Affirmations that you can practice regularly forcreating happiness in your life:me.and be open.om the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep.Love affirmations - The top affirmations to find love! Make a love affirmation every day to attract thelove of your life. The easy way to find love!You can use the following to start manifesting love in your life:houghts.always look for ways to make the other person a winner. As I help others win, I win as well.d.The best abundance affirmations guaranteed to secure abundance and prosperity in your life.Here are some of my favourite Abundance Affirmations for manifesting abundance and prosperity:
 hat I do.pay my bills with love as I know abundance flows freely through me.Manifest a healthy mind and body with these free positive affirmations for health. Repeat thesehealth affirmations daily and you'll notice and immediate improvement in your well-being!Here are some positive affiirmations for health that you can use regularly:my health and wellness.-being.y vibrates with energy and health.

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